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Three Great Sage Live Integrations

The greatest thing about Sage Live is its fresh view on how we go about the everyday tasks in Accounting. Sage did not create “just another solution.” There are no “same theory, different package” signs here! With Sage Live, the starting...

QuickBooks Xero

Why I Favor QuickBooks Online

I attend several accounting and technology conferences every year, and one of my favorites is Accountex (formerly know as SleeterCon) in Las Vegas. This is a great experience for me because I’ve always been a “QuickBooks-Head” (which means I...

Cloud Accounting Sage

Get to Know Sage One

Every client is different. There might be no greater truth than this when it comes to your client list. Granted, there are many similarities between clients, and I’m sure you bucket them together as best you can—service-based...