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QuickBooks accounting products: Online, desktop and point of sale


QuickBooks Desktop and Internet Explorer

If you are using QuickBooks desktop on Microsoft Windows, I recommend that you make sure you have Internet Explorer 11 installed on your computer! Let’s take a look at how QuickBooks uses Internet Explorer, and why I think it is very important that you ensure that you are using Internet Explorer...


QuickBooks Online Desktop App Update

Intuit is updating their QuickBooks Online desktop app to improve performance and reliability. Let’s take a look at how these apps have improved. Charlie Russell will present the session, Keeping Up With QuickBooks Desktop — A Look Ahead, at Accountex USA 2017. Online? Desktop...


QuickBooks Online Accountant Notes Update

Intuit has enhanced the “Notes” feature in the client list in QuickBooks Online Accountant. This enhancement is now available to all QuickBooks Online Accountant subscribers around the world. Let’s take a look at how this update to QuickBooks Online Accountant Notes works. Charlie Russell...


Fixing QuickBooks Printer Problems

QuickBooks printer problems can be very frustrating and may be difficult to resolve. I’m going to talk about one of the simpler ways to fix many of the printer issues that can occur in the Windows desktop version of QuickBooks. Charlie Russell will present the session, Keeping Up With QuickBooks...