QuickBooks 2014 R6 Has Bugs!

Written by Charlie Russell

QuickBooks 2014 R6 Has BugsThe QuickBooks 2014 R6 update was released to manual update on June 12, and as I described in this article, it fixed a lot of problems. Unfortunately, we are finding that it also introduced some new problems.

7/3/2014: Intuit has released QuickBooks 2014 R7 to address some of the problems outlined in this article. Information on this can be found in my article at https://www.accountexnetwork.com/blog/2014/07/quickbooks-2014-r7/

This article was updated on 6/20/2014, 6/23/2014, 6/26/2014 and 7/7/2014 as we learned more about the issues.

Intuit typically releases an update like this as a manual  update first, where you have to go to the Intuit support site and manually download a patch file. A week later, the update switches to an automatic update, where it is pushed out to users automatically if they have enabled this feature. I usually recommend waiting to update until we see if there are errors that the manual updaters report. Unfortunately, this time, it was not apparent that there were problems until the first wave of automatic updates were installed.

In any release, we expect that some people will see problems because there are so many variables involved. Different operating systems, different versions that you are updating from, different levels of “health” of the database being installed, different versions of Microsoft Office installed, and many variables in the “Windows registry” that can affect things. I tend to avoid writing about these kinds of bugs unless I can see them in my test system, and we see that they are widespread.

There are a number of reports of problems in the R6 update. Here are the ones I am seeing most commonly reported, and that I have run into myself on one of my test systems. I am just sorry that these did not show up before the automatic update phase.

QuickBooks Has Stopped Working

Ouch. In some cases people are seeing an error “QuickBooks has stopped working” when you open your company file. I am not seeing this happen consistently. Of three installations, only one shows this problem. Intuit acknowledges that this is happening in KB article SLN86691. Intuit lists three steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. If you are using an Intuit payroll product, rename the Paysub.ini file and download your payroll update again (the KB article provides a batch file to help with the renaming).
  3. Perform a “clean install” of 2014 R6 if the first two steps do not work.

My one test system that failed had a test payroll subscription, the ones that did not fail did not. The Intuit process seems to have resolved the problem for me.

Update late on 6/20: Intuit has created an off-cycle update, which is kind of a stealth background update, that should fix this particular issue. KB article SLN86691 has been updated to show this, and describes how to ensure that you get the update.

Names Truncated in Reports

Here’s my Unpaid Bills Detail Report when viewed on screen (Figure 1).

Unpaid Bills Detail - correct

Figure 1: Unpaid Bills Detail – On Screen and Correct

Figure 2 is the same report printed; note the truncation of the vendor name. Just one of them is truncated in this case, but some people report that it is more widespread.

Unpaid Bills Detail - Error

Figure 2: Unpaid Bills Detail – Error

This problem may be showing up in other reports, such as the Unbilled Time report, perhaps in the Inventory Stock Status by Item report.

I missed this early on because I was always looking at the screen, where it shows correctly.

QBSDK-Based Add-ons Fail

I develop some add-on products that work with QuickBooks, and I knew there was a problem when I started getting a number of tech support calls for my products later in the day when the automatic update was released. If you are running Windows XP then you will get one of several odd errors if you are using an add-on product that uses the QBSDK (which most apps are using for QuickBooks on Windows).

In some cases you may get a Windows error dialog like the one shown in Figure 3:

Add-on Error

Figure 3: Add-on Error

In other cases, your add-on application may generate an error about a “missing component.” The problem is that every add-on product will probably show you a different error, as they try to interpret what QuickBooks is telling them. This will happen when the add-on tries to connect to the QuickBooks database.

I do have a fix for this one, but you have to be cautious. If you can find an R5 installation, you can locate the QBXMLRP2.dll file (usually in C:\Program Files\Common File\Intuit\QuickBooks, or C:\Program Files (x86)\Common File\Intuit\QuickBooks on 64-bit systems) and copy that over to your R6 installation; that seems to fix the problem. I have tested this on my system and it resolves that problem, but I am not sure what side effects it will cause. So far I have not seen any problems, but note that this might remove the SDK bug fixes that were included in the 2014 R6 update (as I describe in my 2014 R6 article).

The good DLL has a file version of, the bad one has a file version of (Figure 4).

2014 R5 DLL

Figure 4: 2014 R5 DLL

There may be other problems, but I have not been able to duplicate any of those that I see reported.

  • If you are running on Windows XP and using an add-on, consider trying this fix. However, a better answer is that you should not be running on Windows XP due to the security issues and loss of PCI compliance (see this article).
  • If you are running on any 2014 version earlier than R6, you might want to wait on updating until we see what the full extent of the problem is.
  • If you have already moved to 2014 R6, please let Intuit know about the problems using the Send Feedback Online option in your Help menu. The more they hear about this, the faster they should respond.

I have no idea if they are working on a fix for any of these at this time. Update late on 6/20/2014: Intuit says that they are working on these issues and hope to have a fix soon.  Update 7/3/2014 – 2014 R7 has been released, which addresses some of these issues. See https://www.accountexnetwork.com/blog/2014/07/quickbooks-2014-r7/


This is an “evolving story” as more info comes out about this problem. Here are some updates added after the article was initially posted.


  • Intuit pulled the R6 automatic and manual patches from distribution the morning of June 20. The full product download still includes the R6 information because some people need it to fix these problems: SLN86334 (crashing when working with Bank Feeds); SLN76905 (crashing with emailing/mailing invoices through QuickBooks Billing Solutions or Webmail); and SLN77622 (unexpected crashes due to various causes).
  • Another error, again only on Windows XP, the Record Deposit option for Merchant Services may not work correctly. I have not run into this myself, but I have confirmation that it is an issue with R6.


The longer we look at this release, the more problems we hear about. There are a lot of errors that people are trying to attribute to R6 – I can’t confirm many of them as I don’t see all these problems on any of my test systems. I suspect some of the problems that people report after upgrading to R6 might not be new problems due to R6, but problems that have been around for awhile that just happen to be showing up at this time.

At this time (6/26/2014) we still don’t have a “fix” for the 2014 R6 problem other than to roll back to R5. Intuit has added links to installers for R5 in KB article SLN86786. They are working on a comprehensive fix, but it isn’t ready yet. I’m happy if they take time to work on this and get the errors all resolved.

Here are some additional KB articles from Intuit that relate to R6 (on top of the ones I’ve already listed above):

  • Errors with SDK Apps, Accountants Copy File Transfer or QuickBooks Statement WriterSLN86786 (they recommend moving back to R5 and provide links for the installers).
  • Subitems missing from reports: SLN86719
  • Fuzzy or blurry logos when emailing, saving or printing transactions like logos: SLN86785
  • Report section headers are truncated: SLN86630


Intuit releases QuickBooks 2014 R7 to address some of these issues. See: https://www.accountexnetwork.com/blog/2014/07/quickbooks-2014-r7/


There is still a confirmed problem with both the R6 and R7 release – The message “QuickBooks needs to update your company file” loops over an over when you open your company file or switch between single and multi user mode. Intuit KB article SLN86901.

About the author

Charlie Russell

Charlie Russell has been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70's, and remembers releasing his first commercial accounting software product when you had an 8-bit microcomputer with one 8 inch floppy disk drive. He has a special interest in inventory and manufacturing software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certifications for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise, as well as being a Xero Certified Partner. Charlie started blogging about QuickBooks in 2008 (Practical QuickBooks) and has been writing for the Accountex Report (formerly the Sleeter Report) since 2011. He retired from accounting and QuickBooks activities in early 2018.

Visit his CCRSoftware web site for information about his QuickBooks add-on products. He is also the author of the California Wildflower Hikes blog.


  • Hi Charlie,
    Do you think that during the March 2014 the payroll 941, de6 and de9 did not capture the full quarter of earnings and taxes? thank you Charlie.

  • Thanks Charlie… and OH NO… I’m about to do a conversion for a client taking her from QBOLE because she hates the new Harmony to QB Pro14. She is going to purchase the software, and I have to imagine that it is from download! Of course, I will have to download my ProAdvisor copy as well… My plan is to do on July 2nd… I hope there are the actual fixes in place by the time I do this.

  • Charlie – this was a great article. Once again you have proven to be a vital resource to the community, and to your fellow developers over at Method.

    If any Method user has an issue when loading up the Method Integration Engine on their desktop, please contact us ([email protected]). We’ll give you a copy of the 14.0.4005 version of the QBXMLRP2.dll.

    Method users might see a message throwing out 7 kinds of smoke, but likely starts with “Microsoft .NET Framework….System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for ‘MethodIntegrationEngine.QuickBooks’ threw an exception. —> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x8007007F): Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {45F5708E-3B43-4FA8-BE7E-A5F1849214CB} failed due to the following error: 8007007f.
    at MethodIntegrationEngine.QuickBooks..cctor()”

  • Hi Charlie! I have quickbooks pro 2014, windows edition and tried to do the r6 update. It caused an error and quickbooks would not open. I called customer support. They told me that they are having multiple problems with this particular update and not to try to install the update until they come out with a new one.

    In the meantime, the support rep was able to repair quickbooks but now my company file is corrupt. It’s being downloaded to the intuit file doctor and they will attempt to repair it. This r6 update appears to cause major problems!

      • I followed the instructions for uninstalling / reistalling to R5. Was not able to do it. When I called QB Tech support – they told me 48% of my data was corrupt and that I only had a 10- 15 minutes to fix it before it got to 50% – and would not be able to be resolved. So after charging me $250 for the support call and 3 hours later, they were able to reinstall to R5 – and low and behold my data was there and not corrupted. Is this just a money maker for intuit? VERY disappointed that a problem that started with them I had to pay to fix.!!!

        Just as an aside… they needed to do the repair in safemode.

  • “Be not the first on which the new is tried, nor the last to lay the old aside” applies to all of Intuit’s QuickBooks updates (and to most software, except for a few especially diligent developers who always test well before releases). Best to let those updates be out for a few weeks and get the concensus on their reliability before updating.

    • That is always why I tend to be cautious when a new release is out. This one was crazy – some problems only show on Windows XP (and I am no longer testing that, so I would have missed it), some problems didn’t show on three of my four test systems, some problems only showed when you printed a report, not when you viewed on screen. Final system testing would have had a hard time seeing these issues, but unit testing of the changes they made should have caught some things.

  • So now there’s an update for this? I can show up at my client’s office tomorrow afternoon and there will be an update I can install for all the users that will fix this? We haven’t seen any problems yet, and I’d really prefer to fix it before we do.

    • Monique, there is a fix for some of the problems but not all. The Intuit KB article talks about the process for getting that off cycle update. But that won’t fix all the problems.

  • Another great update Charlie, thank you. For my own file, I use the ultimate in protection — I’m still on 2013. When 2015 comes out, and the last R[X] for 2014, THEN I will upgrade.

  • Thanks for the update. We sent out an email alert to all our clients with QB2014 on Thursday morning, suggesting they delay installing the R6 update until the dust has settled. Late Thursday (6/19) I downloaded a replacement full install from the Intuit website and it was an R5 version. The full install was the only suggestion we got from Intuit after a complete removal of the program with R6. With R6 installed the program quit working upon attempting to open numerous different company files.
    Incidentally, if you can’t get the program to even stay open how can we give feedback by way of the help menu?

    We also had instances of the manual download not installing (Lucky thing!) because the installer stopped at a screen saying you must close all programs– but the task manager reported nothing was open.

  • Charlie. Am waiting for delivery of just purchased 2014. Hope this version doesn’t consume too much effort!

  • After updating QBES 2014 to the R6 update, there were strange errors when trying to run payroll. The person that processes the payroll (as she’s done for the last 4 years) was receiving errors that she needed Modify access under Employee Center to perform this action. She has this access. It would let her get to the reports or to the create paychecks, but it kept giving her error messages. This didn’t start happening until the R6 update was installed.

  • Charlie
    Do you know the name of the update install file? I’d like to get rid of the question about installing the update when opening QB14.

  • We had one user in our office who managed to update to R6 before it was pulled back…this caused problems of course, because the company file wasn’t updated…which is probably a good thing…because now only one user is having problems getting back to R5 instead of 20+ users!!!

    CONSTANT problems with the 2014 release….glad we are planning to move off the product…

  • After the R6 update our custom application’s qb connection died :(. I’m sure it uses the QBXMLRP2.dll that you eluded too. Hopefully Intuit will release a patch for that specific file soon!

  • One of my clients was prompted to install the R6 update yesterday and now is having issues with their system.

    The resolution on the QB monitor randomly changes from the highest recommended resolution to the lowest setting. I can change the resolution back but several minutes later both monitors go black and the resolution on that monitor reset itself again. I sat there staring at the machine for a few minutes this afternoon and magically the resolution fixed itself. This happened twice on me during the hour I was entering bills. Very spooky.

  • Actually I think our custom integrated application might make use of QBFC4.dll rather then the QBXMLRP2.dll…not 100% sure on this though. Does anyone know if that .dll changed as well with the R6 update?

      • Awesome Charles thanks! About to give it a go. Did you need to re-register that .dll in command prompt after copying over the working R5 .dll?

        • Charlie is the man! Did exactly as he instructed by copying the QBXMLRP2.dll R5 version over the bad R6 version. Then I ran the reboot.bat file under the main Quickbooks folder just to make sure the .dll file was registered. This last step I took is probably not mandatory though. If you would like to do it here are the steps:
          Start Menu > Run…
          cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intuit\Quickbooks”
          regsvr32 QBXMLRB2.DLL

          This solution got our custom application’s qb connection back up.

  • In at least one case payroll will not work in QB2014 without R6.

    A client had been using QB2011 on a WinXPSP2 that is not internet connected, and payroll finally broke. Upgraded to QB2014 after installing required updates to XP – SP3 and .Net4 – and payroll still would not work.

    Called QB support and was told that R6 is required when QB2014 on XP is used for payroll so going back is not an option.

    Client calls with question about unpaid bills detail report and a quick search with the Google turns up this article #1 in the rankings –

    Great report Charlie – Thanks!

    Now we need to be alert for the re-release of R6 so this client can get it installed.

    • Scott, the KB article that I reference talks about forcing the OCD update, which may help. Further fixes will be coming, but they won’t be a re-released R6 as they won’t do that. Either a ULIP update to patch it, or more likely an R7 update. We want them to take enough time to do this next patch RIGHT!!!

    • Thank you Charlie, I note that in your ‘Additional Information’ the full download installation file for QB2014 includes R6 fixes that are necessary. Would downloading and installing that be better than reinstalling the R5 version on the CD the client has? Does that include the good stuff but not the bad stuff?



      • Intuit is changing things daily, I’m not sure if the standard full update download has R6 or R5 at this time. It was still R6 (including all the problems) a few days ago, because there are still some people that need R6 for payroll issues. However, just today, they issued another KB article and it includes links that have the full installers that will take you to the R5 version: http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/articles/SLN86786

        The client CD would be the R1 version most likely. You could install that and move up to R5 if you have the R5 manual update file. I would just uninstall and use the link in that new KB article.

  • One of my clients had a major breakdown with the R6 update. Each user had to upgrade the file over and over again. Then the multi-user connection would not work only one user could connect at a time. After 4 hours on the phone with tech support, they clean installed all of the computers back to R5.

    I filed a complaint and Intuit called today saying that it was probably my client company file that was corrupt. They want me to send them the file but my client is not happy with that. Intuit says it wants their engineering department to look at the file.

    Should I send the file to them? I feel like they will say it is our fault no matter what we do.

    I have worked with QB since Version 3.0 and I have never seen issues like this R6 update problem.

    • Janet, if it was me, I would send them the file. The engineers need to be able to see what is causing the problem so they can work on a fix. Lots of issues like this can’t be easily duplicated in test environments.

  • Since downloading R6 each time I attempt to export payroll from Intuit’s payroll system via Quickbooks One-Click I get the following error.
    “Connection Error

    Sorry we have encountered an error when connecting to your QuickBooks file.

    We’re having trouble connecting to your accounting software. Please contact us.

    Error Code: 0xFFFFFFFF80FF023F ”

    I have spent a few too many hours with Quickbooks tech support over the past couple of days. They clearly have no idea how to solve the problem. Once support person actually asked me if it was ‘really that necessary to have to import payroll?’.

    If I follow your advice (uninstall then reinstall) using R5 will R5 be able to read the data file that was ‘updated’ by R6?

  • Another oddity of the R6 update for us: the Inventory Stock Status Report is missing lots of inventory items. Half of our inventory has disappeared from this report, though these items still appear in the Item List and all the other reports that we’ve checked. The items’ parent appears as a header with nothing underneath.

    One of our users needed to access “View access under Company & Financial Detail or Accountant & Taxes Detail or Custom Transaction Detail”…which means access to Payroll information…just to modify the filters on this Report, which seems wrong as well.

    • We are also seeing that the Inventory stock status report is only showing maybe 1/2 to 2/3 of our inventory. Also they have added columns to this report. We used this report to export to excel and produce reports for our sales team. We now have to reformat all the reports.

    • Jody in Tech Support provided this solution today, 6/25/14: The problem introduced in the R6 update is that if the first item under a category (ours is a manufacturer name) is inactive, the report will disregard all items under that category. So, change the display to show all items (not just active items). If the first item is inactive, make it active, do a refresh, and all the rest of the items under that category should then appear. This workaround worked for us. Jody said she will share that workaround with the other Tech Support personnel, so other callers like us will get the benefit of that workaround. The programmers still have to fix the source of the problem, but meanwhile this approach should work, and should be applied to any such categorical problem in the Inventory Stock Status By Item report screen.

  • I hate it when an “update” breaks things. My wife’s business uses something called ZED and it looks like it is a victim of the QBSDK problem. The proposed fix makes me nervous but with payroll due Friday there may be no choice. The update was applied today — if they knew it was buggy why didn’t they just pull it until it was fixed? It seems very irresponsible of Intuit.

    • Richard, I would highly recommend doing the proposed fix of copying over the old .dll file. Trust me, I was nervous as well but has worked as promised since I’ve done it. Better to do it then be down in my opinion.

    • Yes, ZED uses the QBSDK, so if you are on Windows XP Zed will run into the problem. Talk to them about how to resolve things. Intuit recommends rolling back to the R5 version. Using the older DLL is something that I’ve tested with multiple clients without any difficulty, but that won’t resolve the OTHER issues that R6 creates.

  • Thank you for the information. Actually just did the update on 6/24 aand am now having issues with my reports. All my open invoice reports, vendor reports, etc. have the names truncated. Almost 90% do not show up properly. Looks great on the screen; printing is where it shows up. Will be processing the uninstall now. Thanks again!

  • Thanks Charlie for keeping us updated as things unfold. So it sounds like the appropriate thing to do for most of us on R5 is just keep declining the R6 update.

    Will there be any way to know when the notice really is announcing R7 ready for installation?

    • Dan, I haven’t tried this on the 2014 product myself, but you may be able to get rid of the update notices for R6 by what is described here: https://www.sleeter.com/blog/2011/02/stopping-quickbooks-automatic-updates-from-installing/

      For R7, subscribe to this blog and I’ll be sending out a notice as soon as I’m aware that R7 is available if that is the way that they’ll issue an update. I generally know the same day as it is released. Or, if you leave “automatic updates” enabled, you will get whatever update as soon as they push it out.

      • (I am subscribed.) I have a bunch of clients with computers where the notice “do you want to install update” is regularly answered “no”, but there is no reference to what the update is. Will R7 automatically overwrite the R6 that was already downloaded but not installed– or do they somehow have to remove the R6 from the download location? One client renamed all the folders in the download folder rather than deleting them per your suggested article.

        • Dan, in a normal situation the R7 automatic update should overwrite the files for the R6 automatic update. I’m not sure if renaming the folders will create problems – I don’t expect that it would but I can’t say for sure as it isn’t something that I’ve tested.

          In the worse case, when R7 is available you can either use the manual update file, or you can uninstall and then reinstall with the full R7 installer.

  • We are experiencing truncated report data with R6. Specifically Inventory Stock Status by Site and Quantity on Hand by Site.

    Those workstations that didn’t get R6, because I’m guessing they tried to update after it was pulled have no issues with these reports.

  • Charlie, If Intuit don’t have you on a generous retainer as an expert customer technical support specialist – they should – thanks for all your effort on this.

  • Wanted to alert SmartVault users to another issue with the SDK in R6. The SDK is not sharing a unique transaction ID for “invoices” so it is impossible to attach files to them. You will not get an error message other than seeing that the file never finishes uploading. This problem is also preventing users from viewing any files previously attached to invoices prior to R6. In fact you see that no files are attached. I’ve confirmed with SmartVault that the previous file associations are still intact. Since QB is not sending SV a unique transactionID, SV has no way of identifying the transaction you looking at so it reports no files are attached. But, be aware that you cannot attach files to any new invoices created since installing R6. I’ve not run into this problem with any other file types.

      • As a follow up to this, I followed Charlie’s guidance about reinstalling QB R5 and it resolves this issue. After doing so, I can confirm that all files attached to invoices created prior to installing QB R6 are once again visible and their associations with transactions were preserved. However no files attached to invoices after installing R6 were preserved. So all SmartVault users needing to attach files to invoices should strongly consider reverting to QB R5 until Intuit releases a proper “fix”.

  • Charlie,
    Glad I found your site! I had updated to R6 before I heard of problems & I didn’t actually have any QB problems but had to send in the laptop for SSD replacement. Have installed with R5 on my temporary machine and working fine — but constant messages on startup that file was opened with later version and then an update dialog that finds nothing. Have tried resetting updates per the Intuit instructions but this still happens.

    Would be a little difficult to go back to a backup of the data file since I don’t know all the data changes I made after the R6 update. Nor do I even know the date the R6 update was done since

    Is your sense the bogus messages will go away after the next maintenance update is applied? Or should I bite the bullet and restore a backup and lose changes?

    Is there a log file that I could use to intuit 😉 the date/time QB was updated to R6 on the old machine?


    • Robert, you don’t have to go back to a backup of the database, your R6-converted database should work just fine with the R5 product. Other than the annoying warning.

      Assuming Intuit comes out with an R7 update to fix this in short order (they have several options for releasing an update, I feel pretty confident it will be an R7 update) then the annoying messages should go away.

  • Charlie —
    Thank you for the reassurance. I’m going to leave it as is and plan on keeping an eye out for R7. You’re right, it makes sense.


  • Charlie —
    Wrote the previous post before seeing the blog post about R7 as a manual update. Gonna go for it.

    Have a great 4th of July!


  • I have tried all the fixes for the Logo being fuzzy, still not working, I tried going to the R7 update and it is the same way, are they going to be working on this fix?

    • Jason, I’m a software developer, I understand how any complicated software product will have bugs. However, when you have a maintenance release that creates more problems than it solves, and some of those problems are serious enough to prevent you from using the product, that is a problem. This release was so bad that Intuit realized it quickly and rushed to get an update out far sooner than they had been planning on.

  • Has anyone run across with version Enterprise Pro 14, PO’s deleting when attaching files to a PO. I have on 3 occasions had a PO’ deleted when I did not click delete. Furthermore, I never even received a pop-up message to confirm if I wanted to delete the PO; only receiving a message if I want to save the files I was attaching. I am convinced there is a bug as my cursor was no where near Delete button. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Charles, I have Quickbooks V15.0.5 R6 and just noticed when plugging in receipts for gas, materials, food, etc., for my vendors, some get registered and some don’t. A VERY frustrating ordeal especially when preparing documents for the IRS and tax returns. I’ve had to go over each receipt to see if it was recorded finding some there and some not. I’ve spoke with tech support in India for hours and they seem baffled. My trust with Quickbooks 2014 has diminished drastically! I’ve looked into FreshBooks to get away from Quickbooks but they say Quickbooks makes it very difficult to transfer customers past history to FreshBooks. I’d have to start over again.
    Have you ever heard of bills being ‘sporadically registered’ into QuickBooks 2014 R6? I would warn everybody to CHECK and make sure all ur bills and receipts are being registered in order to lower your taxes. I discovered mine were not!

    • You initially say “V15”, but later you say that you have the 2014 product? A bit confusing there.

      I’ve not run into this kind of issue with the 2014 product. Note that the most current version is R8, so I highly recommend that you consider upgrading to the most current release.

      As far as what FreshBooks says, that really is FreshBooks’ issue. Intuit doesn’t make the history difficult to transfer, really. It is just that FreshBooks doesn’t want to write closely integrated extraction/conversion tools from the desktop version of QuickBooks.

  • Charles, I honestly believe a handwritten paper trail is essential to backup the backups that QuickBooks fails sometimes to do. I lost 4-5 months of very important essential information putting too much trust in QuickBooks. Some contractors I work with refuse to buy QuickBooks still believing in the old fashion way of penciling in their work, invoices, payments received, estimates, receipts, and so on not trusting the Internet. They pay an accountant to do their work at a price what QuickBooks charges to upgrade.I thought they were nuts, but after going thru the hassles of QuickBooks 2014 R6 and the frustrating, time consuming BS of correcting, rechecking, spending hrs on the phone with India and losing faith in the once faithful QuickBooks, I might go back to pencil and paper! Thank God I keep a journal of everything I do each day!
    Btw, my situation still exists with bills not being registered. India says they’ll call me back today. One of their suggestions was to buy and install QuickBooks 2015. ugh!

    • Skee, I have worked with a very large number of clients who find that QuickBooks is very reliable, when they have the proper version properly installed on a properly configured system. The problem is, there are many variables involved. I can’t really comment about your situation as I don’t have detailed knowledge of your configuration and installation.

      As before, you should be on the most up to date version of 2014, which at this time is R8, not R6.

      If you are losing information, then there are a number of possibilities. It could be a problem in your hardware setup, for example. I recommend that you work with a qualified ProAdvisor (rather than Intuit technical support) who can examine the details of your setup and look for things that may be causing you issues.

  • This bug persists in 2015 Pro & Enterprise. UGH! ALL versions of Quickbooks to date (been using since the mid 90’s) have had major bugs – the use of a 3rd party database and other 3rd party dlls has not helped. Maybe they need to stop using C++ and go to managed DotNet (I switched and most of the development nightmares went away – most notably, DLL HELL).

    • Which particular bug, Dave? Many of them have been fixed in subsequent releases.

      You won’t see them make a major shift in their development platform at this point. They are just keeping it patched together and working as best they can, until the world switches to all-online.

  • Latest bugs in the last 2 months: Webpatch for Enterprise 15 getting stuck on install. The database manager uninstaller not removing the created users causing license issues – though manually having to remove them (I’ve complained for 7 years on this problem) . Web connector crashing on some machines (disabled it completely to fix).
    The “SQL” database from Sybase iAnywhere is Intuit’s biggest problem (with a code base going back in the 90’s – look at the dlls) and has been corrupting company files for years due to it not using true transactional processing (even SQLExpress can do that!). There is absolutely no excuse for a database file getting corrupted from regular use even if a computer crashes while QB is open – not these days.
    Today I’m uninstalling a C++ dll and re-installing a 10 year old library (2005) to fix yet another unknown problem. This is on fully patched machines on a PCI compliant network w/ endpoint security, etc. Like you said – “they are just keeping it patched together” – which is exactly what they’ve been doing for the last 20 years.

    • Webpatches getting stuck aren’t a general bug that applies to all people – that tends to be something specific to a particular system, there are some cleanups that you can do to resolve those. All the web patches on my test system have worked properly.

      Yes, they don’t uninstall the older database managers – but there are situations where people don’t want the older database manager uninstalled. That makes it a bit trickier. And I’m not sure what license issues you are running into?

  • Yay! ANOTHER BUG!!! (for what clients are paying for Enterprise version, this shouldn’t happen!)
    An unhandled Microsoft .NET Framework exception occurred in QBServerUtilityMgr.exe

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