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Reporting Capabilities Using Dimensions

How does this information translate to a report?

Intacct Reporting

How is resource utilization maximized?

If you have multiple entities, seeing data was likely an Excel function. Well, no more. Let’s see how your data looks with dimensions and tracking multiple entities.

dimensions and tracking multiple entities

Now let’s say we want to have non-financial data applied against this previous information. You can leverage your statistical data by using statistical accounts in computation account groups. For example, you might use statistical accounts to track your monthly bookings, hours worked, calls made, number of rooms available, and so on.

Intacct Account Groups

In the example above, the report shows Revenue per employee, which is a calculated amount that uses the Employee Headcount statistical account.

How can you provide even more value to the client, as time is valuable and it’s critical for management to have a high level view, with drillable capabilities, into business operations? Read on.

Customized Dashboards!

Intacct’s Customized Dashboards that you control are definitely not one size fits all. They deliver the metrics, reports, and lists – while resources or external links can be generated and automatically updated in real-time, even across partner apps integration. The specific dashboard components as well as a sample dashboard are shown so you can see just how customizable the feature is.

Intacct Customized Dashboards

Intacct Dashboard Example

Intacct Brings Revolutionary Development

The productivity and efficiency benefits are apparent through the ROI savings year-over-year, leveraging your resources with Intacct’s technological improvements, security measures, and synergies across partners. It’s all about a data transition to a single, powerful platform.

Some of the advantages that come with the single and multi-entity architecture are instant access to innovation, reduced risk, and easy upgrades. You can receive Intacct updates four times a year at no extra cost, and the software’s top security measures ensure data is always safe.

This cloud ERP software has provided me with profound economic proficiencies that are hard to find anywhere else. Ideally, any business professional would wish to have complete control over the financial management software that they are using, right? I feel that this software is quite flexible, and it functions just the way I want according to my business requirements.

Through joining Intacct’s accountant partner program, my client accounting team has become more dynamic and perceptive. I found it worthwhile to invest time and resources in adapting my practice workflow and team knowledge with a system so versatile, and with such an open architecture, that delivers these benefits to the modern business professional. But I think the greatest benefit has been the impact on my staff, given how the software mirrors standards that we endeavor to demand while maintaining a focus on results – the outcomes. Managing financial data and preparing reports is no longer a headache!

Intacct is AMAZING and keeps finances INTACT!

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About the author

Tanisha Howard-James

Driven by her passionate desire to provide customized management strategies, Tanisha Howard-James founded The Emanon Group in 2006.  Her focus is in offering tailored solutions particularly in the areas of client accounting services, time and workforce management, business advisory, accounting technology, payroll and tax administration.

After graduating from George Washington University, she continued her education by obtaining an MBA in Management and Marketing from Southeastern University. With experience, skills and expertise in QuickBooks, Intacct, employee benefits and strategic analysis, Tanisha is dedicated to providing the much needed financial and management consultative services to small to medium enterprises helping them achieve success in a large scale manner.

Over the years, Tanisha has expanded The Emanon Group to feature business consulting and accounting technology services. Through various opportunities, she has gained intimate knowledge of best practices and offers her extensive knowledge to fellow business owners. Although she provides expertise within most industries, she has a specialized niche in construction, real estate development, government contracting, franchises, and healthcare.

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  • OK Tanisha, you peaked my interest. How do I go about mastering Intacct before I buy it and use it? What you described above is similar to what I used when I worked for the federal government, except this appears to be a holistic ERP system. I learned Quickbooks, or should I say, I am always learning QB. And one thing I learned is that QB either desktop, or QBO does have limitations. Don’t get me wrong I like QB, and learned QBO before I learned the desktop version, but for a robust system, I think I need to learn another system such as Intacct or AccountantsWorld accounting software.
    My only desire is to have the ability to master the software before I guy it and before I provide it to a client. I would want to know what I was offering up front.
    Does Intacct have anything similar to what Intuit offers in terms of learning the software?

    • In an upcoming post I will discuss the accountant program more in detail; however, has a team account managers and a variety of resources (including trials, webinars, demos, etc.) to assist firms like ours in learning more about the platform for client management and becoming an IAP (Intacct Accountant Program). They will likewise be able to address any initial questions and work with you to get a trial setup.
      For more information, you contact Kalil Merhib with at [email protected] or visit

      Intacct also provides a wealth of information and webinars just to get a sense of the fully functioning product. You can visit to access the various upcoming webinars for a high-level tour.

  • According to the company’s website at you can access their learning center and access hands on learning at various locations, their virtual classroom (webinars), short tutorials (think YouTube), and self paced learning.

    There are additional course descriptions for Intacct Fundamentals, Financial Reporting and Dashboards, Advanced Reporting and Insights, Managing and Administering Intacct for Intacct administrators, and Intacct Accountant Certification.

    You can sign up for a learning center account on this page.

    Just so you know, I am not affiliated with the company but I have recommended it for a few of my more robust customers who have outgrown Enterprise.

  • Intacct has added HOURS of manual work to our monthly close. Anytime we ask them for help they require us to pay thousands of dollars more. Please do not use if you are a high growth company.

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