QuickBooks 2016 Has Arrived! Here Is What To Expect

Written by Charlie Russell

QuickBooks 2016QuickBooks 2016 for the desktop is here! This release contains a number of new features as well as improvements to existing ones. I’ll list the major changes that I’m aware of in this article. Keep your eyes on the Sleeter Report over the next few weeks as I publish a series of articles that go into the details of these new and improved features. This is the 24th version of QuickBooks, I believe, if you go all the way back to the DOS version.

Update 9/9/2015: Note that QuickBooks 2016 is available now to members of the ProAdvisor program. It will be available to all other users starting September 21.

Here’s a quick summary of what you will see. Note that I’m working with the US versions in this article. It is not clear to me when (or if) any of these features will be available in the Canadian or UK versions of QuickBooks.

The following new/updated features are available in all versions of QuickBooks 2016 for Windows (Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise), except as noted:

  • Bill Tracker: Similar to the Income Tracker we already have. A dashboard feature that lets you see outstanding bills, item receipts, purchase orders and so forth.
  • Bulk Clear Send Forms: A simple way to clear the “Email later” flag from a large number of transactions, in one simple step.
  • Auto Copy Ship-To Address: If you create a purchase order from a sales order or estimate, you now have the option to carry over the ship-to address from the PO if you select an alternate address. Note that this will not be available in QuickBooks Pro.
  • This Fiscal Year-to-Last Month report filter: A new report date filter that people will find useful.
  • Rebuild Data and Verify Data Updated: When you verify or rebuild the QuickBooks company file, the program generates a great report on what has been fixed, and what cannot be fixed.
  • Custom Field Filtering on Item Reports: You now can filter a variety of item reports by custom fields. Note that Intuit initially said that that this is only going to be available in QuickBooks Enterprise, but early testing shows it in other editions.
  • Label Printer Support: You can now print labels on single roll continuous labels, rather than just page-oriented labels.
  • Streamlined Upgrade Experience: If you are upgrading an existing file, the process creates a backup file using a new, simpler dialog.
  • QuickBooks Statement Writer: If you have Microsoft Office 2013, then the QuickBooks 2016 installation program should patch your computer so that it will work with QuickBooks Statement Writer.

There is only one significant new feature that is found only in QuickBooks Enterprise:

  • Column sorting on Payment screen: Click a column header to sort this form.

In addition, we have what I’ll call an “Accountant Feature,” something that is available in QuickBooks Accountant but not Pro or Premier (interestingly, Intuit is continuing the policy of making these features available in all versions of QuickBooks Enterprise, not just the Accountant version):

  • Batch Delete Transactions: This function lets you delete or void groups of transactions in a batch, from one place.

ProAdvisor Program Changes: Along with the new features announced in QuickBooks 2016, Intuit is announcing a new variation of the ProAdvisor subscription program – ProAdvisor Deluxe. This is a lower-cost version of the regular desktop ProAdvisor subscription, including some but not all of the desktop products. They are also introducing some new names for the different variations of the program, as I’ll go into later.

There also are a few changes to QuickBooks for Mac, as I’ll go into near the end of this article.

Update 9/29/2015: A bug in QuickBooks 2016 has been identified, and it is going to take them awhile to get this fixed. This affects add-on products like Transaction Pro Exporter and others. If an add-on program asks for a customer record, QuickBooks will crash. This is NOT the fault of the addon, it is a bug in QuickBooks 2016. There is a way to patch one of the QuickBooks files to get around this – the developer of your addon should have that information.

Bill Tracker

We’ve had the Income Tracker feature for a few years now, which summarizes multiple income-related transactions into one screen where you can do bulk processing. Now Intuit has added the Bill Tracker, a similar feature for purchase orders and bills. You can access this through the Bill Tracker option in the left navigation menu, or by selecting Vendors in the main menu and then Bill Tracker.

QuickBooks 2016 Bill Tracker

There are a number of simple filters that you can apply to this list. For example, click on the yellow bar at the top and you will see just the “open bills.”

This kind of “dashboard” function is very helpful – it pulls together important information into one location, and it is more interactive than a report.

This feature will be available in the Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks for Windows.

People will find this very useful if they have to deal with a large number of bills, particularly if they don’t pay them as soon as they come in. I will examine this feature in more detail in an upcoming article.

Batch Delete Transactions

A new feature has been added that will let an Accountant delete or void multiple transactions at a time. You will find Batch Delete/Void Transactions in the Accountant menu.

Why might you want to use this? People make mistakes, and probably the main one is that they don’t make backups of their QuickBooks data file often enough. That means that if you import a bunch of transactions incorrectly, you can’t just roll back to a recent backup to start over. This function will help!

QuickBooks 2016 Batch Delete/Void Transactions

You can work with invoices, checks and bills at this time. Transactions that cannot be deleted are shaded.

The Linked Trns column shows if the transaction is linked to another transaction, such as an invoice being related to a payment receipt or sales order. Intuit warns that deleting linked transactions may have “unintended consequences” that could create orphan transactions that can lead to inaccurate reports, so it is important to know which are linked.

Once you select some transactions to void or link, you get a screen that lets you review the transactions before they are processed.

Review Batch Delete Transactions

This feature is available in QuickBooks Accountant and QuickBooks Enterprise (all editions). In a multi-user environment, only the Admin or External Accountant user can use this function. It is also available via the Accountants ToolBox feature if you are logged in as the External Accountant and use your ProAdvisor account credentials.

This seems to be a very useful function, and it looks like they have covered the important features. I will examine this feature in more detail in an upcoming article.

Bulk Clear Send Forms

One of the annoying issues in QuickBooks is that you can have lots of transactions that have the Email Later box checked, even though you might not want to send that transaction. They tend to build up, and then you have a big list in your Send Forms window. Very annoying – hard to clear that out. There is a Remove button in that window, but it only removes a single form at a time (the currently selected form). Some of this can be addressed by the Mark Invoices utility program, but that is an additional charge (and it only covers invoices).

With QuickBooks 2016 we now have the ability to remove multiple transactions from this list in one step. The process is the same as before – open Send Forms, check the box next to the transactions to remove from the list (you can select all transactions easily), then click the Remove button. Easy! The difference this year is that all the checked transactions are removed, not just the single one that you have highlighted.

Thanks, Intuit!

QuickBooks Bulk Clear Send

This feature will be available in the Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks.

About the author

Charlie Russell

Charlie Russell has been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70's, and remembers releasing his first commercial accounting software product when you had an 8-bit microcomputer with one 8 inch floppy disk drive. He has a special interest in inventory and manufacturing software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certifications for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise, as well as being a Xero Certified Partner. Charlie started blogging about QuickBooks in 2008 (Practical QuickBooks) and has been writing for the Accountex Report (formerly the Sleeter Report) since 2011. He retired from accounting and QuickBooks activities in early 2018.

Visit his CCRSoftware web site for information about his QuickBooks add-on products. He is also the author of the California Wildflower Hikes blog.


  • Great article Charlie – perfect timing as always, I was able to download the QuickBooks 2016 setup files this morning.


      • Dear Charlie,

        If one more features for making a transaction for Fixed Assets with annual depreciation rate, it will be very useful.
        So, another option can be given for calculating and making a transaction for debiting depreciation expense and crediting depreciation reserve either on monthly basis or at the financial year closing date.

    • Scott,

      We downloaded the 2016 Enterprise this morning, and while attempting to pay payroll taxes, we ran across an unusual problem. In the list of taxes to be paid, it clearly said ‘Federal….due April 4th’….when we attempt to pay it, a message pops up that states that ‘you cannot pay taxes on a weekend or a Holiday’….Monday is neither a weekend or Holiday. Is this something you’ve run across?

    • I am a longtime user of Quickbooks pro on my windows based computer. I have a small business now in the US. I want to run Quickbooks on my new mac computer. Can I setup 2 companies, my Canadian company and my US company, and run them on QuickBooks for Mac 2016.

      I recognize that there are different tax structures in play. I am an engineering consultant and my main focus is keeping track of projects (profit and loss). I have no employees. My accountant in Canada does request Trail Balance and Profit and loss reports for his review as part of my annual year end company filing in Canada. I also file HST quarterly.

      You may suggest running Quickbooks for mac online in Canada and then making a separate purchase of Quickbooks for mac for my US activity. The nature of my business includes frequent on-site project reviews of ongoing profits and loss figures and online reception is not always strong and stable at the work sites, and sometimes at the lodging where i temporarily stay on such trips . The online option will accordingly really not worker me. Any suggestions or comments here. Thanks


      • You can only run one national version of QuickBooks on a computer, so you would have to use the US version for both companies. And then, as you say, the tax issues come up. Generally I would not recommend this, but if the taxation issues aren’t a problem for you, give it a try.

    • QB 2015 is what you should be running now, QB 2016 isn’t commercially available for a bit longer, I believe. Note, though, that to get a FREE upgrade to QB 2016 you have to buy your QB 2015 from the right source. Usually if you get it from a mass-market retailer like Staples, you can’t get the free upgrade. Something to watch for.

  • Does this have any impact on implementation of the new chipped credit card readers? My experience with Intuit is that they are not yet “compliant”.

  • Not much of a WOW for the everyday user! I am pretty excited about the statement writer and Office 2013!!
    Thanks Charlie

  • Hi!

    I am able to see Quickbooks Accountant Plus and QuickBooks Accountant Enterprise, but not Quickbooks Accountant Desktop without the plus for 2016. Any ideas?

    • I haven’t talked to them about that this year, but USUALLY they release the programs first to ProAdvisors, but don’t make it available to consumers until the end of the month. So Pro and Premier wouldn’t be available yet, usually. However, they didn’t bring that point up this year, and I haven’t looked into it. I’ll double check.

    • Margaux, I just got confirmation from Intuit. The regular Pro, Premier and Enterprise versions won’t be available until September 21. At this time QuickBooks 2016 is only available to ProAdvisors.

  • My favorites are:

    – Linked Transactions viewable from the Batch Delete screen. I wish that was a feature when looking at Invoices, Payments, Deposits, Bills, and Bill Payments. I like that you can see all of the links on a single screen.

    – Updated Statement Writer with Office 2013. That was such a pain for some of us, depending on the configuration, installation order, or whatever it was that was causing problems. Let’s hope it’s really solved from here forward.

    Good job Intuit!

  • Thanks Charlie! What I really liked, is the bill tracker feature, I hope it would certainly help to view data for money out transactions from a single dedicated dashboard. I’m just going to download it. 🙂

  • Thank you for the Summary! Very helpful. I look forward to the Rebuild & Verify report. Perhaps, in another 20 years, Quickbooks won’t spontaneously corrupts its data at all and the report can be removed once again.

  • Nice to see that while we are absorbing a lot of new stuff with QBO, downloads, e-commerce and something new with each client, at least Intuit has decided NOT to bombard us this year! Nice new features.

  • QuickBooks 2016 does not support Direct Connect – at least not with Bank of America! No warning to Pro Advisors that this will not work, per Intuit today, until general roll out on 9/21 (I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s not worse than that).

    “20150915 06:10:31: Online Banking with Bank of America does not support your software version. Please contact Bank of America at 800-933-6262 or visit http://www.bankofamerica.com for m”

    • Makes sense, since the release now is just for ProAdvisors to get an advance look. The program isn’t available to the general public until 9/21. It would, however, have been helpful if Intuit would have made that clear in their notice to ProAdvisors.

      • Bank of America today told me they will no longer support Direct Connect beyond Quickbooks 2015. As of today bank feeds are still broken, returning an error message OLE31 – pointing to BofA as the problem. Looks liking an old fashioned ‘pissing match’ to me!

        • That error generally means the provider has the problem, as you noted.

          Bank of America always seems to be the one that people have problems with. I don’t use them so I’ve never run into that.

          I wonder if they are just not ready to support QuickBooks 2016 since it has just come out, rather than dropping future support? Support techs don’t always have the most accurate information.

          We’ll have to keep an eye out for this.

          • BofA Direct Connect is now working with QuickBooks 2016. I just got an email from my inside person at Intuit:

            “Hi Sandy.
            I was told thanks to your email that we forwarded to our banking team BofA and 2016 are now working with the direct connect.
            Let me know if this is not the case!
            Thank you!! You can and do make a difference!!”

            I, Sandy, tested it and ‘it’s a BEAUTIFUL thing!’.

  • Intuit is just starving the platform trying to get customers to give up and switch to the much more lucrative Quickbooks Online. No reason to upgrade in this release, so customers won’t – this will allow Intuit to shut down the desktop platform as not being profitable.

    • As I pointed out, last year Intuit told investors that they were just going release enough to keep desktop users happy until they were ready to move to QBO.

      I don’t know what the ratio is of “upgrade” users to new users, so I can’t say what the impact will be. Sales certainly were declining last year, we’ll see what their year-end sales figures are this time around.

  • If have been thru quicken mac, quicken dos, quickbooks for windows and so on. In my opinion this update is a joke. The critical areas that need addressed are improving data file transfers in and out of the software. The only thing that makes sense with this update is efforts to move their client base to cloud based software. The trouble is cloud based software for the most part is an inferior product.

  • I am using the Accountant Canadian version of QB. What is disappointing is the lack of improvements and forcing people to QBO. I’ve tried QBO and it just isn’t there yet. On top of that the fees are high … not bad for the small business / non profit without payroll, but add in the payroll feature and the costs go way up. If I had to force everyone back to the cloud, some would go back to using excel instead of paying a monthly subscription. I find it hard to believe the payroll addition should add the $$ it does. If the payroll feature cost less… maybe some would move. BUT, I still like the feel of the desktop better.

  • A bug in QuickBooks 2016 has been identified, and it is going to take them awhile to get this fixed. This affects add-on products like Transaction Pro Exporter and others.

    If an add-on program asks for a customer record, QuickBooks will crash. This is NOT the fault of the addon, it is a bug in QuickBooks 2016.

    There is a way to patch one of the QuickBooks files to get around this – the developer of your addon should have that information.

  • Hi Charlie,

    Great Article. Thank you for updating the article and comments, as bugs and issues are found.

    Also for fielding all the questions and comments from Canadian, European and UK folks, who are very dissatisfied with their version updates and even the loss of QB Enterprise.

    We wish Intuit would speak out solidly in support of it’s desktop apps. Or at least, take a more inclusive approach to rolling out QBO while simultaneously releasing new versions of QBDT. It would be better for resolving dissatisfaction among Pro Advisors, as well as desktop Clients.

    Sage has found one can do both and stopped denying its past. They actually have encouraged the desktop clients to host their apps. and/or download upgrades online, with new subscription models for updates and releases to cover the cost of continued development. Sage’s Industry Specific apps. are actually in demand. They are encouraging all the apps. the customers want.

    It is a very interesting comparison of business management styles within financial high tech companies, as well an observation of their reactions to change and disruptive industry models.

    Look forward to reading your article on EMV compliance and Intuit’s response to it.



    Tamra Groff, Senior Consultant, GASC/GHFG

    • Tamra, Intuit is clearly focused on mobile/online solutions, to such a degree that they are shedding products like Quicken now. Several years ago they published the Intuit 2020 report, which predicted that the big growth in business in the future (by the year 2020) would be in mobile and online business modes, with an increasing focus on the smaller, service kinds of business (and that more businesses would be run by women). They have been very focused on that.

      They also have been saying categorically that “there will always be a desktop product”, as I’ve reported on several times over the years. Of course, the interpretation of “desktop product” is flexible, when you consider products like the QuickBooks App for Windows (and Mac), which are hybrid products using the desktop, but attaching to QBO for the data back end.

      In any case, it is clear to me what their direction and focus is. Which is why I tell ProAdvisors that even if they prefer the desktop, and all their clients are on the desktop, it is important that they understand the online product even if they don’t plan on supporting it now…

      • I heartily agree with Charlie… there are lots of learning curves we need to address and conquer…new ways of thinking in QBO whether we like it or not. I have a new name for some of it “online mapping” which means ” in what circumstance , what do you do first? and it involves the various streams of downloads that come in that a client has no idea how to untangle and we must… Sometimes downloaded sales data takes precedence, sometimes invoice data first created in QBO takes precedence, sometimes the payroll service rules other times there is a journal entry. we have to know how to navigate and lead…and for each client there could be subtle differences… If we don’t understand the data streams like we understand the impact of transaction types in desktop..we are not going to be good guides.

  • I just updated to 2016 with help of accountant. He saved data several different ways including thumb drive. Each time it was saved, we went to Chart of Accounts (4 companies) to make sure all reconciled accounts showed the correct balances. Once confirmed, we restored all companies in 2016, checked again,accounts correct, and then he removed 2015 Pro. What we did not check was Reports. Now P & L is entirely screwed up and not reflecting changes made in 2015, i.e. categories entirely cleared like Miscellaneous are now back. That’s just an example. Why didn’t changes made to accounts in 2015 not transfer except for register balances?

    • Jean, sometimes data in your starting file can have some corruption or problems to start with, and when you convert to a new “year” of product then funny things can happen. There are a couple of things that your accountant can do to check.

      You can run a “File Rebuild” on the already converted file. That may resolve all the problems. As I talk about in this article (https://www.sleeter.com/blog/2015/09/quickbooks-2016-rebuild-verify-improvements/) the rebuild utility will tell you if there were problems that were fixed (and ones that cannot be fixed).

      You also could restore the backup that was created and run a file rebuild on that to clean it up, and then do the conversion. It is good that your accountant made backups, that always helps.

  • Downloading my copy as we speak. Most of my clients use the latest version and we buy the new version every year. But for some reason my own company is still on the 2009 version. Perhaps it is time for an upgrade.


  • Thanks for an informative blog! Is it me or are they really pushing the online versions?! I guess they want the steady income and not have to keep thinking of little improvements to get you to buy a newer version?

    Can you check my jaded thinking? On the QB website:


    For the feature ‘automatically download your bank transactions’, for the desktop version they talk of a monthly charge. That used to be included in the desktop versions, right?

    when reading the comments, I saw Sandy’s notes about BofA and though that was the first signs of this. But then the problem went away.

    Do you know about this extra charge? In some other QB page comparing features, they didn’t even have a check / cost under desktop’s features for automatically download bank transactions.

    Think this is another way they are trying to get people to move away from desktop versions? By taking AWAY features like this? Or am I reading things wrong?

    • They are pushing hard for us to go online. BUT, the features aren’t there. I asked about reports that don’t exist and was told to get a third party app. And for payroll that it was free for now (Canada) but that they didn’t know what they were going to charge for payroll (would there be a base fee plus per employee? some pages say this is the pricing, others say not). I can’t create charitable donation receipts with the online. I don’t have the same JOB reports and featues, etc. etc. BUT, they want me to go online and keep buying add on’s to do what my desktop version does now. Hmmm… doesn’t seem like a good option for me.

      What about a QBO pricing that gives a ProAdvisor a per customer fee (such as they do) BUT then gives the payroll package as one fee to the proadvisor for all clients that a bookkeeper handles?

      What about including all the reports QBDT has?

      It just needs some work, improvements, pricing clarifications, etc. for me.

        • I agree… it works for some, but not a lot. I have a slew of clients it does not work for because of jobs and reports. I have a slew of clients it does not work for because of donation receipts. etc. Almost everyone is weeded out for one reason or another. But then what I don’t understand is if the QBO product is not a fit yet, why don’t we continue to develop the QBDT until the QBO has evolved. I can’t understand how hard it would be to put out reports: eg. the custom summary report, the custom detailed report, a donation receipt… this should not be hard and I can’t imagine with the QBDT concepts of the first two already being in place, that it could take more than a month of programming. (I have some programming knowledge and just can’t see why it should take so long).

          The charities have been asking for a tax receipt for years. Why not create a report / receipt that prints one total of donations for the year, has the customers name/address on it so it will fit in a window envelope, etc. One small edition such as donation receipt could open the receiptivity for thousands of clients.

          Just thoughts — I guess I just don’t understand the issue.

          • Well, Paul, I can’t speak for Intuit on this. I can only tell you what they tell me, and what I observe, as I’ve talked about in other articles here. Essentially, their goal is to move everyone to QBO as they see that as the future. Desktop development is at a minimum, just to keep people happy enough to stick around until they are ready to move. They see add-on products as being the way to deal with special cases for businesses that don’t find what they need in QBO by itself.

    • Its not just you, Mike, Intuit clearly says that the future is QuickBooks Online. I’ve been talking about this in other articles for awhile now.

      Try https://www.sleeter.com/blog/2013/10/intuit-business-operating-system/, although it is getting a bit dated. A more current article would be the one a https://www.sleeter.com/blog/2014/10/future-for-quickbooks-desktop/

      As for fees for bank downloads, no change there from the past other than a marketing slant. You have to look at the footnotes on that page. SOME banks will charge you for the ability to download your transactions to QuickBooks. It isn’t Intuit, it is your bank. ou have to check with the bank you are using.

      • I am on Windows 10 and I run Chrome. However, I was able to follow your instructions for the QB 15 fix and it worked. So apparently, the fix doesn’t run with the installation.

        • I didn’t have a problem with my system and a clean install (not an updated system). There are many variables involved, so some people won’t see the results I see. I’m glad that you were able to get it to work!

          • Thanks for you help. Hopefully, most people will be able to install without any problems. If they have issues, hopefully your original fix works for them. Thanks!

  • Purchasing QB 2016 to run on Windows 7 and then will upgrade to Windows 10 when it’s available. Upon upgrading to Windows 10, will QB 2016 and my data files remain intact and not be deleted with new Windows 10 upgrade? Thank you.

    • It should, unless you tell WIndows to do a clean wipe of your system (which is not the default, and may not be an option).

      But, always make a backup of your QB file before making changes like this.

      • Thank you for your quick response. I was really nervous installing QB 2016 in the Windows 7 environment, and then upgrading my system to Windows 10. Yes, I always back up my data to two separate USBs, but I was more worried about losing the new QB 2016 software that I had to buy brand new (not an upgrade) because I’m coming from an old, old, old, XP environment.

        • Some people have had difficulties if they install QB on Windows 7 or 8, then upgrade to Windows 10. All cases that I’ve run into where there are problems here have been resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the software (QB).

          Note that as long as you have your product key / registration information for QB, you can always download it again and reinstall it if you lose it for some reason.

          • Again, thank you! I’ve been searching for the info you provided for about a week from both Microsoft and Intuit with no satisfactory answers. If I run into problems, you might hear from me again. Good evening!

  • Good news! I first upgraded to Windows 10, which is quite a change for me from Windows 7, but the install did take some time. Also, I did not lose programs that were compatible with Windows 10 (I did check before the upgrade) or files, but I did back up my document files just in case. First, I had to reserve Windows 10 and then wait for Microsoft to let me know it’s ready to be installed. So, then I purchased QB 2016 Pro (didn’t need the accountant version) and installed it. What was troublesome was trying to remember all the different passwords for each installation process and, for some, I created new ones. Yes, I wrote everything down. Okay, back to QB 2016, I really miss the old screen shots from my previous version and often you need to right-click to find some options that used to be an icon on top. Overall, the transferring and uploading of old company files to new was not difficult. Plus, when I found all my documents uploaded, I celebrated with a glass of wine. P.S. I had to buy two separate QB 2016 programs, one for work and one for my home office – didn’t like the costs involved in this needed upgrade. I can tell you that both office and home systems are running more efficiently. Just need to “feel” my way around. Thanks, Charlie, for your expertise.

  • I am looking into upgrading our Enterprise program to 2016 but, no one can seem to tell me if QB-E 2016 will allow me to run a job profit and loss statement by Project manager with a date range.

    Is this possible?

  • I will Quickbooks to remove the so very restricted multi currency feature in Qbs. I by mistake open that feature to a local client and now his file is so restricted I can’t uploaded to QBO and I can’t converted to MAC. NO GOOD INTUIT.COM. Its time you work on this feature please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • QB2016 no longer supports Alternate hosting setup whish is a BIG SHOW stopper for us. We only needed an AD permissioned FILE server, now they tell me to setup an APPLICATION server instead. To just change paradigms like that on users is pathetic. Intuit should leave options alone that people have had for years. It just seems like shoddy business to force people to areas they don’t want to go. WE pay their salaries, WE want options, and thus WE (here at our location) will be looking into other replacement packages (didn’t need all the bloat componentry anyway). Good Luck users 🙂

    • Good point, Richard. It is something that I haven’t gotten any information about from Intuit (yet).

      I don’t run into this situation myself as the “alternate hosting” setup is one that I generally don’t recommend. This involves having the QuickBooks database (QBW file) on a server that is NOT running the QuickBooks database manager. So the database manager has to be on a different computer. We often find that people that use this have a “floating server” problem, in that different workstations will be the database manager at different times. It can create some database problems if not managed carefully. In addition, it is the worse setup as far as performance issues. So, I generally recommend against it.

      I’m going to guess, and this is totally speculative, that dropping this has to do with an upgrade in the version of the SQL database engine that QuickBooks is based on. Intuit updated the database engine with this release, to keep them on the most current and efficient database engine. They are always looking to improve performance and security. That upgrade brought with it a number of issues that had to be resolved, which is one of the reasons why I didn’t want anyone to use the R1 release (the issues weren’t all fixed in that release). So I’m guessing that there may have been a reason why alternate hosting was dropped. But, it may have been for other reasons. Intuit certainly didn’t publicize this change very much (if at all).

      I’m trying to get more info on this, but I don’t know if I will.

  • I too just upgraded from Quicken 2012 to 2016. I’ve been using Quicken while accessing its data file on my server for 15 years. Now after upgrading to 2016 that capability no longer exists. The option I’ve seen posted where Intuit’s suggested solution to this is to copy the data file locally, and to automate that ridiculous requirement requires a command script.

    This is an unacceptable solution & I’m calling Intuit tomorrow and demanding my money back for this POS Quicken 2016 I just wasted my money on & my valuable time trying to make it work.

  • Just found this blog and it is great. Thanks for the information. I’ve been using QB Accountants Edition for years, always purchasing the CD. I do not see where a CD is available this year. Do you know?

    • I don’t know if the CD is available or not – if it is, it would be for an additional charge. These days you get it via a download online, faster and cheaper that way. If you are a CPA, I highly recommend joining the ProAdvisor program. You can get your products cheaper that way, depending on what things you are interested in.

  • Can I take my QB 2015 data off a flash drive and set up my company on another computer that has QB 2016? Will I have to put 2016 on the first computer? Or will they both work back and forth?

    • If you open a 2015 database with the 2016 product, it converts that database to the 2016 format. You cannot open that converted database with the 2015 product anymore. QB company files are not “backward compatible”.

  • I’ve just purchased Quickbooks 2016 (Mac version) to use for my nonprofit. Do you have any hints on how to set it up specifically for nonprofits? It doesn’t seem very adaptable from what little I can tell so far?

    • QuickBooks for Mac is not very configurable in this regard. Most nonprofits use QuickBooks Premier, which has a nonprofit edition. Of course, that is a Windows product. You can run it on a Mac using a Windows emulator like Parallels, etc.

  • Our company uses Enterprise 15 with Advanced Inventory. We are very interested in the ability to print the Bar Code Labels directly from QuickBooks without using a third party add in, and we can upgrade to Enterprise 16 with our current subscription. Your article does not show bar codes as an option to print names from. Can you verify that Bar Code Labels can be printed with Enterprise 16 with Advanced Inventory? Can you also recommend a compatible Zebra printer that can also be networked? Thank you.

    • There wasn’t a specific change that related to barcodes in Enterprise 16. You can print barcodes in Enterprise 16 just as you can in Enterprise 15, in the Files/Print Forms/Labels option. As with all other labels, you now have the option to print to ZPL supporting printers. I really don’t care for the barcode label option in QuickBooks, since you cannot customize the layout other than deciding to add the item description. You can have the item ID, the barcode, and optionally the item description, and that is it. I rarely find a business that is satisfied with that, which is why I like to look at other programs.

      I don’t have a specific recommendation on a printer, there are so many factors involved. Just as long as it is ZPL compatible, in this case. Note that you have many more options for printers if you use one of the add-on label programs.

  • Charlie- Just got an update message in QuickBooks 2016 Pro but I know to always check your blog before installing it in case it’s got reported bugs. I don’t see where you have reviewed R5 yet. Do you have a recommendation as to whether we should install or wait? Here is the link I get when I click on “What’s new in this update”:
    C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 2016\Components\DownloadQB26\Patch\AboutPatch.htm

    • Kim, the article will be out in a day or two. I don’t have much to say other than my usual – “let others test it first”. Wait a week, see if people scream. I haven’t had a chance to run this release, but I usually just recommend waiting a bit to see what other people find.

  • Dear Charlie, could you kindly let me know how to to change the Customer Information Headings in QuickBooks 2016 please. For example, I would like to have Student Number instead of Contact and also Parents Name instead of Fax. Your kind help is much appreciated.

  • Hi Charlie,
    Do you have any info on if Quickbooks Premier Retail Edition 2016 will integrate with Quickbooks POS 2009?

  • I am trying to locate a demo of how to utilize the “Bank Feed” portion of our QuickBooks 2016 software. We bank with PNC and have “online banking” capabilities through PNC now. Right now we either enter bills, pay bills and then print the checks OR enter bills, “pay” bills by putting the “check” as PNC Online and then have to login to PNC Online and set up a bill to be paid (double entry). We ultimately want to enter a bill, pay the bill via “online” and have it happen seamlessly and process without having to do double entry. We also are not interested in synching QuickBooks with the banks register. We only want to enter and pay bills through QB online and then manually reconcile the bank statement. Any idea on how to see a demo or how you get this process started? Not sure if I need to contact QB or PNC first and what costs are involved. Thanks for any information you can provide.

  • Charlie, I know you have posted a bit about the Windows 10 download available for free and that it isn’t compatible with QBs versions before 2015. Do you know what happens in those versions before 2015 if you download it. I’m a QBs ProAdvisor and have several versions of QBs back to 2005 where I have clients using those older versions still. In our office, we have recently updated to a Windows 2012 server and are wanting to update our other software thinking about Windows 10 while it is still free but have seen the advise about not upgrading to it because it isn’t compatible with the older QBs versions. Do you have any more advise on this for me??

    • There are features that probably won’t work with older versions, like PDF generation, or possibly things like the Fixed Asset Manager. Most likely the basic functions will work, though (I can’t make promises on that).

      I avoid problems like this, although I’m a single-person office and my approach might not work for a larger firm. I keep my old software running in “virtual machines” on the operating system that they prefer. That solves tons of problems. See my article on this at https://www.sleeter.com/blog/2014/01/vmware-workstation-to-manage-quickbooks/

      • For what it’s worth, my own experience reinstalling QB 2014 on a Windows 10 system has only been minor glitches. As Charlie mentioned, PDF generation seems to be dead and it gives you a couple of error boxes (whether you’re planning on saving to PDFs or not) when, for example, reconciling a checking account. You can ignore the boxes and use the Windows 10 built in PDF printer, which seems to work fine.

        There are numerous errors related to QB in the Windows system logs, but I’ve never had a QB installation that didn’t have those (Intuit says that’s OK, last I checked. Unless you’re having other problems…)

        I don’t use inventory or fixed asset management (or Intuit Payroll), so I can’t speak to those things. I haven’t had any other problems that weren’t already present under Windows 7.

  • So Charlie, in your opinion, is there a significant reason to use QBD 2016 over 2015? There are a couple of nice options but it sounds like there may be some other functionality that is lost.

  • I was using Quick books 13 with Check designer Home & Business 13, I recently installed Quick books desktop 16 and cannot print checks, are there any solutions?

  • Just upgraded to QB 2016 desktop 3-user. We are having a problem with sessions seemingly becoming locked under a user that is no longer in that part of the database). For example, after a user exits the payroll input screen or the print checks window, the system thinks they are still in that screen and prevents other users’ access. Also, this has also happened in exiting the file (session seems open still long after the user has exited the file). Help! On a separate note, we are also having a problem with the balance sheet. I have gotten the message that the balance sheet is out of balance. Anyone have any tips?

    • Balance Sheet out if balance – rebuild the data. It should give you en error message as to what’s wrong. I saw the word ‘sandbox’ as part of the error message last week. If that is what you are getting, Intuit support said to Uninstall QB 2016 and then do a new ‘clean install’ of the program. That worked for my file. It seems Intuit may have rolled out a ‘troublesome’ update as I had another client with the same issue you are describing – QB 2016 when trying to restore .qbm file.

    • Annie, I haven’t seen the session problem you talk about, at least not in relation to this release specifically.

      Make sure that you have the “Keep QuickBooks Running for Quick Startups” box UNchecked for all users, in your preferences.

  • Can I move my Desktop Quickbooks 2014, second quarter on Windows 7 to a Desktop Quickbooks 2016 Windows 10 without issues for all quarters in 2016?

    • As far as the data itself, it doesn’t matter what part of your fiscal year you are in. The transition is seamless. As long as your data is in good shape – you should first make a backup of the file and then perform a “rebuild”, and look for errors. Most likely everything will be smooth.

  • I had a problem printing checks when I first installed Quickbooks 2016. Called Intuit and they told me to check print later which worked. I can I make print later my default as I always complete all checks and proof before I request print.

  • I was just wondering if anytime in the Future if QuickBooks may think about adding (as Native) TransactionPro Import or Export as part of QuickBooks. It would be good if they Partnered with them. Just a question!

  • I currently have Quick Books Pro 2016 and cannot open an accountant’s file copy (from QBX to QBA). Can you advise if this version is not compatible? If it isn’t, do I have to buy QuickBooks Accountant version or can I upgrade?

    • If you have QB Pro, you can create a QBX file to give to an accountant. That would be opened by someone with QuickBooks Accountant (desktop version). They work with a QBA file, make changes, then export them to a QBY file, which is what you would import into your QB Pro.

      If you want to work with the QBX/QBA process you need to have QuickBooks Accountant, which would be a separate purchase. But that really is just used to exchange data with your accountant.

  • I currently have quickbooks 2013 installed on my windows 7 computer. I just purchased a macbook air and would like to install quickbooks for mac. Should I get the 2016 version for mac and if so how do I transfer my company information from my windows computer to the new mac version?

    • You can use your Windows version on the Mac if you get one of those PC emulator programs (I don’t work with them, so I don’t have recommendations). Or you can export your Windows file to the Mac version (there are instructions in the help file, or get a consultant to help you) and import it into the Mac version. Before you make your decision, though, check out the features of the QB for Mac version against the version that you have in Windows (you don’t mention if you have Pro, Premier or Enterprise). The Mac version does NOT have the same feature list as the PC versions.

    • There is a turnabout that lets you save from the QuickBooks Windows to QuickBooks for Mac but the caveat is that you need to open it in the same version from the QuickBooks Windows to QuickBooks for Mac but the caveat is that you need to open it in the same year. And then you can upgrade it or you can upgrade it In windows first.
      you could run the PC version on your Mac and that’s what I advise. The Mac version is Never As good as the Windows version, however, it is far superior to that horrible online version.

  • I’m working in QB 2016 for Mac and having an issue with invoices not printing all the lines. I include detail below price line-item of what is included in the package, so the person has a record of all they should expect to receive. I’m not doing this as a separate line-item with no price, I’m pasting this content in a part of the product description for that line, so that makes the product description field, depending on the product, sometimes 5-6 lines. The pattern I notice is that the system seems to be fond of the third line, so it will usually print that one, but not the first, second or post-third lines. It just treats those lines like they don’t even exist. It is so frustrating b/c I can see those lines in the actual invoice in QB and then I look at a printed copy or a PDF and they have vanished. This is a huge part of my workflow and has been for years, as I’ve followed this process in previous versions of QB. Never have I had a problem like this and it is so frustrating b/c what would normally take a few minutes to create an invoice with details about inclusions and send it off is now causing me to have to delay sending the invoice AND spend time searching for a solution to something that should not be a problem in the first place. Do you know of any solutions?

    • Sorry, I don’t work with the Mac version so I can’t say much about that. I do know that in the past, the length of the description field in the Mac version was much smaller than what is found in the PC versions.

      One thing to test, try TYPING IN a long description, not copy/paste. It might be that your paste operation is inserting some special character that causes an issue. I don’t think that is what is going on, but it would be the first thing I would test.

      If it continues to be a problem, send a report to Intuit.

    • You cannot open your clients QB 2016 file with your own QB 2015 product. You need to have QB 2016 or later. Note that any accounting professional who works with multiple clients that have QuickBooks should consider subscribing to the ProAdvisor program, where you can get the most current QuickBooks desktop product for a significant discount.

  • Dear Charlie,
    This is real good work.
    Please advise on which version of QuickBooks is good for a micro finance business.

  • I upgraded to QB 2016 when I was receiving a notice my version would no longer support the downloaded transaction function for my credit union-now I am unable to download any transactions and the error message is “contact your banking institution”-however they have no idea what the problem is. I chatted with Intuit about this and was referred to a link which offered no solution because it did not address QB 2016 desktop for Mac –since it is nearly mid-2017 wouldn’t you think I would be able to find a solution for this somewhere online or QB would have a fix for this?

    • I can’t say much about QB for Mac, Deborah, other than to note that this is a product that has no future. QB for Mac desktop 2016 is the last release, it will be retired in a few years.

      • Ok thank you
        Turned out my bank reconfigured things on their side when they updated their website and kicked all QB users off.
        They are working on reconnecting us again.

  • I am using QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 13.0. Using the Customers application, I cannot post to more than one customer, if I paid loans to them, using one cheque.
    Please advise.

  • Hullo Charlie,
    Thank you for the answer on version for Micro finance enterprises.
    I would request that the developers of QB, prepare some tailor-made packages to handle such businesses like Micro finance. This is a fast-growing industry, and plans to help people have a compatible accounting package.
    Please Charlie, take it up with the QB’s developers. Please communicate any progress.
    Thank you.
    Francis Xavier

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