Three Great Sage Live Integrations

Written by Kate Jones

The greatest thing about Sage Live is its fresh view on how we go about the everyday tasks in Accounting. Sage did not create “just another solution.” There are no “same theory, different package” signs here! With Sage Live, the starting point was a blank canvas. Instead of asking, “How do we do that now?” the question was: “Why do we do that?”

Sage Live is a great stand-alone product, but Sage was clear in their intentions — One Organization-Wide Solution.

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Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, Sage Live gives you the opportunity to create a system that works for you, across the business. While the most obvious integration for Sage Live is, of course, Salesforce CRM, here we take a look at three other integrations that could help streamline your business.

Sage Live

Kimble — A PSA to Drive your Business Growth

Too often in accounting we focus on reporting the past — recording and detailing the events already gone by. Kimble PSA brings the future into focus. Sage Live gives you access to real-time reporting, wherever and whenever you need in. Kimble’s integrations concentrate on forecasting and identifying areas of weakness.

Far too many businesses don’t look ahead to the future. Kimble’s PSA System allows you to streamline your business and plan for the future. Through forecasting and budgets you are able to see a holistic view across the organization. Kimble integrates with any system, on or off the Salesforce1 Platform.

Fairsail — Your Modern HR Software

This award-winning system provides your business with great visibility. Covering your HR needs from acquiring talent to parting ways, Fairsail has you covered. Integrations with Payroll, acquisitions, and other HR data provide you with access to accurate reports and dashboards.

A truly mobile HR system, Fairsail allows you to access the application from anywhere with an internet connection. You have the ability to create workflows and manage layouts with just a few clicks. This simple, and easy-to-use system means your team is free to focus on the issues outside of software. With the ability to handle up to 5,000 employees, Fairsail is a seamless add-on to the Sage Live system.

Xactly — Incentive Solution for Sales Management

For many organizations, bringing an employee’s goals into line with the company’s goals is done through Commission and Reward Bonuses. This means that it’s some poor soul’s job to sit down and figure out who is getting what each month. More often than not, this will include spreadsheets, formulas, and headaches!

Xactly is a provider of incentive solutions for employees and sales management. The point of this software is to take away the hassle of manual commission schemes, and instead allow your Sage Live System to do the hard work for you. The sales information is pulled across and automatically calculates your rewards.

You have access to real-time reports so you can manage performance. You also have the ability to use badges and other content to create a fun “game like” aspect to performance if you wish.


Sage Live’s main aim is to free up your time — to take away the non-value added jobs and instead allow your people to focus on strategic decisions and valuable insight.

The three great integrations showcased in this article are a drop in the ocean of Salesforce Applications. You can see a full list of integrating apps on the Salesforce App Exchange.

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Kate Jones is a Sage Live Implementation Consultant at UK-based ITAS Solutions. A native of Wrexham, Wales, Kate is a Mathematics Graduate from Liverpool John Moores University with a keen interest in Data, Reporting and Analytics.

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