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Vend POS for QuickBooks Online

Written by Jim Savage

When I first heard there was a FINALLY a point-of-sale (POS) product – Vend – that will work with QuickBooks Online I was excited. A little apprehensive, perhaps, but excited. According to the Vend website, “Vend is point-of-sale, inventory, and customer loyalty software that makes it easy to set up, manage, and grow your business.”

Vend POS for QuickBooks Online

To be fair, the QuickBooks Online integration is still in beta, so a lot may change before the final product is in place. But the existing POS product is solid, and for this article, I’ll contain my comments to the existing offering. The good folks at Vend have assured me the QuickBooks Online integration will be ready for prime time in the month of June, and I look forward to reviewing it in my next article.

Vend Features

Vend has a really clean interface; was simple to set up; and will work on a PC, Mac, or iPad. (I only tested on a PC and an iPad.) It’s easy to use, and a good training video about getting set up is available. This feature-rich product:

  • Allows up to three variants (i.e., color, size, type) per product
  • Has good reporting
  • Offers quick-key setup for easy entry
  • Provides the ability to “park” a sale (save it for later)
  • Has inventory management and ordering
  • Has layaway
  • Offers a customer loyalty program
  • Has an application programming interface (API) for third-party developers

Vend Pricing

There are several affordable pricing plan choices, as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1: Pricing options

The Free option only allows for 10 products, but it’s an excellent choice to demo the product. The Large option allows for 10,000 products, 10,000 customers, and up to 20 users for $85.00 per month (billed annually). This option includes only one register, but additional registers are available for $25.00 per month.


Setup was easy. The “Getting Started” guide walks you through the whole process. The Dashboard, shown in Figure 2, gives a step-by-step guide for tracking your setup progress.


Figure 2: Dashboard for tracking setup

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About the author

Jim Savage

Jim Savage has been a QuickBooks Pro Advisor since 1999. He has since signed on with the Intuit Solution Provider program, which specializes in marketing to the mid-market channel. In addition, he is an Advanced Certified Pro Advisor and his company, Savage and Associates, is an Advanced Certified Pro Advisor and certified in QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBase in the ISP channel. Prior to becoming a Pro Advisor, Jim was an IT director for a major health insurance carrier and has been involved in large scale IT projects throughout his career. He is now specializing in EDI and E Commerce clients and integration with QuickBooks. Since he has referred to himself as "The QuickBooks Guy" since he started, his website is named appropriately,


  • Hi Jim and Sleeter readers,

    Thanks for your very thorough review of Vend POS. We’re super excited to integrate with QuickBooks Online and give retailers simple accounting tools which connects to their point-of-sale.

    This is just the first step, and as the integration continues to improve we think it’ll really help retailers achieve business success.

    If anyone has any questions about Vend or our integration with QuickBooks Online (, please feel free to get in touch directly ([email protected]).

    Sim – Vend Community Manager.

  • I have a retail client that has used Vend for over a year. We do a daily sales receipt input into QB Desktop, and it’s worked well so far.

    The one part of Vend that I absolutely HATE is that you can not get an inventory value for a historical date. If you want to know the inventory value at 12/31/13, you better get it from the software between closing on the 31st and opening on the 1st! This makes month-end cost of goods sold calculations a real pain.

    From what I understand, the integration does not bring over cost of goods sold information, it only brings over sales and payment totals…so this doesn’t help either.

    I’m hoping a future version of the integration deals with this problem.

    • Hi Christopher,

      Glad to hear you and your clients are trying out Vend! While it is true the type of retro-active reporting you’re asking for is something you can’t do in Vend yet, you can keep track of this information if you need to.

      If you want to keep records of your overall stock value by month then what we typically suggest is running a Stock on Hand report at month’s end and exporting this report to a CSV document. This report will give you an overview of all the goods in your store and the expected value of that stock based on the supply prices you set.

      If you need any help with setting this up for clients, or just want to chat about how we could help you and your retail customers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. [email protected] will put you in touch with our awesome Support team, or fire me an email directly ([email protected]) and I’ll get you sorted.

      Sim – Vend Community Manager.

  • Hi Jim,

    My product, Retail Intel, has been pushing sales automatically from POS into QuickBooks Online and QB Desktop for well over two years now. Our supported POSs include Micros, ShopKeep, and NCR Silver.

  • Until you folks figure out a way to record the cost of goods sold, I won’t be recommending this product to most of my retail customers using QuickBooks Online.

    I can see it working for someone who sells services or bulk or noninventory type products.

    I do like your pricing structure.

    • Hi Keith,

      Just wanted to clarify that Vend is capable of recording cost of goods sold, which is a part of our reporting suite. At the moment, this doesn’t extend to a sale-by-sale basis – instead, retailers are able to look at a higher level picture.

      Unfortunately, at this stage CoGS aren’t being sent through to QuickBooks Online through the integration mentioned above – but we’re continuing to make improvements and extend the functionality of this integration, so watch this space!

      As always, if you have any questions – feel free to get in touch with myself ([email protected]) or our Partner team ([email protected]).

      Sim – Vend Community Manager.