Automate Invoicing & Collection in QuickBooks Desktop

For Clients Paying with ACH

The second example is for clients paying with ACH.

While inside the sales receipt click e-pay.

Sales Receipt

Then complete the form below; you should have an authorization form on file for recurring payments.

After you click process payment, you want to select MEMORIZE.


Then complete the memorized label selecting how often to bill, how many, and give it a name.

Memorize Transaction

Keep in mind that when you log in to your QuickBooks you will need to say YES about entering automatic transactions or these will not be created.

Using this system allows you to automatically bill your clients using QuickBooks Desktop. Automatic billing is a more efficient way for you to invoice, collect, and streamline your billing process. Follow my easy instructions for setup and streamline your workflow.

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  • What’s with the whole print and sign this form for automatic billing? No website I’ve ever subscribed to requires this. What changes that makes this necessary for Quickbooks?

  • It’s a recommended form they provide for you. However ultimately they aren’t forcing you to use it. You decide what workflow you want to implement and consult with your attorney to make sure you are covered.

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