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Building a QuickBooks-Centric Smart Back Office

Written by Stephen King

My goal is to take you on a tour of not only the best software products our clients experience in the QuickBooks ecosystem but also how they help GrowthForce streamline the accounting process. You can learn a lot more at my session, Smart Back Office Update, at Accountex USA 2017. In that session I’ll be your Sherpa, helping you make sense of it all. This article will provide a preview of what I’ll be covering in the session.

Stephen King will present the sessions, Smart Back Office Update and 5 Ways to Build a Profitable Client Accounting Service Practice, at Accountex USA 2017.

The Smart Back Office (2017 Update)

GrowthForce has a long history of being ahead of the technology curve. We are continuously testing new tools and technology. When we are sure they will enhance or streamline a bookkeeping or accounting process, we’ll recommend integrating them for the right clients to implement in their smart back office.

The Smart Back Office integrates with financial systems to automate procedures and deliver actionable financial intelligence. With a Smart Back Office, a business can:

  • Make More Money. Accurate financial numbers are key to a business’s ability to grow and be profitable. By implementing a Smart Back Office, a business also opens the door to more accurate, timely, and meaningful reports.
  • Save Time and Money. Automating the back office streamlines bookkeeping and accounting processes, saving time and money.
  • Get Peace of Mind. Reduce the risk of fraud by having a system of checks and balances to eliminate gaps in procedures.

Here at GrowthForce, we focus on a QuickBooks centric Smart Back Office. Our goal is for data to be seamlessly integrated wherever you are. For example, if I’m on my MacBook and I switch to my iPad or my iPhone, all the same information is there, because it’s 100% in the cloud. Applications are designed so that all the data exists in one space, and all you have to do is connect different applications to your data. Now your ecosystem talks to each device.

Intuit conducted a survey. They found that the average small business owner uses 18 different applications! Our world is increasingly mobile. I run GrowthForce on an iPad. Everything is a web-based app. There are actually no servers in our office. All the applications that we use for project management, expense management, and bill tracking are web-based.

At the upcoming Accountex USA 2017, we will be talking about the ways you can automate data entry. Zero entry bookkeeping is coming, and those who get it are going to be way ahead of the curve. We’re going to talk about how to automate bill payment, time tracking, payroll, expense management, billing collections, and then dashboards.

I’ll also talk about what clients really want out of their accounting relationship. Why do people hire accountants? Because they want us to help them make more money! They want us to drive business outcomes.

To quote the great Edi Osborne, they don’t just want “Compliance, they want Reliance.” They want us to help improve and monitor performance in the company. They want us to help reduce cost. They want us to be able to get data out of the accounting system — and be able to share it with the people who need access to it.

This is all possible in QuickBooks. Come to the Smart Back Office Update session to really understand how to use the technology in order to get financial intelligence into the hands of people and help them make data-driven intelligent business decisions in real time.

How can a service business owner or CEO have the time or insight to address all the factors that drive business success? If they understand what they need in order to think strategically — for example, about how people drive performance as a result — they will achieve significantly better business outcomes.

They should be able to say, “Let’s look at the profitability on our marketing campaigns and make some smarter data decisions next year, because we have financial intelligence that’s actionable.” They know they can do something with the profit and loss by customer, but can’t really do anything with their balance sheet from last April. That’s what the CEOs want — faster information in real time along with improved decision-making.

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About the author

Stephen King

Stephen King, CPA CGMA, is president and CEO of GrowthForce, a recognized industry leader in providing cloud-based bookkeeping and controller services for growing businesses.

From manager of accounting system design at Ernst & Young, to CFO for Amnesty International USA, to serial entrepreneur and software developer, Stephen's thirty-plus years of accounting knowledge, coupled with system and software design, led to his creation of GrowthForce. Stephen's "Software With A Service" solution combines outsourced Controller and bookkeeping services with an application development company specializing in QuickBooks integration, and is backed by a dedicated team of bookkeepers, Controllers and degreed accountants providing actionable financial intelligence. 

Regarded among the accounting industry's top thought leaders by AICPA CPA2Biz, Stephen remains at the forefront of ongoing research, development and customization of software and technology integrations to improve operational efficiencies and deliver meaningful financial intelligence to a growing number of strategic CEOs and CPAs around the globe.


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