QuickBooks 2017 R7 Released

Written by Charlie Russell

Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2017 R7 update for the U.S. version of QuickBooks. This is available as a manual update from the Intuit support website and is rolling out as an automatic update. There are a small number of maintenance fixes in this release.

Intuit’s notes on this release are a bit cryptic, in some cases. I’m listing the fixes that they announced, and interpreting as best I can.

QuickBooks Preferences

Intuit has removed the setting “Keep QuickBooks running for quick startups.” If you had this enabled before, the feature will be disabled.

I have to say that I’m very happy that Intuit is removing this option. I just noticed that they also removed it from QuickBooks 2018 when it was released. Whenever I was debugging an odd problem with QuickBooks, the first thing I would check was to see if this option was enabled, and if so then I would turn it off and reboot the computer. That solved a number of odd situations. If you were using a QuickBooks addon program, this feature almost always caused problems.

The idea with this option was to keep a portion of the QuickBooks product running in memory even if you weren’t using QuickBooks, so that when you opened a file it should start up more quickly. I never really found that this improved startup times significantly. Good riddance!

QuickBooks File Manager

Intuit is playing around with QuickBooks File Manager these days, and I hope that they are going to make some significant improvements? I’ve noticed that it is disabled in the initial QuickBooks 2018 release, at least temporarily. There are a couple of changes in QuickBooks 2017 R7, but they don’t sound too significant. Intuit’s notes on these, again, are a bit cryptic, and I haven’t fully tested this yet.

Here’s what Intuit has to say about QuickBooks File Manager (QFM) 2017 in the R7 update:

  • If QFM 2017 is installed along with QFM 2016 or below, then upon launch of QFM 2017, users will be prompted to continue using QFM 2017 going forward.
  • If QuickBooks is opened without any company file open, then QFM 2017 will open a secondary instance of QuickBooks.


This release fixes some issues in Email (and possibly other areas, Intuit’s notes are a bit unclear):

  • Corrects problems with email, invoice, and customer center that were causing unrecoverable errors in QuickBooks.
  • Fixes a problem that was incorrectly marking batch invoices as being emailed and sent.
  • Fixes a problem that caused Outlook 2013 to not be available as an email option.


This release fixes a problem that was causing pay links to fail in invoices sent via email by QuickBooks Payments users.

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  • We updated our Enterprise with R7 on Wednesday, have not been able to use it since. We are told our complete Chart of Accounts needs to be manually rebuilt. I spent 2 days working with online support just to get our system running again. Every morning it’s another day of only partial files or some cannot access Quickbooks at all. I would greatly appreciate any help. Has anyone else had this problem? If you have not updated…DON’T

    • Sorry to hear that, Pat. I’ve not heard of similar issues in other users, but this release just came out. I would want to know more about your company file – what condition it was in before the update. Often an update will trigger a problem that has been building up for some time. I can’t say that this is the issue with your situation, but I would want to know about the size of your file, how often you’ve done a QuickBooks backup with full verification, and if there are any errors in the file verification before the update.

      • Well after 4 days of issues I think we finally have our system up and running. I am rebuilding the Chart of Accounts. The information is in the background but we need to make a “New” account to merge them and bring it forward. Thank goodness we are a relatively small company. We do backups every evening and the test of our files on the server showed no issues. Won’t be doing 18 update until we are sure there are no glitches.

        • It’s a bit early to consider QuickBooks 2018 in my opinion. It is still on the R1 revision, which I consider to be essentially the last beta-test release. However, before you do ANY upgrade, you need to carefully look at your file to see if any corruption problems are resolved. Running a full verify and examinging the qbwin.log file is the minimum you should consider.

  • Hey Russell.
    I really appreciate this update.I didn’t know about that review.I update our QuickBooks after read this post.Thanks for sharing this kind of article on Google.

    Best of luck for new post .

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