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QuickBooks Online Purchase Order Partial Receipts

QuickBooks Online Purchase Order Partial Receipts

Let’s take a look at how Intuit has changed QuickBooks Online to address this issue. Please note that I haven’t changed the Automation setting yet, I’m leaving it enabled so we can see how the default settings continue to affect the process.

Here’s my purchase order, with the same two items as in the example before. I’ve already deleted any duplicate lines due to Automation.

QuickBooks Online purchase orders

I’ll create a bill for this vendor, and the drawer opens to show the open purchase order. Again, automation adds a line from a prior purchase order. I really need to turn that feature off!

QuickBooks Online bill

I select the purchase order, and that adds the two lines.

QuickBooks Online bill transaction

I delete the line erroneously added due to automation by clicking the trash can next to it (line 1). No problem there.

Next I will delete the Fountain Pump line, since all I’ve received at this time is the Rock Fountain. Unlike my example in the old system, this time I’m presented with a popup dialog that asks me how I want to handle the deletion. Do I want to delete all of the lines from that purchase order, or just the one line that I had selected?

I like this new option, although I think I would rather have Remove Line as the highlighted default.

I’ve created my bill for the first receipt, and now at a later time I’m receiving the rest of that purchase order. This time, with the second bill, we do get a drawer showing the purchase order. This is different than before. That is good!

QuickBooks Online bill

Some things to point out:

  • In the Drawer, the PO listing shows all of the items on the original purchase order, not just those that are open. It is showing the items representing the Total, not the Balance.
  • The Open link in the Drawer is the only way to preview the original purchase order. Unfortunately, if you click that link to see the purchase order, you discard the current bill transaction that you are working on. I would rather be able to view the purchase order without losing the bill.

OK, let’s click Add button.

QuickBooks Online bill

Sorry, I’m still beating up on the Automation feature. The first line in this purchase order was for the prior receipt in a bill for this vendor, which happens to be the line we already have received. I’ll have to remember to delete that. Lots of problems with this issue, as it is too easy to enter a duplicate receipt of items.

However, note that we’ve also properly added the open item from that purchase order. This is good!

Now let’s go back to that purchase order. You can see that the purchase order is marked as closed (good!) and that there are now 2 linked transactions, which is new. Also note that there is a Closed column on the right, indicating the status of each line.

QuickBooks Online purchase orders

I’m very happy with this new feature, particularly when you turn off the automation feature. There are some places where there can be some improvements, but this is a great update.

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