QuickBooks 2014 R5 Released

Written by Charlie Russell

Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2014 R5 update for the U.S. version of QuickBooks. This is available as a manual update from the Intuit support website. I expect it will be available as an automatic update in about a week from this date.

This article was updated on 3/27/2014

QuickBooks 2014 R5There’s a long list of bug fixes in this revision (and I suspect more were fixed that aren’t listed here). Not too unusual for this stage in the game – this probably is the first revision to come out where development was started after a large number of customers had used the 2014 release for any amount of time (that’s speculation on my part). That’s when these kinds of errors start shaking out.

Update 3/27/2014: There is a bug in 2014 R5 relating to Excel, see this article for how to fix the problem

The biggest news is that there are fixes for the COM problem that many users have run into, along with fixes for many “unrecoverable error” problems.

Note that the first time that  you run your program after the update it will ask you to update the file – no big deal, just some minor changes, but you need to be aware of that before you update so that you allow time for the conversion.

My recommendations on this revision?

  1. If you aren’t yet using the 2014 product, I would definitely wait a week or two to see if any big new problem is introduced (and to see if the COM errors really are fixed). Don’t be in a rush to try this right away, give it some time. It’s early for us to say it’s OK to upgrade from older products to this one, but this is about the time when the product is usually starting to settle down.
  2. If you ARE using the 2014 product, given all the changes, if you aren’t being plagued by any of the problems listed here, I would again suggest waiting a week or two to see if any new big problems show up. If there isn’t an overwhelming outcry about new problems, then go ahead. Just don’t be the first to test this. But, if you have been running into any of these problems, then you should probably go ahead and install this now.
  3. However, if you’re a 2014 user and are tearing your hair out over the COM issues, or the payroll check issues, or anything else that’s listed here as being fixed, give R5 a try. I don’t expect there to be any big new problems.

I tend to be cautious, as at this moment, I haven’t done more than just install the update on my test system. However, I will note this revision was beta tested prior to release, which doesn’t always happen on a wide scale.

Updated 3/27/2014: I’m disappointed to see that there aren’t any fixes listed for problems in the QuickBooks SDK programming interface. There are several issues that have been troubling add-on developers, and no indication in the release notes about any fixes there. That doesn’t mean that Intuit didn’t make changes, as I believe that Intuit doesn’t include every change in its release notes. Intuit updated its release notes a few weeks after this article was written, to add some notes about fixes for the QuickBooks SDK. I explain these changes in detail in my article “QuickBooks 2014 R5 under the Hood.”

Error Messages and Crashes

  • You should no longer see “COM” error at odd times. This has been a problem that has plagued many installations causing quite a bit of trouble. Hopefully this release fully resolves this for everyone. One of the places this was specifically occurring was when receiving items for multiple purchase orders. Intuit also says it could happen “while a user performs random or multiple tasks” (I love that statement). I’ve also seen reports that FIFO could cause this. I believe there were multiple places where this error could pop up; we’ll hope they’ve all been resolved.
  • QuickBooks will no longer close unexpectedly if a user exits the program while a transaction form is open.
  • You’ll no longer see the error “Google has disabled use of the maps API” then clicking the map or directions links.
  • QuickBooks will no longer display an Unrecoverable Error when opening the Customer Center.
  • You’ll no longer see the error “Unable to add item to list” when changing the cost on a Bill.
  • QuickBooks will no longer close unexpectedly when opening the Committed Cost by Job report while in the Professional Services sample file.
  • You’ll no longer see a warning message when a user with permissions is restricted to view items opens the Inventory Center.
  • QuickBooks will no longer close unexpectedly when opening the Committed Cost by Job report when using the Enterprise Solutions Accountant trial version.
  • You’ll no longer see an unrecoverable error when switching between company files or closing with the “X” button.
  • You’ll no longer see an unrecoverable error when closing QuickBooks if the Make General Journal Entry window is currently open with another window on top of that.
  • You’ll no longer see an unrecoverable error when changing the Administrator’s password.
  • You’ll no longer see the error “Unable to add item to list” when editing the cost on an open Bill when in multiuser mode.
  • You’ll no longer see “Couldn’t connect to email server” when trying to email a large number of transactions through webmail.


  • This release fixes a problem that prevented you from being able to recall a memorized Payroll Liability Check from the Memorized Transaction list.
  • QuickBooks will now round numbers up correctly on paychecks.
  • Payroll liability e-payments will no longer show as To Print even after being submitted.
  • Users will be able to remove payroll checks from the print queue directly from the Payroll Center History Table by right-clicking and choosing the option “Remove from print queue.”
  • You’ll now see an “improved message” with Direct Deposit and Assisted Payroll customers when creating or sending a payroll within two federal banking days of the paycheck date.
  • You’ll no longer see a message if a user enters hours for any employee without selecting the employee first. If the employee isn’t selected first, the employee will automatically be selected when the hours are entered.
  • If you’re using Enhanced Payroll for Accountants, you can now create payroll forms for a Basic Payroll client.
  • Recent paychecks will no longer show as “To Send” after they have already been sent.
  • The Enter Payroll Information window will now show separate print operations for Checks and Direct Deposit checks.
  • An issue was resolved that prevented payroll updates from installing due to the subscription not validating.
  • QuickBooks will no longer close when sending more than five Vendor Direct Deposits.

Inventory and Item List

  • Prices will now be updated correctly according to the markup percentage while in multiuser mode.
  • Users with permissions restricted to view only will no longer be able to edit item information through the Inventory Center.
  • When item markup preferences were set to “never update price” and “always ask about cost changes,” the “cost changed” window didn’t display when a cost was changed. This is fixed.
  • There were some problems with overlapping text in the Build Assembly window that have been fixed.
  • The Price will no longer change when the Cost is changed in the Edit Item window.
  • Cost and price updates didn’t always take place properly when the Cost was changed and preference were set to always update cost and price.
  • QuickBooks will no longer freeze when working on a Build Assembly transaction.

Advanced Inventory

  • This release resolves a problem where you could not enable the Lot Numbers feature if you had previously used this feature and had turned it off.
  • In the Inventory Stock Status by Site report, the min/max will be blank (instead of zero) when no min/max is entered for the site.

Advanced Pricing

  • You can now search for items within the Price Overrides window.
  • You’ll no longer see an “Edit” warning for pricing when you recall a sales transaction from the memorized transaction list, when using the Advanced Pricing module.
  • A new Customer Price List report has been added (I haven’t looked for that yet).
  • Prices will be rounded correctly on the Item Prices by Price Rule report when rounding is set to use the same rounding across all price rules.
  • Validation has been added to custom fields used in price rules.

Other General Changes

  • QuickBooks 2014 and Enterprise V14 will no longer be able to open an Accountants Copy file that was created in QuickBooks 2012 or Enterprise V12 or older. This isn’t a change in policy, it has always worked this way – you can open the current year and one older.
  • Performance has been improved if you’re saving a sales order with a large number of detail lines.
  • If you’re trying to send a large number of email messages from the program, you’re now limited to 3,000 messages at a time to improve performance.
  • QuickBooks will no longer double the amount of credits available when credits are unapplied and then reapplied to a transaction.
  • Users with permissions restricted to view only will no longer be able to print a Transaction History report.
  • When printing a Bill or Item Receipt, the amount in the Cost column will no longer wrap to the next line.
  • The Help link in the Edit Item window will now work if the Help dialog box is already open.
  • Asset values will no longer change after the company file is condensed.
  • QuickBooks will no longer experience “Administrator user issues” when “hvac” is used as the password. Wow, that’s an obscure one – how many people use “hvac” for a password? You know who you are. And I’m not sure what “Administrator user issues” really means . . .
  • Purchase orders that are manually closed will no longer appear as open when entering Bills for a vendor.
  • New hotkeys have been added. Alt + `  and Alt + ~  (usually found on the same key on your keyboard) will let you tab through a window that has multiple sets of tabs.
  • This release fixes an issue that prevented Visa and MasterCard payment methods from displaying if they’re in all caps (i.e., VISA or MASTERCARD).
  • If you haven’t made a backup for more than 15 days, using the backup option in the File menu, you’ll see a message in the QuickBooks Maintenance Alerts window prompting you to make a backup (the bell icon in the upper-right corner). The idea is to not only promote making backups (people don’t do a good job of that usually) but to hopefully get you to make backups using this particular feature, which (if set up properly) does some internal housekeeping in the database that an external backup won’t do.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions will no longer reset the DB cache to 512MB from unlimited when you reboot your computer.


About the author

Charlie Russell

Charlie Russell has been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70's, and remembers releasing his first commercial accounting software product when you had an 8-bit microcomputer with one 8 inch floppy disk drive. He has a special interest in inventory and manufacturing software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certifications for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise, as well as being a Xero Certified Partner. Charlie started blogging about QuickBooks in 2008 (Practical QuickBooks) and has been writing for the Accountex Report (formerly the Sleeter Report) since 2011. He retired from accounting and QuickBooks activities in early 2018.

Visit his CCRSoftware web site for information about his QuickBooks add-on products. He is also the author of the California Wildflower Hikes blog.


  • Hi Charlie: Thanks for the update.

    Did this release fix the issue of QB shutting down after sending an invoice to a customer? There were also issues with copying invoice and memorized invoices. Using a copy or a memorized transactions seemed to make QB crash.

    Further, the new on-line banking lacks real estate when choosing “enter more details” and creating new names or changing the account name slowed down the entire process of adding transactions through bank feed. It would have to reload which it did before but this time it just works really slow.

    • I’ve listed all of the bug fixes that Intuit has publicly acknowledged in this release, Laura. I haven’t tested all of these out myself (and some of the bugs I’ve not come across myself). I can send invoices to a customer with Premier 2014 R4 without any problem myself, haven’t tried it in R5.

  • Thanks, Charlie. As always, your articles are so helpful and informative.

    Do you know if they fixed the following issue.

    Out of stock alerts don’t pop up, when converting from an estimate to a sales order. When I open an estimate and click on create sales order, we should get an alert for each item that’s out of stock. Since we upgraded to QB 2014, we no longer get these alerts accept for the first sales order you create from an estimate after you login to QB, no alerts pop up the second time you create a sales order.

    Do you know if this was fixed?


  • Great article, Charlie, thanks. I’m just beginning an upgrade from Premier 2011 to Enterprise 14.0, so your website and blog are essential to the process. So thanks for the entire website!

  • Thanks for the info, Charlie.

    I sure hope they’ve also brought back the ability to sort by date in the Payments to Deposit window. Until this is available there are a few clients I will NOT be upgrading. I can’t imagine why they took that feature away in the first place.

  • Thanks for the info. Always find your updates useful. We have had problems with being able to quick type in the customer/vendor lists. I’m hoping that is one of those that will be fixed but just isn’t listed.

    • Lori, if I understand what you are asking about, I don’t have that problem in my installation. If the problem continues, you may want to sort your name lists. Open the “write check” window, put the cursor in the “pay to the order of” field, press Ctrl-L. That opens the “name list”. In the “Name” menu at the bottom, select “Re-sort list”. Exit QuickBooks and restart, see if that helps.

      • I am having issues when trying to access vendor names. When quick typing a vendor name, it is not picking up the letters and it is quite annoying. You have to type extremely slow in order for it to pick up the letters and it still doesn’t pick them up correctly more than 50 percent of the time. I tried the re-sort as you advised another person above but it did not help. With the number of entries I do everyday I do not have the time for this. I still have a the 13.0 version for another business and when quick typing the vendor names it works perfectly. PLEASE fix this!!!

        • I don’t see that issue in my test site, Gina, but I may have fewer vendors in my file than you (almost certainly). You should use the Feedback option in your Help menu to pass this on to Intuit

  • Hi–in QBPremier2014, when creating a new vendor, I can’t get the vendor’s company name to print on the check in the “Print as” name. It insists on using the vendor name instead. The “Print As” field has been eliminated under vendor set-up in this version. The vendors from my prior version that have different company names than the vendor name are working fine and correctly place the company name in the “Print as” section of the check. It’s only when creating a new vendor in 2014 version, that it just won’t work. Can anyone please help? Thank you!!

    • Hi DG,

      I see the “Print Name on Check As” field in the Vendor Setup under the Payment Settings Tab in QB2014.
      When creating a new vendor in 2014 Version, I still can see the Company Name in the Print As Section on the Check. I am using QB2014 Premier Edition.

  • I am unable to file any RTI after this update
    I will go crazy soon as I need to file them today and wasted hours because of QuickBooks, it says check connectivity
    however the connectivity doctor says everything is fine
    also I rebuilt data but its still not able to log onto HMRC
    I have the same problem with every updated file!!!!!!

  • We’re having trouble with getting QB 2014 to go into multi-user mode – following are the specific’s

    I’ve narrowed the problem down 100% to the fact that the file server and the client aren’t on the same network segment. This means the address gets translated from one subnet to another, but there is no filter between the 2 network segments at all. As a matter of fact when I look at the router between the 2 segments I can see traffic flowing to the QuickBooks file server ports (8019, and 55358) in both directions with no problem, but still when opened from the client on the other network segment it doesn’t show up as being opened or in use on the file server. It opens fine, but pressing F2 shows that the file is being hosted locally and not on the file server where it belongs.

    Opening from a client on the same network segment works 100% every time. It should also be noted that 2012 is also working fine crossing the same exact network boundary. Different client and different file server, but same network boundary. I can’t really test 2013, I’m not as well equipped for it. For some reason though the 2014 files will not open properly from the fileserver when routing from one subnet to another.

    Do you know of any work around for this?

  • In the “Other General Changes” section – the fourth line item down “QuickBooks will no longer double the amount of credits available when credits are unapplied and then reapplied to a transaction.” Do you have any idea how to fix this if it has happened? We have reason to believe this has happened to two of our invoices. Any suggestions?

    • CJ, I haven’t played with this, so I can’t say for sure. I would start by making a backup copy of the file, then deleting the transactions and reentering them. But that is just a guess, I haven’t tried this. And as I said, make a backup first, in case it blows up…

      • Hi – Our system has suffered the same problem. It not only doubles the amount of credits, but also increases the amount of balance due. We followed what you suggested, make a backup and delete the credit and reenter it again. The credit is correct now, but the balance due did not get fixed. Any suggestions?

  • I just recently updated my office computers with R5 update; only one computer seems to work flawlessly. Rest of the workstations crash whenever we click on ITEM list and shows “Quickbooks has stopped working” and closes the whole program. Everything else works fine but the ITEM list, which we need. Any suggestions would help greatly!

  • We’re about to take the plunge and update from 2011 Premier to 2014 (due to the sunsetting of the online banking access). After the initial bug reports I was hesitant, but sounds like R5 is really meant to fix most of the problems. Do you think R5 is stable enough at this point? Any especially bad feedback? Your thoughts (and article) are greatly appreciated!

    • That is the million dollar question, Rhonda. “Stable” is a funny term. For example, I rarely run into problems with QuickBooks on my own system. But I’ll use different features than you do, and I’ll have a different volume of transactions. R5 is working quite well for me. But, then, as other comments point out, there are a number of people complaining about problems with Excel integration even with R5.

      I’m not (at least so far) seeing a great overall red flag that is telling me that lots of people are having problems with the current version, at least no more than we usually see in any release. That doesn’t mean you won’t see a problem, though.

      Just make sure you create a backup with your 2011 version before installing the new version, and when you install the new one don’t install it to the same folder as the old one. Then if you have a problem that shows up right away you can always go back to the old version until you find out what is going on.

      • In QuickBooks 2014 R5, you are unable to export reports to Excel (such as a transaction journal or A/R aging report) or emailing reports as an Excel document.

        When clicking the export button (or email- Send Report as Excel), you will not see the export to Excel option appear like it will for other reports. This is intermittent, as it may happen, then stop occuring.


        • These kinds of intermittent issues are hard to deal with, and I tend not to write them up unless I can see them in my test systems consistently. The funny thing about this particular issue is that at this time, never have been able to have a problem with any of the Excel functions with the 2014 R5 release. I’m not saying it doesn’t occur, just that this is very variable.

          There are all kinds of factors involved here that make it tough. What operating system, what other products you have installed, how “clean” your Windows registry is, what version of Microsoft Office you have, is your system 32 or 64 bit, and more. That makes it tough to test on my side.

          Lots of people are seeing some sort of Excel issue with this (and with earlier) revisions. Thank you for the reference to the Intuit support article, it does provide some workarounds (which some people report as not helping in their situation).

          • Thanks to you both! There is now an “Ultra Light Patch” for this issue according to the support article. If you experienced an Excel issue but this fixes it, that would be great to know. For the time being, we are on hold with our upgrade for at least a couple more weeks.

          • Yes, thank you, I just got the notice on the ULIP. I have an article in the works on that, which will be published very soon.

            This is one example of why I tend to tell people “wait a bit” before they install an update, to see if there is a big outcry about a problem. This particular issue is problematical, though, because it doesn’t happen to everyone (I have yet to see this show as a problem), and even on systems where it DOES appear, it is intermittent. Tough to figure those out.

  • We have been unable to add any new jobs/projects to existing clients in QB Pro 2014. This has caused a huge headache because we have a long list of clients. Has anyone else reported this issue, or are you aware whether Intuit has resolved this? Since there’s no going back to an earlier version, this is critical. Thanks for your help and all the info you provide!

    • I’ve not seen this, Linda. Are you running the R5 update? What happens if you try to add a new job to an existing client, do you get an error message or something? Have you tried adding a job when in a test file?

    • Wejust purchased QB 2014 premier and can not add a sub job anymore. Did you ever find out what the issue is?? We can’t invoice because of this!

  • Charlie,

    We have Premier Edition 2014 and it seems that the upgrade to R5 somehow gets corrupted. I’ve had three workstations that after having R5 installed will at some point down the line fail to launch properly. I don’t have the exact error code in front of me, but the Intuit “fix” is to remove QuickBooks from the workstation, run their clean install tool, and reinstall. I then patch to R5 and so far it’s only reoccurred on one workstation. Do you have any ideas? I’ve checked workstations for malware and they are clean.

  • Does the new version allow for customers to be assigned to specific users or groups of users?

    We have 5 different locations in our business and would really appreciate if we can limit user access to customers. For example, a user in New York should only be allowed access to customers assigned to class New York.

  • Good Evening Charlie,

    Thank you for your continued update on QBs. Our company did an update from QBES 12.0 to QBES 14.0 R5 (big jump I know :-)). We had lot of things going on as there were few PCs that had XP system. We pass through that and installed about 15-20 PCs. But now each user is having a problem at startup (log in). It takes between 12-15 minutes for each user to log in and that’s every time we log in and out. It is super fast than 12.0 once we are in, but very painful at the beginning. Especially because we have third party ad-on/plug ins like Fi-Soft and True commerce that we need to re-register and it takes like at least 30mins to log in twice, which most software require you to log back in after you do some updates/installs/registrations.

    We had our IT support look into this and no one seems to figure out why. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE … advise if you (or anyone in the blog) has ever come across such a thing and if you know the solution.

    Thank you,

  • I will be upgrading to QB2014 soon. My computer has had QB on it for many years and gone through several upgrades. I notice that there are some large backup files of QB in “My Documents” which I assume were made preceding each upgrade process. Is it safe to delete these backup files from my computer? Please feel free to direct me to another site or link for more information on this specific question. Thank you for your time.

    • QBB backup files, Carolyn? I never like to delete backups, but it would be safe to move them to a CD for archival purposes and then delete them. I can’t really suggest that you delete them without knowing what your procedures are for making backups, and how old those backups are. Most businesses don’t do a good enough job in making backups…

  • Thank you for your article, I wish I would have read it prior to updating! Ever since the update we have been experiencing the issue with excel. At first it was intermittent with certain reports and then they pushed a patch for that. However, I have had a re-occurring issue with the Open Invoice report when I modify the report to add the column ‘Shipping Address 1’ and attempt to export to excel. QuickBooks freezes and I have to shut down the process through the task manager. Has anyone else come across this issue?

  • I’ve had a problem with 4 line vendor addresses in 2014. I’ve had 2 checks print last week with line 4 missing. It’s in the vendor master. Anyone have this problem? Unfortunately one check got out the door and was returned. Lesson learned.

      • This is embarrassing, but I don’t know what revision I’m using. We updated from 2013 to 2014 in April and I’m current on updates.

        • Sue, being “current on updates” doesn’t mean that you have R6. Intuit pushes an automatic update out over a period of time, so that they don’t overwhelm their update servers. Lots of people got R6, but not all.

          Open QuickBooks, then press the F2 key, and you will see a line at the top that tells you what version and revision you have now.

  • Is there any way to revert BACK to the Non R5 version? I am having so many issues I’d rather use the old system.
    1) It is slow to populate fields – Not an operating system issues, a program issue.
    2) Payroll is cumbersome – I cannot edit anything once the hours are input.
    3) Credit Card “Credit”? Really? I use 1000 “Expenses” to every “1” Credit – yet there is not an EXPENSE?
    4) Between the slow entry/population of fields and the NON user friendly setup of the site, it is taking me twice as long to do basic accounting. I haven’t attacked AR yet – I’m afraid to.

    Goodness – PLEASE help me revert back.

    • Marci, back to what? Prior year? Earlier revision of the same year?

      Going back to a prior year is very complicated, and expensive. The results aren’t always good. It isn’t easy.

      Going back to a prior revision of the same year can be done, but that might not help. You are going back to known bugs in the older revision, and sometimes that is worse than the problems you have to start with. But it can be done.

  • After R5 it has been great not to have the cache size revert to standard. I set the system to unlimited cache and am running at max size of 3508.

    This helped on the server side, but now we are seeing individual work stations load up when multiple windows are open at the same time.

    Is there anyway to increase the cache size on the individual work stations? F2 shows local cache at 512 max.

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