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Entryless Accounts Payable Review

Written by Greg Lam

Entryless is an accounts payable service that lets you send in your bills, manage them, and pay them. Does that sound like Yep, it’s kind of like it. Entryless is “Forever Free,” which may immediately set off alarm bells in your head. Don’t worry, there are also paid plans, and they make sure to remind you of this every chance they get.

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Depending on what region you’re in, the details of the plans change. On the free plan, you can process up to 300 bills a month (or, depending on the ad campaign you see, it may be 2,000). But, the paid plans are where you get extra functionality, like the ability to make ACH payments and experience faster OCR processing. So, that’s really where they plan on making their money — and where they’re hoping their service is useful enough that businesses will pay for it.

Signing Up for Entryless

When I signed up for Entryless, I was asked to choose from two editions: Business Owners or Accountants & Bookkeepers.

Entryless Accounts Payable

I chose Accountants & Bookkeepers.

Then I received the option to try the Entrylesss CPA Dashboard for 30 days.

 Entrylesss CPA Dashboard for 30 days

I was feeling adventurous and decided, why not, it’s free!

Then I got another overlay offer.

Get Accelerated OCR Extraction

This is where I had to put on the brakes. First it was free forever, then it was free for 30 days, and then they wanted me to start paying now! I chose neither the “Explore Pricing Plans” nor the “Get Faster Speed Now” option. That little “X” button at the top right is where my cursor ended up.

Global Pricing Plans

But those are the options for the global edition. If you go to the US edition, there are different pricing plans.

US Edition Pricing Plans

It turns out that hitting the “X” button was futile, since doing so took me to a pricing plan page nonetheless. That was fine, though, because if you look at the pricing plan above, you can see what each option gets you.

The “Forever Free” plan will get you:

If you pony up for the $29.99/month premium plan, you also get:

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Greg operates the Small Biz Doer website, an "Entrepreneur's Guide to Small Biz Bookkeeping." He is the author of Online Accounting Software: Finding the Right Match, published by The Sleeter Group.

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  • I loved so much about Entryless. The app is innovative, slick, and so close to greatness (from my perspective). But the one thing that we needed it to do, it could not successfully. And that was to pay suppliers by check. Yes, the process worked (smooth as silk). The vendor received the check. But the vendor was unable to cash the check. In the signatory line, Entryless used the company name. Individuals are on the business account as authorized signatories. When our bank saw the company name as the authorized signature on the check, it rejected the check. I spoke with our bank to discuss the options. The bank needs to see an authorized signature on the check. Period. I wish Entryless would configure the program such that a signature would be on our checks. In Quickbooks Desktop we uploaded a digital signature – even a cursive font with the correct name would probably work. We had to abandon Entryless for this reason.

    • I also liked it but the fatal flaw for me was the lack of reporting. I need to be able to print reports for verification to our Quickbooks system. There is no way to print all open bills, all paid bills, etc. There is basically no way to print all. There is also no way to download all to excel. These choices only work on the page view. If you have many items as I do and it spreads across many page views. You would have to print each page and/or download a seperate excel file for every page view.

  • We are using it and liking Entryless overall for data entry. The comments on the check above do look like a fatal flaw for payments that badly needs fixing. Your comments on the Vendor issue on editing are well taken and we have learned that the hard way. The one thing missing from a very good review was the part we always look for. How would you rate them against their competitors (like and Expensify etc.) and what is your conclusion on their utility in the market compared to the existing vendors ?

  • As a quick follow-up – after having a vendor fail at depositing the check written on our behalf by Entryless, we switched to XTBills. The experience with XTBills has been good. Not perfect, but good. Vendors can cash our checks. That is important. Before diving deeper into these 2 applications (and learning a vendor could not cash our check from Entryless) the biggest deficiency with XTBills is that as soon as an invoice is submitted for payment the funds are removed from our checking account. With Entryless, the funds do not leave the account until the vendor cuts the check (as the check is tied to our company’s checking account). In essence, you lose the float when using XTBills. XTBills interface is superior to Entryless. XTBills feels more polished than Entryless (and with good reason when you look at XTBills pedigree). We looked at Too expensive. For now we are with XTBills and generally happy (just miss that float).

  • Fantastic review Greg. Wish you had the round-up review done. I’m inclined to think you usually get what you pay for, though by no means always, especially when it comes to software. Anyhow, my point being we’re probably going to go with and hopefully the higher price will more than make up for it.

  • I tried Entryless a year ago and it was very beta lots of bad OCR. I decided to give it another go last month in November and it seemed promising BUT it quickly fell apart. There are so many problems with Entryless I’ll focus on the biggest. Entryless payments sent 2 checks and listed them to a vendor that had a PAID INVOICE from OCTOBER from Xero. A check was never authorized to that vendor but to another vendor for 1/4 the amount. So Entryless sent duplicate unauthorized checks for 4x the amount listed TO A DIFFERENT VENDOR. Their response? Basically, it looks fine to us. It’s your problem go talk to your bank. “24/7” or “24/5 premium support” IS EMAIL ONLY so you know how bad that is. They have a phone number with an answering service you can never speak with a human. Does that sound like a company you’d want to trust writing checks for you? Let me put it this way: they make QuickBooks/Intuit look like they should win a customer service award.

  • I wanted a report out of Entryless with total invoices paid, checks sent. It isn’t possible which is dumbfounding for a 5 year old service. No reporting/total whatsoever.

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