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Written by Judie McCarthy continues to make improvements to help increase awareness and adoption of its ePayment system. With the December update they  added or changed:

  • Released the Network Profile
  • Added Interactive Messaging
  • Introduced Fast Pay
  • Added a Credit Memos beta
  • Improved sync with Intacct and NetSuite

Network Profile moved their Network Profile feature out of beta. A user with Manage Network permissions will now have an option to edit the company Network Profile and select one of the levels of visibility as follows:

  • Public – Your profile can be accessed by anyone without logging into and will only display the information that you choose to share.
  • Limited – Will allow other Network members to search for you and connect, eliminating the need for them to send you invites or request your Payment Network ID
  • Private – Your profile will only be seen by others in the network that you are already connected to via your Payment Network ID. December Update - Network Profile

Figure 1: Public profile

For those who select to make their profile Public, has taken steps to help increase adoption for vendor ePayments. All payments made via a check will now include an ePayment invitation printed on the stub as shown in figure 2. These invitations will contain a branded URL to your profile page where vendors can sign up to receive ePayments automatically. By including the invite on the paper check vendors may feel more secure than they would have when asked to click a link in an email. Because ePayments cost $1.50 less than check payments the savings could really start to add up.

Bill payment check with ePayment invite

Figure 2: Bill payment check with ePayment invite

The other new item that was added to the Network Overview page is the ePayment Meter. This meter compares your ePayment adoption as a percentage of your active vendors with the average score of the top 5% ePayment adopters. hopes that this information will help encourage users to make their profile public or continue to send manual ePayment invites. In the future plans to enhance this feature by adding more stats which may include how much you have saved by using ePayments. EPayment meter

Figure 3: EPayment meter

Interactive? Messaging

Another new feature related to the Network is Interactive Messaging. This is the initial rollout phase of the feature and I question just how interactive the feature really is at this point.

For vendors and customers, with whom your account is connected via the network, users can add notes to the bill or invoice transactions within and mark them as public. This action adds the notes to the transaction on the other side (in the vendor or customer account). In turn they can post a note in response.

The problem with the feature right now is that it does not provide any notification or alerts to let users know that a comment has been made or responded to, unlike the current messaging feature already available in the A/R feature for customers with a portal. So if you decide to use this feature as a way to communicate note that you will need to check back in the transaction periodically to check for responses or updates. will continue to build out this feature to include notifications and other enhancement throughout 2015.

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