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AbacusNext Debuts QuickBooks POS Cloud Solution at QB Connect

Written by Eric Cutler

Intuit held its 4th annual QB Connect in conjunction with the annual IRP conference, November 15-17 in San Jose, California. The 4th annual QB Connect provided a forum for accountants, developers, small business owners, and self-employed professionals to join QuickBooks experts and industry leaders to talk about impending accounting trends that will affect the industry in 2018. One of the most prominent trends discussed was the role that cloud-based technology will play in both services and retail businesses this year and in years to come.AbacusNext debuts product at QBConnect

Prior to QB Connect, the IRP conference took place for two days where the top resellers of Intuit products converge. At that event, AbacusNext debuted its new cloud solution for QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS), including the new Microsoft Surface integration. Here’s a look at the new solution that AbacusNext debuted at the conference and the growing trends that were discussed.

Cloud-based Accounting Will Empower CPAs for Global Expansion

When QB Connect announced the four winners of the 2017 Intuit QuickBooks Global Firm of the Future award in September, it pointed a spotlight on firms that embrace technologies to grow their practices and meet the needs of their small business customers no matter where they are.

For accounting firms and CPAs, one of the most noticeable advantages of using cloud-based technology is that it makes it easier to connect, collaborate, and work with clients and partners around the world. Technologies like the Abacus Private Cloud QuickBooks POS solution allow businesses to use multiple lanes, or multiple locations, with just one centralized database. In practice, this allows retail locations and service providers to accept multiple orders at a time — no matter where they’re located – all while saving your customers the hassle of long lines or limited availability in one country or another.

The unique benefit that comes with the Abacus Private Cloud QuickBooks POS solution is that with just a simple internet connection, you have 24 x 7 access and data security, built-in backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity. Not only does this make it easier to deploy new registers quickly, but you also have little to no IT maintenance. Your QuickBooks POS can be managed remotely at a very low cost, reducing the expense of expanding the business abroad.

Seamless, Tailor-made Technology = Powerful Competitive Advantage 

One theme Joe Woodard, CEO, Woodard Events, LLC, touched on in his QB Connect presentation, “Automating Processes: The Path to Extreme Profitability for the Accounting Profession,” is the rise of automation and personalization in 2018. As consumers engage with more customizable technology capable of automating important but redundant processes, they’ll come to expect that experience from their accountants. The accounting professional who leaps on this opportunity first will gain a powerful competitive advantage over small business owners who wait.

The IRPs got a demonstration of the new solution from VP of Technology at AbacusNext, Thomas Schoessow, and the excitement in the room was hard to miss. IRPs are the most hard-core users of Intuit products and have been asking for a reliable cloud solution to the POS product for years. The Abacus Private Cloud is now tailor-made for clients who use QuickBooks Point of Sale software and hardware. You can sync all inventory, customer lists, orders, and employee records to your accounting software with the click of a button. This means it’s designed for each unique retail, point of sale, and accounting scenario. This can make it easier for you to take care of your accounting functions from QuickBooks rather than entering and re-entering everything from your point-of-sale device back into your accounting software.

Interested in AI, automation, and personalization? At QuickBooks Connect San Jose, Intuit also launched a range of AI and machine learning powered innovations.
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Mobile Accounting Will Be a Win-Win for CPAs and Their Customers

In Byron Patrick’s QB Connect presentation, “Taming the Wild West of Apps,” an important insight to the forefront of the accounting industry was made: between mobile-first apps and web apps used on phones and tablets, your customers and clients are decidedly committed to using mobile. It’s up to you to accommodate that preference.

Fortunately, it’s never been easier with the new solution that AbacusNext debuted. It’s natively mobile, allowing retailers and service providers to complete a transaction anywhere they’re connected — from a vendor booth at a conference to the customer service window to a delivery at your client’s workplace. And every transaction – no matter where it takes place – is automatically synced to QuickBooks POS for reporting anytime and anywhere.

The theme of QB Connect was that no matter where in the world, solutions bring people together and are giving accounting professionals the people, tools, and information they need to power their prosperity and help them take their business to the next level. We saw this demonstrated in the power of new cloud solutions for seasoned technology.

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Eric Cutler

Eric Cutler joined AbacusNext as the CSMO in 2016. In addition to overseeing the sales, marketing, and channel departments at AbacusNext, Eric manages strategic partner relationships including Microsoft (Gold Partner), Veeam (Gold Partner), Intuit (authorized QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise cloud host, Intuit Reseller Partner (IRP), ProAdvisor managed services, Lacerte integration, QuickBooks integrations, QuickBooks Online integrations) Sophos and Skykick.

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