QuickBooks 2018 Enhanced Order Fulfillment

Working with the Mobile Scanner

You don’t need to work with a scanner or remote device, you can manually enter the picking information directly into QuickBooks itself. However, using a mobile device allows a non-QuickBooks user to move about in the warehouse without being tethered to a desktop or laptop computer, and if you have a device that includes a scanner then the process is much more efficient and accurate.

Let’s take a look at how the Zebra (Motorola) MC40 mobile computer works. If you are using a generic Android device, the process will be the same, other than not having the barcode scanner. Again, I want to point out that I’m using a beta test version of the program, so there could be differences when this is released to the general public.

You will install the QuickBooks Desktop app on the mobile device.

installing QuickBooks Desktop app on the mobile device

The mobile device must be activated in your QuickBooks preferences (as I discussed earlier), and it must be connected to the Internet via WiFi.

When you created the picklist in QuickBooks it was sent to an Intuit server on the Internet. The mobile device will check that service when you run the app, to see if there are updates to the list of Warehouse Users and to look for available picklists.

The first step is to select the Warehouse User from the list. There isn’t any form of security here, you can select any Warehouse User who is available. Note that when you first set things up, there won’t be a list of warehouse users here until you post the first picklist.

First step: select the Warehouse User from the list

You will see a list of open picklists that have been assigned to this Warehouse User. The picker note is included in this list.

List of open picklists assigned to this Warehouse User

Open an order and you will see the list of items to pick, and the status of each item. This list can be sorted by status, item, or bin.

List of items to pick and the status of each item

You can manually select the item to pick by tapping on the item in the list, or you can scan the barcode for the item. Enter the number to pick using the keyboard or tapping the + icon, or scan the barcode multiple times (each scan will increment the number by one).

Manually select item or scan barcode

The program will prevent you from picking more than what was assigned. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it is good, but on the other hand there are times when you may want more flexibility. The assumption here is that the picker is just following instructions given by the warehouse manager. Changes would be made on the QuickBooks side of things. It will be interesting to see what kind of feedback Intuit gets from users in the field.

Quantity picked cannot exceed quantity assigned

The program is optimized for adding all the same item at once. Let’s say that I have two items on the order. I scan the barcode for the first item, it adds quantity 1 for that item. If I scan the same barcode, it increments that to quantity 2. However, if I scan a different barcode, the program stops and asks me if I want to continue with the first item or go on to that next item. You can switch around between items as you find them, but you have to stop to answer that question each time. It is much more efficient to scan all the same item at one time.

You can add a note for an item by clicking the note icon in the upper right corner.

Adding a Note

The dropdown list allows you to set a status for the item.

Setting a status for the item

When you are finished with this item, tap the Pick button at the bottom.

If you pick fewer than required, you will be warned. You can continue, though. This would be a good time to use the status/note feature.

Warning if fewer than required are picked

When you are done with the item you will see that the status of the order is updated.

Screen showing status of order is updated

Tap Complete when you are done. In my example, I haven’t picked all of the items, so I get a warning.

Tap "Complete" when done

The program points out which items were not fulfilled completely.

Program points out which/if any items were not fulfilled completely

When you are finished and close out the picklist, it is removed from your list on the device.

Notice that Picklist is complete

Now that you have picked the order, the warehouse manager needs to review the picklists and update the sales orders. I’ll go into detail on those processes in the next article.

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    • They aren’t currently integrated with QuickBooks to support that. However, Intuit product managers say that this is one of the areas that they are interested in developing as a part of their plan, moving forward.

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    • Well, sorry, you can’t do that. You don’t have QuickBooks. You have Reckon Accounts, which shares some ancestry with an older version (quite old, actually) version of QuickBooks, but it is a separate product. So no new features that I talk about in these articles, probably for at least the last five years but probably further back, will be available in Australia’s Reckon Accounts products.

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