How Accountants Use Social Media To Get New Clients

Written by Charles Crabtree

Bill.comGetting aggressive with growing their practice is a common activity among accounting professionals using Bill.com. In pursuit of this goal, many find that once they move to using more cloud applications to service their clients, they gain much greater flexibility in how they market to and sign up new clients. The hottest method for doing this is social media.

There are many examples of successful professionals who started using Bill.com so they could leverage the cloud to provide high-quality services to clients at a lower cost. By doing so they have reduced or eliminated face-to-face meetings, minimized data entry, and streamlined the approval process. These accounting professionals are also spending less time making corrections and more time providing strategic advice thanks to the accuracy of syncing and the availability of real-time business data. Subsequently, they have discovered they can find clients who are already cloud-friendly by marketing online.

Examples of such professionals include Bill.com customers like Jason and Jennifer Blumer, who created a lead generation funnel that is fed by blogs and podcasts. The Blumers use Twitter and other social media properties to nurture trust. Here is a link to a great article on their blog: Blumer CPAs get 100 percent of their new clients with social media.

Other Bill.com customers, like Hawkins Cloward & Simister, also known as MyCPA.com, use a combination of LinkedIn and physical meetings at venues like the local chamber of commerce to bring new clients in.

Bill.com spoke to dozens of CPA firms that are using social media to win new clients and created a top tips report for firms just getting started on using social media for lead generation. You can use this free report to grow your client base.

Some of the main recommendations in the report:

  • Establish a LinkedIn connection immediately after meeting people at a physical event. Don’t just take their business card and put it into your contacts. Send them a LinkedIn invite.
  • If you staff attends an event, set a goal such as making one to five new connections on LinkedIn per event. This is especially effective if your accounting firm is paying for the cost of the event for the staff.
  • Do live tweeting at physical events from the firm’s Twitter feed, including tagging of the speakers.
  • Tag pictures on Twitter, similar to how you tag pictures on Facebook. These tags do not use the 140 characters in a Tweet.

For more actionable tips on how to grow your business, get the full report.

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Charles Crabtree

Charles Crabtree, accounting channel representative at Bill.com, works with accounting firms and bookkeepers to bring AP and AR processes the cloud. He can be directly reached at [email protected]

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