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Wave’s Recurring Invoicing and Payments

Written by Greg Lam

Wave Apps (which you might know as Wave Accounting) recently updated its invoicing module as well as its recurring invoicing capabilities.

I don’t think I’ve ever covered the changes to Wave’s invoicing interface. So if you’re not familiar with how it now looks, check out the screenshot below.

Wave Apps

Essentially, Wave has tried to declutter and make the invoice creation process as straightforward as possible. While the redesign has hidden a lot of the options, they are still easily accessible with a single click. What this accomplishes is a streamlined workflow where you only see what’s most used and necessary to get to the next step.

For example, you’ll notice that if you add an item, it won’t actually show you the income account. However, it’s there and available for you to view if so desired.

Wave Apps

If instead of choosing an existing item you decide to create a new one, you will be able to choose an income account. So, when you need the option to choose an income account, it’s there, but otherwise it’s hidden.

Income Account

I should point out that while you can’t edit the income account of an existing item without going to a separate page, you can change the description.


Something else you might not have notices is that you are able to change the entire layout by clicking on Edit Columns.

Edit Columns

Customize this Invoice

All in all, I enjoy the new invoicing and appreciate that while Wave has made the whole process simpler, they didn’t take away the capability to customize and edit things when the need arises.

Step by step

Once you’re done creating an invoice and have clicked on Save and Continue, you’ll see the steps necessary to send the invoice and collect payment for it.


I find the step-by-step view to be quite reassuring and clean. I also really like how if you scroll down, you’ll see a preview of how the invoice will actually look.

You may have noticed that there’s a More Actions button on the top that lets you do additional things.

More Actions

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  • Wave is great for recurring billing, can’t wait for the “skip weekends” feature.

    It’s not ideal to receive an invoice at 5:00 AM on a Sunday morning.

  • Gregg

    Wave has been great for me but every time you make changes it throws all my recurring dates out of wack. Hence my clients do not get their renewal invoice plus I am stuck with changing dates for each and every one of them. So my question can we buy the software so we can install in it our computer?

      • Hi Charlie,
        I understand. My big problem is that when you make changes to the system it affects the dates. All my renewal dates were wiped out the last time you upgraded the system. I do like the system but if it’s going to create problems each time you update your end, it’s very hard for myself and my clients. What can you do for this NOT to happen again? Because now I have to go into each one and set renewals again…

  • Hi Gregg,
    Charles tells me he cannot help me because has no client clients working with wave.
    Where can I get an answer.
    I am so confused so why is Charles writing about wave?


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