Zip Codes: The Wrong Tool for the Job [White Paper]

Written by Ian Clyde

16818380-downloadPDF-noback ZIP Codes: The Wong Tool for the Job

Identifying the taxing jurisdiction associated with your company’s taxable transactions is one of the key components of sales tax compliance. Don’t waste your time with ZIP codes, when a pinpointed methodology is available. Why use scissors to trim your lawn, when the latest and greatest self-propelled mower is only feet away?


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About the author

Ian Clyde

Ian Clyde is nationally known in the QuickBooks space as Avalara’s very own “Tax Celebrity”.  He has spent the last seven years as the National Director of Sales for Avalara, where he loves helping small to medium sized businesses grow their revenue by outsourcing sales tax compliance. He lives on Bainbridge Island in Washington State. Ian holds a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from Western Washington University and enjoys playing baseball, basketball and fishing.

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