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Overcome 6 Obstacles to Change in Your Business

Written by Judie McCarthy

A while back I embarked on a journey to lose weight. I contemplated one of those fad diets, thinking it would help me to lose the weight quickly and painlessly. After much research, I decided to take a more logical approach. I joined Weight Watchers and began to lose weight at a steady rate with no dietary restrictions. After a while I hit a plateau, and my team leader suggested it was time to include exercise my plan.

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I was resistant at first, mostly because it was something unfamiliar to me. I didn’t know how to get started or what would work best. I faced a mountain of obstacles that I would need to overcome to continue this weight loss journey by adding exercise to my daily routine.

This challenge is similar to what accounting professionals and business owners face when they embark on making changes in their workflow or processes.

Here are six examples of obstacles we often face — and how to overcome them.

Not Enough Time

Trekking to a gym each day, 70 miles round trip, was out of the question. A 30-minute workout would take up 3 hours of my valuable time. The solution was to begin working out at home.

In business, it’s more about making time. You may need to delegate work, rearrange your schedule, or hire someone to assist with the workload.

Lack of Discipline

I hired a personal trainer to come to my house on a regular schedule. She helped me develop goals, a routine, and accountability.

In business, it’s easy to get distracted. Establish a goal, set aside dedicated time to work towards it on a regular basis, and stick to it. Find a friend or colleague that is going through change and be accountable to each other.

Don’t Have the Right Equipment

I didn’t have space for one of those fancy gym machines. My trainer recommended a few basic items: weights, bands, and an exercise ball. This was enough to get me started, and as I began to see results I would purchase heavier weights and bands.

In business, you need to be willing to invest in the tools that will make your work easier. Don’t get hung up on that monthly subscription fee for an app. If it can save you time or increase the value of your services, the benefit will far outweigh the cost.

Fear It Will Hurt

I’m not going to kid you, there were a lot of sore days at the beginning. The best way to deal with the discomfort was to keep moving. The stronger I got, the less it would hurt.

No different in business — you will need to move outside your comfort zone, and force others to do the same. Before you know it, however, the new way of doing things becomes routine. You will look back on the past and realize it was worth it.

Fear It Will Take too Long to Reach My Goals

Transformation did not happen overnight, but even after a short period of time I noticed a difference. Moving became easier, clothes fit better, and overall, I felt more energized.

In business, you need to plan for this change and keep your eye on the prize. Set milestones to overcome obstacles to change in your business and celebrate as you reach them. Doing this will help keep you focused and on track.

Fear of Failure

I realized that the only way I would fail is if I did not try at all. By making the time and having the right tools, discipline, and accountability I found that even the smallest of changes can, over time, have a big impact.

The same goes for making changes in business.

Closing ThoughtsObstacles to Change in Your Business

So, in my journey I learned to identify and overcome the obstacles to change in your business one by one, tackle them, and embrace change. Each day it got easier. I achieved several milestones and celebrated them along the way. I still have my eye on the prize and know that as long as I don’t give up I will reach my goal.

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Judie McCarthy

Judie McCarthy is the founder and owner of ThinkLeader Consulting, where she helps accounting professionals embrace and implement cloud technologies that streamline their operations and increase productivity. A longtime member of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program, she is certified in both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. Judie is the former Director of Accountant Relations for, where she served as the lead subject matter expert for their Expert and Guru Certification training courses, making her one of the foremost experts on In addition, she is the Author of Grow Your Accounting Practice Using Improve How Your Clients Pay, Get Paid, and Manage Their Money, published by the Sleeter Group. You can connect with Judie on LinkedIn and

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