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Cloud Accounting News: February 2016

Written by Greg Lam

Ok everyone, it’s time again for Cloud Accounting News. If you missed January’s, check it out here.

Greg Lam will be presenting a session at Accountex 2016.


  • Invoice previews: When you go to send an invoice by email, you’ll be able to see a preview of the invoice and you are given the chance to modify the message.FreshBooks Invoice Previews
  • Redesign in beta: FreshBooks is undergoing a redesign, which will be publicly available in the summer of 2016. What’s interesting is that you’ll be able to switch between the new and old version of FreshBooks. Their main goals with the redesign are to make the product simple, easy to collaborate with others, and have faster product improvements.


  • Square integration: The new integration with Square will bring in all your historical Square data, if so desired. The sync is in near real-time, so within a minute or so you should be able to see your paid transactions in Square show up in Kashoo. The mapping of items, taxes, fees, discounts, and other details can all be done, so there is very little loss of information in the import. The only thing that cannot be mapped is the customer, which needs to be assigned to a single customer. You can find the details of the integration here.
  • New branding: Kashoo has new branding and a new logo.KASHOO
  • Multicurrency is back: Kashoo had suspended their multicurrency functionality, but now it’s back.

QuickBooks Online

  • iPhone / iPad 4.4 update (U.S. only):
    • There is now multicurrency support, which allows you to:
      • Assign a foreign currency to customer, vendors, banks, and credit cards.
      • See and modify the exchange rate when selecting a foreign currency payee or account in a transaction.
      • Have foreign currency support for Expenses, Invoices, Payments, Sales Receipts, and Estimates.
    • Modify multiple bank feed transactions at a time.
    • Manually refresh bank feeds.
    • Enter negative prices and rates, which can be used to record deposits or pre-payments.


  • + icon added: Like QuickBooks Online and Zoho Books, Xero now has a + icon as well, that lets you quickly add transactions/contacts. Right now it’s currently limited to: Invoice, Bill, Quote, Purchase Order, and Contact. There are plans to add more transaction types in the future.Xero Icon added
  • WorkflowMax iOS app: There’s now an iOS app for Workflow Max.

Zoho Books

  • Customer reviews in client portal: This allows you to request that a client provide feedback on your service/product. The reviews are then saved in your customer’s profile, from which you can share them to Twitter.
  • Custom fields for credit notes and bills.
  • Banking improvements for bulk un-categorizing and un-matching transactions.
  • Attach images and enter SKUs for items.
  • Zoho Expenses now supports departments.
  • There are now free plans for Zoho Inventory and Zoho Subcriptions.
  • Support for non-inventory items in Zoho Inventory.

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Greg operates the Small Biz Doer website, an "Entrepreneur's Guide to Small Biz Bookkeeping." He is the author of Online Accounting Software: Finding the Right Match, published by The Sleeter Group.

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  • I’d love to have a report on cloud based accounting products for small nonprofits, in light of the upcoming FASB changes to accounting in that sector. In particular, will QBO ever get classes for the balance sheet?

  • Hi Greg Lam,
    I am sending many time invoice by Gmail id but i am face many problem for QuickBooks Like as not preview invoice other mail id. so please help me as soon as possible…

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