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TSheets Xero Integration

Written by Charlie Russell

TSheetsTSheets, my favorite employee time tracking application for small businesses, has just announced their TSheets Xero integration. Now you can use TSheets to collect employee time via computer, tablet, or smartphone and post approved timesheets to Xero payroll. You also can create invoices in TSheets to post to Xero accounting.

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Here’s an example of employee time captured in TSheets. When you approve the reported time you simply click on the Export Approved to Xero button.

TSheets Xero Integration

As you can see, the detailed information is posted to Xero payroll.

TSheets Xero Integration

In addition, you can create invoices in TSheets, and post them to Xero. Information can sync back and forth between TSheets and Xero depending on what you want to include in the invoice. If you want to break out employee time in the invoice then it is best to start with TSheets and post to Xero, where you can edit it further.

TSheets Xero Integration

Adding more integrations has been one of our most popular requests from accountants, bookkeepers and customers. We listened and, as evidenced with our newest partnership with Xero, have officially become an open ecosystem,” said Matt Rissell, co-founder and CEO of TSheets. “We have dedicated significant engineering resources to build a world-class integration between our two products.

If you are an accounting professional, the integration between TSheets and Xero is great news, for several reasons:

  • If you support multiple accounting systems you now can work with a single time tracking app that works with Xero, QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. I’m always looking for ways to improve efficiency, and I have limited time to evaluate products. If I learn the details of how to work with one time tracking app then I don’t want to take the time to learn another app that covers the same function. TSheets works with all of the accounting systems that I’m involved with, and that saves me time.
  • Doug Sleeter says that to help your clients be successful you want to work with software companies that not only have great products, they are also backed by great people. TSheets is one of those companies, a company that is run by great people, a company that treats its employees and customers well.
  • Integration between great apps allows you to work with the best apps for each function of your business. It is hard to find one company that will cover every aspect of your, or your clients’, business. TSheets works with many of my favorite “best of class” apps, including Results CRM, Gusto payroll, Expensify expense reports, QVinci financial reporting, and more.

I’m excited to see TSheets working with Xero!

TSheets is an exhibitor at Accountex USA this November. Come see all of their integrations.

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