QuickBooks 2014 R7 Released

Written by Charlie Russell

Patching a Patch!Intuit released the QuickBooks 2014 R7 update for the U.S. version of QuickBooks today (7/3/2014). This is available as a manual update from the Intuit support website. It doesn’t appear to be going out as an automatic update yet; I’m guessing that Intuit will release it that way in about a week from this date. I don’t have any information on non-U.S. versions.

This is an emergency release that addresses a number of problems with the 2014 R6 release as I described in the article “QuickBooks 2014 R6 Has Bugs!”.

This article was updated on 7/7/2014

Here’s what has been fixed as far as I know:

  • QuickBooks stops working when you open files with the R6 update. Intuit KB article SLN86691.
  • Certain reports, when printed, don’t show the full values of titles for some sections. These might be vendor or customer names, for example. Intuit KB article SLN86630.
  • Various errors that would prevent you from running third-party add-on applications, the QuickBooks Statement Writer, or the Accountants Copy File Transfer when running on Windows XP. I’ve seen a variety of different errors occurring; how this shows up depends on the application. Intuit KB article SLN86786.
  • Some inventory reports wouldn’t include any subitems. This would include the Inventory Valuation reports, Stock Status by Item reports, and others. Intuit KB article SLN86719.

I don’t see any indication that Intuit has addressed the “fuzzy or blurry logos when emailing” issue that R6 introduced for some people in the R6 release (KB article SLN86785). In addition, there was an issue on Windows XP with R6 (confirmed by an Intuit contact) where the Record Deposit option for Merchant Services may not work correctly, and I don’t see any mention of that (I don’t have a KB article for this).

There have been a lot of reports of other issues people have been attributing to R6, but it isn’t clear if these are truly new problems introduced by R6 or just issues that have been around for a while and just happened to hit people when they were running R6. Just because you happen to see a particular problem at the time you’re running R6 doesn’t prove that it was caused by R6, even if you hadn’t seen the problem before.

So, Should You Install This Update?

Wow, that’s a tough question to answer. I haven’t had time to test this release in detail so I can’t be sure how good it is. So, some thoughts on the subject:

  • If you’re running the 2014 R6 release and are running into the issues listed above, I would go ahead and install this as a manual update. Be bold, take a chance! If it causes more problems, you can still go back to R5 in many cases.
  • If you are not having any problems with whatever 2014 release you’re running now, I would wait. Let’s see if there are complaints after a couple of weeks. Did Intuit introduce any new issues with R7? Let other people find out.
  • If you’re running an older version (such as R5) and are seeing any of the problems I list below, and they’re causing difficulties, then I would consider updating to R7. The R6 update did fix some serious problems, so going to R7 will fix those same problems and hopefully not create any new ones. The big problems that R6 (and therefore R7) fixed were:
    • SLN86334 – Crashing when working with Bank Feeds.
    • SLN76905 – Crashing when emailing/mailing invoices through QuickBooks Billing Solutions or web mail.
    • SLN77622 –Unexpected crashes due to various causes, memory leaks.

Many people have been wondering why it took Intuit so long to get the R7 update out once they knew what the problems were in R6. Personally, I’m glad Intuit took some extra time to get this out – quickly but not in a rush. I’m hoping Intuit took extra care to be sure the problems were fixed without introducing any new problems.


Update on 7/7/2014: There is still a confirmed problem with both the R6 and R7 release – The message “QuickBooks needs to update your company file” loops over an over when you open your company file or switch between single and multi user mode. Intuit KB article SLN86901.

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Charlie Russell has been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70's, and remembers releasing his first commercial accounting software product when you had an 8-bit microcomputer with one 8 inch floppy disk drive. He has a special interest in inventory and manufacturing software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certifications for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise, as well as being a Xero Certified Partner. Charlie started blogging about QuickBooks in 2008 (Practical QuickBooks) and has been writing for the Accountex Report (formerly the Sleeter Report) since 2011. He retired from accounting and QuickBooks activities in early 2018.

Visit his CCRSoftware web site for information about his QuickBooks add-on products. He is also the author of the California Wildflower Hikes blog.


  • We have also seen that special cost and price of items entered on a quote randomly do not transfer correctly to sales orders or purchase orders. For some reason the sale price on the SO shows up as the standard rate in the item list instead of the special price entered on a quote. The same thing happened with some PO costs also.

    Have you seen this problem?

  • I found a major bug in the R7 – it deleted all of the custom fields. I spent about 3 hours Thursday night (7/3) with the diamond level support group at Intuit on this issue. I had forgone installing the R6 after having read of bugs. I had called in to see if those bugs had been taken care of yet. They told me that R7 was now out. I downloaded and installed that. Towards the end of the day as I was doing a backup (not a portable copy) and I started receiving popup messages that the custom fields were being deleted. There were no options given other than “ok”. When the backup was complete I checked and in that company file all of the custom fields that had been set up (and had been in place for a long time) were completely gone. There had been custom fields set up in the customer list and the employee list. Of course, customer invoices would no longer show those custom fields anymore as they did not exist. Restoring a company file backup from the prior day (before the R7 install) netted the same result. No custom fields. We ended up removing QB and reinstalling with the R5 update to gain back the custom fields. The other company file that I had updated (on the same computer) had no issues. QB support requested (and received) copies of backups from the affected company file from several different time frames to do some testing on. QB support said that it definitely had something to do with the R7 and not to do anymore R7 installs until this issue had been looked at.

    I wish I had read Charlie’s blog before I had installed it. I had told the company to wait because of the issues with the R6 (which I had seen from Charlie’s comments). So, I found out after I got the install that it had been released just that morning. Had I known that, I would have continued waiting. I will now be waiting for R8 and for after it has been tested more!

    • Thank you, Debbie. I’ve tried to duplicate this problem on my test system but I have not run into this problem.

      Intuit still has R7 in distribution at the time that I’m writing this.

      We’ll have to see if this is a widespread problem, or something unique to that particular company file.

      • Debbie, you aren’t alone. Our custom fields also disappeared. We tried clean installs on every computer and our server. QB support told us that they hadn’t seen this issue yet. Obviously that isn’t the case. We also had to go back to R5. I’m hoping R8 will be better. R5 isn’t great (payroll adjustment issues) but it beats losing our custom fields.

  • Thanks for keeping us up to date on the release patches. I’m paying close attention so I can advise my clients. Am starting to lose faith in some of the updates from Intuit! Just goes to show how important it is to back up before you install an update now.

  • One of my clients on 2014 keeps getting the “QuickBooks as stopped working” when she emails invoices. She said she installed the R7 and it is still happening. Is there a fix for this besides creating a PDF to email? Thanks

    • We were having nonstop issues with QB kicking users out after sending an email. R6 seemed to take care of it. However, we just ran the R7 update and are now experiencing the problem again.

        • Charlie — I have spent two weeks working with Cloud9 Realtime and Intuit (both Data Services and Technical Support) on this issue! I open an invoice, click “Email” in the middle of the screen and then enter my email password when prompted. After sending the email QB crashes. I’m at my wit’s end and ready to abandon QB and Cloud9!

          • Jared — It is cloud hosted if that matters… I am running 7. My client has the same issue and she is on a Mac.

          • I’m not too familiar with Cloud9, so just throwing out a possible idea. From what I understand about it is that Cloud9 is a VM virtual server/workstation? What kind of email client is that virtual machine using to send out your invoices (outlook?). Check to see if you are able to send out regular emails from that virtual machine to ensure outbound communications are allowed through. As an IT tech, I’ve come across a couple programs where if it tries to communicate externally to the internet and the port is blocked (due to firewall settings), it will either give an error message (sign of someone who put in thought into creating a program) or just freeze and become unresponsive with the “ProgramName (Not responding)” because the designers did not program what to do when something unexpected happens.

          • Cloud9 tech support would know more about that than I do on their system. Have you tried another email method . Have you tried creating a new QB file, to check if it is file corruption?

  • Have you heard of issues relating to printing reports or saving them as PDF where the numbers don’t line properly as is seen on the screen?

  • I updated to R7, and it caused my 2013 Accountant’s Copy of a client file to crash. I had to uninstall 2013 and reinstall it without updating to get functionality back. I know this sounds like I am talking about the wrong versions, but the 2014 update caused my updated 2013 to quit working. I have other computers running the non-updated 2013 and the updated 2014, and I have instructed them not to run the updates for 2013 because it has a glitch with the updated 2014, at least when working in an Accountant’s Copy. My boss has both 2013 and 2014 updated, and the 2013 Accountant’s Copy crashes on his computer. I didn’t reinstall his because he rarely works in the Accountant’s Copy.

  • I have Quickbooks Enterprise 2014. Since having updated Quickbooks with the R7 update, there has been an issue opening quickbooks. Getting error, “Quickbooks has stopped working.” At least 5 attempts must be made before quickbooks will open.

  • I tried to update from 2013 to 2014 R7 and it runs Ok under windows Local Administrator but will not open a company file under a Windows User. I think it is rights to specific files but I have given this user full rights to the Intuit directories and it still happens. Has anyone seen this. I am frustrated because 2013 was working well, and they forced my hand so i could get the updated CDN Payroll files. No one and QB seems to have a clue.

  • Is there an update release that corrects the 2014 R6 & R7 bugs? I don’t want to install updates until I know that my QuickBooks won’t stop working.

  • I was just checking on the general set of problems from R6 and R7, especially in light of the fact that we’re still on XP. I’m still using R5 and actually wonder if I should update at all at this point. We will have new servers and computers in November so is this a case of “if it ain’t broke….”? Are there any critical reasons to update? Thanks for responding.

  • Anyone notice any problems with scheduled backups?
    I have 4 clients who’ve all reported to me since August that their scheduled backups have started failing consistently everyday and leaving temp folders. As far as I can see reading the QBBackup.log.

    It will always be along the lines of:
    (…) Backup Started
    (…) Failed to open file
    (…) Backup Finished

    Manual Backups are no problem. No users are logged in during the time the scheduled backup runs, and I’ve made sure of that. Currently all 4 clients are on 14.0 R7

      • Thanks for the reply.

        The odd thing is that my workaround for this is to just schedule two consecutive backups an hour apart. The first one backup fails with the “Failed to open” message But the second one completes perfectly fine. This was working for about two weeks when suddenly the first backup started working again without the “Failed to open” errors in the QBBackup.log. So right now to cover all my bases, I’ve scheduled the two backups 2 minutes apart. If the first one runs normally, the second backup will fail. If the first fails, the second one covers it. And a script to just clear out any lingering temp folders left behind.

        It’s not a good way to do this but I’m not sure what is causing the problem since it came out of nowhere a few months ago and went away on its own just recently. My clients have company files ranging 100~600 MB so its not like the backups take too long to complete.

    • My answer usually is “do you need any of the new features”? If you don’t need any of the new features, and you are stable, why change? 2013 is still supported for a couple more years.

      I have some concerns about 2014 overall, I think there are some issues lurking around that can crash your computer. But I can’t prove that (yet). On the other hand, many people are running 2014 R7 happily.

      I am not ready to say when the 2015 product could be considered reliable. It is still early.

  • Hi,

    We are using QB PRE 2014 the problem after sending the invoice to the customer QB automatically closed we dont know how to fix this.

    Any solution for this.

    Thanks ,



        • Hi,

          Can we reinstall the Premier 2014 without updates.

          Is it fix that issue auto close after emailing the

          invoice as previously we don’t have any issue.

          Recently we are facing this.

          Pl advise.



        • I’ve not seen that problem. Can you duplicate it if you try a sample company?

          As far as rolling back, keep in mind that you will be reintroducing other errors. You would be better off working with a local ProAdvisor to see if you can resolve this.

          You have to do a “clean uninstall”, then reinstall the original program (if you have the older original installer), and turn off automatic updates. Getting to a specific revision is complicated, you would have to find someone who can get you the update files to that revision. That can be tough to do.

  • There is another bug I have not seen reported which vexed my company earlier this year.

    I did a full, detailed writeup here:

    The short summary is that if you leave windows open when closing a file or quickbooks crashes, you can easily run into data corruption which locks you out of your own company file. You can get around this with a preference change and/or opening the company file while holding the alt key.

    I am hoping that by posting the bug here, it will get more attention and hopefully be resolved.

    • Setting the option to always close the windows on exiting is a good solution to many issues of this sort. From what you describe, I would say that you need to have a qualified Enterprise expert take a look at your system, you are having more “crashes” than I would find acceptable. Generally when we see recurring problems like this there is something that either isn’t configured optimally in your network or you have some corruption in the database that Intuit didn’t resolve for you properly.

      • It is not a current problem. The platform is stable currently and when we were on QBE2011 for 3 years.

        The crashes started happening due to the data corruption incurred by the windows being open when the session ended in QBE2014. This then lead to crashes with windows open thereby causing more corruption in a downward spiral until we couldn’t open the files any longer.

        We didn’t need to close the windows in QBE2011 (really, why would you? It is convenient to pick up where you left off for much of our staff). It took a fair amount of debugging and hours with upper tier QBE support people to discover the problem that did not exist in our prior version and was undocumented. It is still a kludge workaround for a problem that shouldn’t exist.

        The undocumented, poorly understood bug forced a change in our workflow and cost us dozens of hours with our accounting and IT staff. This bug was not present in QBE 2011. It is a bug I hope Intuit will address.

        • I have multiple installations of Enterprise V14, and multiple customers using Enterprise V14, all on the R7 revision, and nobody has problems like what you are talking about. So there is more to it…

          • Glad to hear it isn’t a universal. We were on R5 at the time and remain on R5.

            Still, it failed somewhat dramatically when the only system change was an upgrade. Unfortunately, it seems such an issue needs to be handled by an independent expert per your point as QBE support was ill equipped. This further supposes that our local QBE expert is able to resolve the issue(s) in a timely and efficient mannter.

          • I can’t speak for your “local QBE expert” – there is a great range of abilities in ProAdvisors. Note that there are different levels of certification, and higher end certified ProAdvisors get access to a higher level of Intuit support themselves.

            Even though the only change was from R5 to R7 that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a problem in your QuickBooks file, or your computer system, prior to the update. The R7 update, as with many of the QB updates, makes some adjustments to the database. If the database had some corrupted information, that conversion may not succeed. In those cases the fix is to repair problems in the database before converting, which is a task that not all ProAdvisors are familiar with. System problems are trickier to deal with, too.

            However, I can only make generalizations, without hands on your system and file…

  • We are encountering a bug in the W2 programs – The update for QuickBooks that includes 2014 W-2s is marking every employee as having a retirement plan. Have you heard of this?

  • I looked for hours since I had the fuzzy/blurry logo issue.

    I fixed it by changing file extension for logo graphic. For example if you are using a .jpg or .jpeg file then convert that to a .png file. I did that by opening the .jpg file I was using in Fireworks and saving as a new file name as a .png file to the proper location to be accessed when editing my form.

    Go to customized invoice and get rid of the logo and select the new logo file.


    • Very easy, Will, as long as you aren’t trying to mix the US version with a non-US version on the same system (don’t do that). Just make sure that when you install the program you choose to install it in a directory that isn’t shared with another. The standard mode will install it on top of the prior version. The mechanism for selecting this has changed over the years, I think that in the current releases you have to choose an advanced install option.

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