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QuickBooks accounting products: Online, desktop and point of sale


Redesigned ProAdvisor Certification & Training

I interviewed Naveena Bereny, Global Lead, QuickBooks Certification and Training to learn more about the redesigned QuickBooks Online training and certification program that is planned to go live March 2018. The QuickBooks ProAdvisor program has always been a favorite of mine as it is the key...


Preparing 1099s in QuickBooks Online Plus

This is a very busy time for those preparing 1099s and there is no time for mistakes. Preparing 1099s in QuickBooks Online requires specific setup steps in order to be successful. There are some helpful guides built into the program to make it easy to navigate. But be sure to keep in mind that this...


5 Hidden Benefits of Using Intuit GoPayment

As experts in the financial and accounting industry, it is our responsibility to educate our clients on the best solutions for payment processing. Many customers who use QuickBooks often do not realize that Intuit GoPayment is offered free with a QuickBooks Payment account. One of the hidden...

Accountex News QuickBooks

New Year Brings New Opportunities

First, let me take the opportunity to introduce myself. I’m Jess Scheer, the new editor of the Accountex blog – the nation’s largest online community of small accounting firm owners. I began writing for and about accounting firms in the late 1990s and I come to this role with a passion for...


QuickBooks Desktop Is Alive and Well

QuickBooks Desktop has a large and very loyal following, but since Intuit promotes QuickBooks Online so heavily, people have been nervous about the future of QuickBooks Desktop. However, I believe that QuickBooks Desktop is Alive and Well, and it will continue to be supported by Intuit. Let’s...


QuickBooks Online Price Rules

Intuit is introducing QuickBooks Online Price Rules, a more advanced way of setting product pricing. Price rules allow you to specify an alternate price in an invoice based on factors like date range, customer type, product/service type, or a specific list of items and/or customers. This is a...