Fixing QuickBooks Printer Problems

2) QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool

Intuit has created the QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool to help fix problems like the ones I’m discussing here, as well as problems with creating PDF files. You can download the tool from this link. Note that there are different versions of this utility floating around, and you want to use the version found at the location I linked to. Sometimes you stumble across different versions in different Intuit KB articles that are older, and you should always try the latest. Also, do NOT use versions that you find on non-Intuit sites!

You will need Windows admin permission to run this on your system, and it will go through a series of steps that can repair many of the issues. You will see a Windows “command” window similar to the following:

Fixing QuickBooks Printer Problems

3) Rename or Delete the Printer Files

The last option is the brute force method. If restoring the backups isn’t feasible, and if you don’t want to run that printer repair utility, you can get rid of the damaged files and let QuickBooks create new ones.

Locate the files in the folder that I specified earlier. I suggest that you rename the files to something like qbprint.old and wpr.old, rather than just deleting them. That lets you save the files in case you want to restore them later, if you determine that they aren’t corrupted.

After you have renamed them (or deleted them), run QuickBooks, open your company file, then select File in the main menu and Printer Setup. Select any transaction in the Form Name list and click OK. You only have to do this for one of the transactions.

This will create a new qbprint.qbp and wpr.ini file. These files will not contain any corrupted data, but note also that this resets your printer settings for all forms.

That’s it! In my experience, this resolves most of the odd QuickBooks printer problems that I’ve run into.

Do you have any other solutions for fixing QuickBooks printer problems to add to my checklist? Leave a comment to let me know!

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Charlie Russell has been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70's, and remembers releasing his first commercial accounting software product when you had an 8-bit microcomputer with one 8 inch floppy disk drive. He has a special interest in inventory and manufacturing software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certifications for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise, as well as being a Xero Certified Partner. Charlie started blogging about QuickBooks in 2008 (Practical QuickBooks) and has been writing for the Accountex Report (formerly the Sleeter Report) since 2011.

Visit his CCRSoftware web site for information about his QuickBooks add-on products. He is also the author of the California Wildflower Hikes blog.


  • Hi charlie Russell,

    Thanks for sharing this article. It’s very helpful for QuickBooks users. QB users can Fix QuickBooks Printer Problems with follow these steps.

  • Hi Charlie,

    You choose nice subject for this article because printing problems in QuickBooks is very common issue. You describe everything very well how to resolve QB printing issue. Today I got a new solution for printing issue is rename wpr.ini file. Thank for all, I use above mention solution to solve QB printing issue for my client.

  • Hi Charlie-

    We moved our QB Enterprise 16 version to a terminal server environment and we are now having printing problems and issues saving pdf’s. The pdf is a known Intuit problem that occurred with R11 and they are working on fix. The part I find odd is that I can print and save pdf’s without an issue from locally installed versions running on the same release. Is it possible Quickbooks just does not not work well with a Terminal Server environment?? Anyone else experiencing this?

    • I generally don’t work with Terminal Server environments myself, so I can’t really answer that. I do know that there are a number of very specific things you need to do to set up QuickBooks properly in that environment. There should be some Intuit support articles on that, but best thing to do is to work with a ProAdvisor who has a lot of experience in setting up that kind of system.

  • This is one of the most sought article for general errors in QuickBooks printing. I mean what if our printer is not connected and we are cursing QuickBooks or our computer for it. Just Imagine. This has happened with me many times.

  • Good morning. I am struggling with printing checks from my quickbooks pro payroll enhanced 2017 program. I was able to print checks, and then all of a sudden it stopped!! At first, I was not getting a response from my printer at all. Now, it prints halfway, gets stuck in the printer with (what looks like) error codes on 1/4 of the sheet of paper at the top. I have followed all of your steps listed and took notes along the way. I cannot find the two hidden files you have listed: qbprint.qbp or wpr.ini.

    I am at a loss. I tried calling qb support and they want to charge $300 to fix this issue. I mean, really?? Talk about highway robbery!! I am not a computer expert, by all means. I’m doing my best to resolve this issue. I’ve google searched and google searched and google searched for DAYS now, going on over a WEEK!! Can you please help me?? I’ve got to get payroll checks printed and I don’t know what to do.

    Thank you in advance

  • What if there is not a qbprint.qbp file anywhere. We have QB2011. Can’t print from QB on one system but can print from any other app on that PC. I am familiar with searching for files and this file does not exist on either PC. The one that can print (win 8) and the one that can’t (Win Vista). suggestions? Have been able to print with no problems for years on both systems. Nothing comes up when trying to print or selecting print setup

    • It would be very unusual for that file to not be there, but it can be hidden. Try going into the report, open the print dialog, make some change to one of the settings (which printer, something relating to the printer). Then exit, and look for the file. If you still can’t find it, it is there but your search hasn’t found it.

      There are other potential problems as to why you can’t print, and they can be complicated. Particularly with Windows Vista, which isn’t a good operating system to be working with.

  • Hi,
    Charlie Russell.

    Your experience and explanation related to fixing of Quick books printer problems helped me a lot. Hope i can gather more knowledge about Quick books use from you in future. Please keep releasing important aspects about QB.

    Thanks & Regards.

  • Hi Charlie,

    have you ever heard of this? I’ve heavily customized our estimate and invoice templates with multiple manufacturers logos. When I print to a printer, the logos are re-sized and become too big. When I print to a PDF they appears just as I set up in the layout designer. Any thoughts?

    • There are several odd things that happen in QuickBooks Desktop when you play with logos, and the issues may be different depending on the year of QuickBooks you have. I haven’t seen exactly what you are referring to, myself. Generally, if I want to insert a JPG logo, I resize it to the proper size (or close to it) outside of QuickBooks, then insert it. Rely as little on QB for graphic resizing (etc.) as possible. You also see different results with different kinds of graphic files, sometimes. JPG vs IMG vs PNG and so forth, all might act a bit differently.

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