QuickBooks 2018 R3 Released

Written by Charlie Russell

Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2018 R3 update for the U.S. version of QuickBooks. This is the first maintenance release for the 2018 product. It is available as a manual update from the Intuit support website and is rolling out as an automatic update.

New Payroll Report

Intuit has added a new Payroll report in this release, the Employee Pay Adjustments History report. This tracks changes to employee pay rates (only hourly, salary, bonus and commission items) over a period of time. The rates shown on this report are based on existing paycheck data.

You will find this report in the Reports/Employee & Payroll menu.

QuickBooks 2018 R3

This report highlights changes of the Earnings items in paychecks. The changes can be due to adjustments such as:

  • Rate of an hourly payroll item
  • Annual rate of a salary payroll item
  • Rate of a commission payroll item
  • Rate of a bonus payroll item

The report does not track the overall sum paid to the employee, just the rate of Earnings payroll items paid to that employee.

If there is a change in at least one of the Earnings items in a paycheck, or when there is a new baseline payroll item added, all of the Earnings items in that paycheck will be included in the report to avoid misleading you into thinking that some items were missing from the paycheck.

Here’s an example of the report:

QuickBooks 2018 R3


This release fixes an issue that was causing the title bar of the New/Edit Item window to disappear behind the viewable area.

In addition, for QuickBooks Enterprise users only, this release fixes an issue that prevented a user from sorting the Class column in the Auto Create PO window with multiple items.

Multi Monitor

There were some situations where the multi monitor feature didn’t display properly, and those have been resolved.

QuickBooks File Manager

This feature (which is only available in the Accountant editions of QuickBooks) was disabled in the R1 release. It is enabled in R3, but Intuit didn’t say what was changed. I believe that this has to do with the upgraded security features in QuickBooks, but I haven’t had an opportunity to explore the program in this new release.

Multiple Additional Error Fixes

Intuit states that this release fixes a number of issues that were causing Unrecoverable Errors in QuickBooks, in areas such as Checks, Items, Invoice and the Customer Center. No further details are available.

In addition, this release fixes the problem where the same list of errors was being shown in the Can be fixed and Can’t be fixed section of the report generated after running the Verify and Rebuild utility functions.

Should You Install This?

If you are already running QuickBooks 2018 R1, then I would recommend installing this update.

If you have not yet converted to QuickBooks 2018 from an older version, I would recommend that you wait to install this. At the very least, wait for a couple of weeks so that we can see if there are any new problems introduced here. Let someone else be the test subject.

I haven’t heard of any major problems with the 2018 product that is affecting all users consistently. Yes, there are people with problems, but it is hard to say if those problems are due to database issues that have been in the file for some time, or if they are due to the new product. In general, my standard recommendation is to wait until January, after you have finished your year-end processing, before moving up to a new year of QuickBooks.

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