QuickBooks 2018 Has Arrived! Here Is What to Expect

New Keyboard Shortcuts

QuickBooks 2018 adds a keyboard shortcut for copying/pasting a line in a transaction. This can be done in invoices, estimates, sales receipts, sales orders, credit memos, purchase orders, and timesheets.

In prior releases, you had the option to copy and paste a line, but you could only access this via a menu.

Copying/pasting a line in a transaction in previous QB versions

Now you have a keyboard shortcut — Ctrl-Alt-Y to copy a line, Ctrl-Alt-V to paste a line.

QuickBooks 2018 copying/pasting a line in a transaction

This is a nice, minor enhancement. I wish they had a two-key shortcut instead of a three-key shortcut, but they are running out of the shorter ones! I couldn’t come up with an available one that made better sense.

Inventory Report Enhancements

Most reports in QuickBooks can be customized. You can easily add or delete columns to modify the report to fit your needs. Unfortunately, many of the inventory-based reports could not be customized, which has limited the usefulness of these reports for many users.

Finally, Intuit has seen the light, and they have added the ability to customize the Inventory Valuation Summary, Inventory Valuation Detail, Inventory Stock Status by Item, and Assembly Shortage by Item reports, in QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise (the Assembly Shortage report is only available in Enterprise).

Here is what you would have seen if you clicked the Customize Report button before this update:

Clicking Customize Report button before QB 2018 update

Here is what you will see with QuickBooks 2018:

QuickBooks 2018 clicking Customize Report button

I’ve been asking for this for YEARS. There was no reason that I know of for why these reports didn’t have this customization feature, and it is something that many people have been requesting for a long time. I’ve not evaluated this as far as what columns are included. Also, I’m curious why this wasn’t done for all of the inventory reports, such as the Inventory Stock Status by Vendor?

Enhanced Order Fulfillment with Mobile Barcode Scanning

This is another feature that will be found only in QuickBooks Enterprise. I will be going into this in detail in an upcoming article. In short, if you have a subscription that includes the Advanced Inventory feature, you can enable a more advanced version of the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet that gives you greater control over the inventory picking process. In addition, pick lists can be sent to a mobile barcode scanning device, or any Android-based device, which can then be used in the picking process. Information then flows back to QuickBooks to update the picked sales orders.

More advanced version of Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet

More advanced version of Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet (cont.)

This is an exceptional advancement for inventory management in QuickBooks Enterprise.

In my next article I’ll go into detail on Accountant features, and updates to security, payroll, and payments.

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