A Winning Combination for Getting Paid Faster with QuickBooks!

Written by Carrie Kahn

No one likes waiting to get paid by a client. It’s painful to make collection calls and even worse hearing that “the check is in the mail.” For all these reasons, accepting credit cards has become a reasonable cost of doing business and is now widely accepted. Don’t stop there, however. A logical next step is to integrate this task inside QuickBooks, resulting in huge time savings by eliminating manual entries.

Harness QuickBooks Payments

When you use QuickBooks Financial software (online or desktop) and add QuickBooks Payments, you make yourQuickBooks Payments software super powerful because you can now accept many forms of payment, including credit card payments and ACH. When this method is used, you can track the customer’s payment from beginning to end, where the invoice is showed as paid.

The rates for QuickBooks Payments are reasonable and in most cases lower than the rates of their competitors. Funding for credit cards is around 2-3 days, and 5 days for ACH. You can test drive it without any long-term contracts or termination fees. It’s the only merchant service provider that is integrated in QuickBooks software.

Four Tools to Facilitate and Speed Payment

There are several methods for getting paid. Below are four tools we use:

1) QuickBooks Payments

  1. Clients can call in their payment information to manually key.
  2. Clients can present the card to swipe or manually key.
  3. Email your client an invoice and they can click a pay now link to pay.

2) GoPayment Mobile

QuickBooks Payments includes GoPayment (GP) for no extra fee, it even uses the same low swipe rate. You can sign up for GP separately but it has a different, higher rate structure. Be sure to understand that GP isn’t fully integrated in your financial software, so you are required to perform a few extra steps to line it up with the correct invoice.

3) e-Invoicing

Another great feature is that QuickBooks Payments now includes e-Invoicing. This allows you to email a client an invoice and they simply click a link to pay the invoice in full. There is no extra fee for this service. This is a very popular feature and easy to use.

4) Bill & Pay Provides Advanced Electronic Invoice Features

If you have the need for any of these other features, we recommend Bill & Pay. It integrates with QuickBooks Financial Software, and uses QuickBooks Payments. You would use this program instead of e-Invoicing.

Here are some reasons to utilize this additional tool:

  1. Create payment plans that are approved by the client.
  2. Clients can log in to their portal to see their invoice and payments history.
  3. Clients can short pay, overpay, and use different credit cards on one invoice.
  4. Put a link on your website so clients can access their account.
  5. Set up automatic reminders to send to clients with unpaid invoices.
  6. Email statements to customers with a pay now link.
  7. Send a sales order with a pay now link.

A Winning Combination

At Complete Business Group, we use QuickBooks Payments, QuickBooks Bill & Pay, and QuickBooks Enterprise. We have used this winning combination for over six years. If our clients do not need the additional features offered by Bill & Pay, we simply set them up to use QuickBooks Payments and utilize all the free tools, including e-invoicing and Go Payment.

The bottom line is that we all want to get paid — and we want it to be as fast as possible. Try QuickBooks Payments today at no risk, as you can cancel anytime with no termination fees. If you find you need additional benefits that e-invoicing cannot offer, then add the additional tool of Bill & Pay for a winning combination.

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About the author

Carrie Kahn

Carrie Kahn, the owner of Complete Business Group, joined the Intuit Reseller Program in 2008. CBG offers Intuit based solutions for End-users, ProAdvisors and Partners. CBG is now considered one of the largest and fastest-growing Intuit Premier Resellers (IRPs) in the world. The Complete Business Partner Program is helping ProAdvisors and other partners become better at their profession, increase their income substantially, and save their customers time and money.

Carrie has been supporting and selling QuickBooks since Dos V1. She has been a certified ProAdvisor in the full line of QuickBooks products since 2002. Complete Business Group joined the Intuit Reseller Program (IRP) in 2008.

Carrie serves as a host for the Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Business Owners (ABBO) Facebook group as the QuickBooks Product Expert. She was named top 100 QuickBooks ProAdvisor of the Year every year since 2014. She has been in the top 10 Intuit Premier Resellers (IRPs) since 2012 and currently is ranked #1 in the East. She was named Social Media Resources ProAdvisor of the Year for 2017. She is currently serving on the IRP Council.


  • I am having difficulty emailing invoices with links now that I have switched to Office 365. Does anyone know of a fix or work-around?

  • Thank you Carrie, for sharing your best practice knowledge. An equally important benefit of using these tools, once mastered, you have a billable advisory session to help your clients get setup as well. Everyone loves better cashflow.

  • E-invoicing is free to let your customers securely pay through Intuit’s servers via their bank accounts if you are using QuickBooks Online but is only 50 cents, the price of a stamp for desktop to be paid faster and not wait for snail mail. I use it myself and recommend it to my clients in always sunny Greater Seattle.

    Also, according to my contacts at Intuit Merchant Accounts, Go Payments is the same price as a swiped transactions which makes it a favorable tool if you are using Enterprise (1.6%) or Online (2.2%) at the no monthly fee or minimum rate.

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