QuickBooks 2013 R8 Released

Written by Charlie Russell

Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2013 R8 update for the U.S. version of QuickBooks. This is available as a manual update from the Intuit support web site. I believe that this will also be pushed out as an automatic update right away.

This is a very important update if you have been suffering through the buggy QuickBooks 2013 R7 releaseThis release seems to be correcting the new problems!

The bug fixes that I am aware of are:

  1.  Add-on products should now be able to access the QuickBooks database without crashing QuickBooks. This is probably the major pain point for R7 users, although perhaps I have a bias here.
  2. Add-on products should no longer show an error referring to missing XML components.
  3. Billable time should now sort properly in the Choose Billable Time window – and the sorting is maintained properly when these records are added to an invoice. This is the second major pain point for some R7 users.
  4. Time entries on weekly timesheets that include a Customer:Job are now listed in alphabetical order by Customer:Job instead of by order created.
  5. Performance of the Search function in the Vendor and Inventory Centers has been improved.

These are the big issues that I have been able to confirm as being problems in R7, so they should all be fixed in R8. There have been reports of other problems in R7 but I haven’t been able to duplicate them myself, so I’m not going to comment on them.

I have tested the add-on problem (#1) and the billable time problem (#3) in both the Enterprise and Premier versions, in many combinations of configuration, and in every case it seems that the problems are resolved.

A few additional comments:

  • Considering the severity of the problems in R7 for SOME users, I’m very happy that Intuit has gotten this release put together quickly. For those of you who think it took too long – better that they take a few days extra to double check the integrity of this release (including asking add-on developers to test this before release).
  • I’m happy that they decided to make this an R-level release, rather than use the “critical fix” (ULIP) update process, given how that feature has been working in the first test a few weeks ago.
  • I am looking at this with great hope, and trepidation. Will it really fix the problems? Will it introduce new problems? SO FAR it seems to be doing OK – but I haven’t been running this for a long time yet to see if any new problems have crept in. I don’t expect it to be a problem, though.

SOME PEOPLE have reported that they cannot apply the update. It is not clear if this is going to be a widespread problem or not. I haven’t run into this myself. Keep in mind that you have three ways to get to this update: By clicking on the “Update my QuickBooks” menu option, by downloading the webpatch file from the Intuit support site, or by uninstalling QuickBooks and then reinstalling with a copy of the full program installer that has R8 incorporated (I haven’t checked to see if the full installer is available on the Intuit website yet).

 Update 7/2/2013: Intuit has released the R8 update for Canadian and UK users as well. I don’t have the ability to test these versions. They will be pushing out this update via the “automatic update” feature to UK and Canadian installations later this week (probably July 3rd, but not sure).  For the US versions, the automatic updates will be pushed out over several days, starting on July 2nd and continuing through the next week. That means that not all US installations will see the automatic update at the same time (they do this to spread out the load on the update servers). Anyone in the US can get this update using the manual update procedure at any time.


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Charlie Russell

Charlie Russell has been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70's, and remembers releasing his first commercial accounting software product when you had an 8-bit microcomputer with one 8 inch floppy disk drive. He has a special interest in inventory and manufacturing software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certifications for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise, as well as being a Xero Certified Partner. Charlie started blogging about QuickBooks in 2008 (Practical QuickBooks) and has been writing for the Accountex Report (formerly the Sleeter Report) since 2011. He retired from accounting and QuickBooks activities in early 2018.

Visit his CCRSoftware web site for information about his QuickBooks add-on products. He is also the author of the California Wildflower Hikes blog.


  • Thanks so much for keep us up-to-date with this info! Very helpful! I freak out every time I open QB in fear of something happening to my data.

  • Thanks again, Charlie, for the stellar and timely reporting of all things QuickBooks. And I love the Freudian slip / typo in point 4 above: Customer:Mob instead of Customer:Job — very funny.

    • Well, Ed, if you saw the list of customers that I have for my own add-on software products, you might understand why I made a typo like that…

      Thanks for pointing it out, I have corrected it.

  • Charlie,

    Glad an update is available and am keeping my fingers cross that it will be “clean”. With this new release update, I’m looking for the following answers:

    — if a client downloaded but did not install R7, what happens? Will the R8 download (manually or automatic when it becomes available)? Will it ignore the R7? Or do they have to install the R7 they downloaded and then R8 will fix it?

    — if a client installed R7 then did the manual “fix” that you mentioned in one of your articles (rename and replace a DLL file), will they need to uninstall QuickBooks, rename the remaining QuickBooks folders (thus a “clean” uninstall), and then download and install QuickBooks with R8?

    — Do you know if QuickBooks R8 is the current software download for new installations or re-installations?

    I want to make this update as smooth as possible for my clients. I still will advise them to wait a while to install unless they already have and are experiencing issues.


    • Joan, I tested R8 in multiple situations. I tested it using the manual patch with both Enterprise and Premier in these cases:
      -An R6 installation
      -An R7 installation that didn’t have the ULIP (critical fix) or manual DLL update.
      -An R7 installation that had the ULIP but not the manual DLL update.
      -An R7 installation that had the manual DLL update.

      That covers just about all the combinations that I’m concerned with as far as the manual update. In ALL cases, the update worked correctly and my own add-on products worked perfectly.

      I also tried several combinations of automatic updates as well, but I didn’t cover all of the variations. I don’t expect there to be any problems.

      I don’t know, at this time, if the “full installer” that you can download has the R8 fix installed, I just haven’t had time to try that variation.

  • I just updated this article – the UK and Canadian versions have an update available now, also. For the US versions, this update will roll out as an automatic update over a period of time, so some people will see it before others.

  • Hi Charlie,
    Great post .
    We actually installing and updating each time they come with new updates. However, since we updated to QB 13 from 12 (months ago) we are suffering great pain with our speed of QB .
    For example, sometimes it can take up to 3-5 mins only to get to a customer details (only to look for the customer on the list) . No matter the fixes that qb posted, our issue seem to stick .
    Qb get stuck with hour glass for minutes. When a customer call us to look on their last orders, we need to keep them for 5 mins on the line or call them back as for we cannot view their info right away .
    Have you heard of this before ??

  • Charlie, do you know of this issue and if its fixed in the R8 update

    After updating to the R7 Release, the Inventory valuation Summary report and Inventory stock Status by Site reports will not calculate correctly or appear blank when filtered by date.

    • R8 doesn’t change that behavior that started in R7, although I’ve not looked into this in detail. I’m not seeing a problem in my test system with the inventory valuation summary, but the stock status by site report does work differently. A quick look shows me that if I have a beginning and ending date for that report in R6 it shows me values, but in R7 & R8 it might not. But if I enter JUST an ending date, not a beginning date, it is showing me something that matches R6’s results. But that was just a quick look.

  • We are using Enterprise 13, R7. For some reason the automatic update is identifying it self as “Install your FREE QuickBooks performance update”. No number, just a bunch of hoopla on how its free and it will increase performance. I’ve been using QB for years now and I have never seen that. Its always something along the lines of “R*”, like the last update ,”R7″. Has anyone seen this “Free…performance update”? Its wording has me worried that its Malware, which would be very hard to believe. I’m not sure if this is a new way intuit advertises but this is very different. Can someone verify that this is the R8 update?

    • Matt, that is OK, it is one of the changes they slipped in without telling us. Some people don’t see that, I haven’t pinned down the details. BUT – that is the new terminology that we are seeing with this update. It is OK

      • I’ve seen the same thing with a client’s PC. I too thought it was malware. It’s especially strange because of the verbiage:
        “totally free” and “smoother than ever”
        Very very suspicious.

        I’m going to install this update based on Charlie Russell’s OK…

        PS: Google can’t find ANY other thread where this is mentioned. This is the only hit.

  • Okay, great. I figured better safe then sorry. Fortunately R7 has worked fined for us so there was no rush on my end. The wording so reminds me of a malware attempt. “Click ‘Okay’ for a free performance upgrade at no charge to you, just give us your credit card for processing…” LOL. I embellished the credit card part for humor, but you should get my point.

    Thanks !!!

  • We have an issue with the UK version allowing Invoices to be deleted in the same session thay have been created, even though the user are not allowed to amend or delete invoices in the user security settings. It seems that this major flaw is not a priority, neither that it has been adressed in spite of logging it 3 months ago.

  • We delayed the R8 update until we got the ‘all clear’ from both Charlie and Intuit. BUT now it seems we have major corruption issues. We get messages that customers’/vendors’ tax ids are wrong, that bank account is corrupt.

    We are Fishbowl Inventory users, and we cannot get Fishbowl to connect, either. Just want to let you all know the problems are not over. Thanks.

    • Mary, have you talked to Fishbowl about the connection problem? Several people have mentioned it, but in each case it ended up being something that could be rectified (I don’t know the details).

      Corruption – it is very possible that the corruption occurred EARLIER than R8, and that it is just that R8 is showing the messages in a different way. R7 had a big change in how this kind of corruption was being reported – people thought that R7 caused the corruption but in general we found that the corruption already existed, it was just that the error messaging was either hidden or not as clear. Intuit changed how this is dealt with, so it became more obvious, and people then thought that R7 was causing it because the messages popped up. R8 will have the same kind of results. Now, that isn’t a GUARANTEE that the issue isn’t caused by R8, but so far as I’ve seen it has been a long-time problem.

      • Charlie,
        Thank you for your thorough response. Everything is working now. We had a couple of hairy days with both QuickBooks and Fishbowl Inventory, but all is well now (I hope).

  • This may not be the place to ask this but… Here goes. In the past when updating QOH (through a transaction) the edit sequence number changed. It doesn’t now. Is this by design now?
    Using QB 2013 with R8 applied

    Thank you for any input anyone may have.

      • SDK yes..
        And yes with the items. In the past when the quantity on hand changed the items edit sequence number changed. Doesn’t anymore.

        Thanks and sorry I should have been more detailed.

        • I did a quick test, I don’t see any change here. Premier 2012 works the same way, and Premier 2011, as does Premier 2013. Editing the item record changes the edit sequence (as it should), adjusting the on hand quantity does not (which is what I would expect, as that isn’t a part of the item record).

    • Matt, getting “fatal application exit” errors can be caused by a wide range of problems. The R8 release just fixes one of them – when the program crashes as you access the data through a third-party addon program. If you aren’t getting this just as you use an addon program, then something else is going on.

      There could be many other reasons.

  • Charlie,

    we have QB Pro 2013 installed on Windows 2008 Server R2 and have custom service written using QBSDK 7.0 qbXML 6.0 which was working 100% fine until QB Pro 2012. After upgrading to QB 2013, when there is SDK call to QB, it results in QB crashing. With error faulting application QBW32.exe!

    requiring someone to close the program in server and integration has become unstable. we have checked for malware, windows and .NET updates etc and none of that seems to be the problem. I suspect is QBSDK 7.0 is compatible with QB 2013 or minimum SDK version supported is 8 onwards for QB 2013?

    your quick help will be much appreciated.

    chirag at innodel.com

  • Running Windows XP with Quickbooks Pro 2013 R8. When it upgraded to R8, it would not install the upgrade. The message “Install your FREE Quickbooks performance update” with the Install Now button came up every time I opened Quickbooks, but when I pushed the button, nothing happened. If I select, Install Later, I could still use QB as before. I had to get on the phone with Quickbooks and 2 hours later, the did a fresh install, which solved the problem. Now they have released R9 and it’s started all over again. I really don’t want to have to spend 2 more hours with someone poking around in the computer. Do you happen to know of a better solution? Thanks!

    • Tami, the “free update” message is just the new wording for an automatic update that has been downloaded (see this article: http://qbblog.ccrsoftware.info/2013/09/quickbooks-performance-update/). I can’t say why “nothing happened” with the R8 update you had earlier, without having had hands on your system at that time. I can’t say if you will run into that again. You may want to look into a “manual update”, where you go to http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/Support/ProductUpdates.aspx, select your product, then click the “update” button to download the patch file. Then you can run that.

      • Thank you for your prompt reply and the update link. I followed the link, downloaded the patch; (it downloaded correctly and is dated today) ran it as administrator. It took about 2 minutes “decompressing” and then I guess finished because the window closed and nothing else happened. So I opened Quickbooks again and got the same message: “Install your FREE Quickbooks performance update” and when I click on the install button the timer swirls, stops and nothing else happens. I then go to start Quickbooks again, and still get the same message. It seems to be downloading the patch ok, but it won’t install it into the Quckbooks program on my computer. Any other advice?

  • I have QB Pro 2013. Today I cannot backup my file to a flash drive. The error message said that QB found a problem with the Account Bank Account Number field for Account ID 36 for a certain account x and that the field contains sensitive information and must be fixed. This account has no entry in the file. The only reason it is there is that it was in an older versiion of QB Pro. When I bought a new computer with Win 8 in 2013, I bought QB Pro 2013 and transfer the chart of account over. The error message directs me to the support Article which did not help. I try to delete the account but couldn’t. I thought I made it inactive and now I cannot find it even thou I check “include inactive”. I cannot find the account and still cannot backup. I did a manual update hoping that it will fix all the bugs but to no avail. What can I do? Please help.

    • Wendy, many times you can’t back up with QB to a flash drive. Common problem – QB doesn’t like backups to removable media. Try backing up to your hard drive then copying over to the flash drive.

      However, in your case, it sounds like you have some file corruption. You can try running the “rebuild” function (File/Utilities/Rebuild File) but that might not be enough to fix the problem. You probably should talk to someone who understands these issues and who can work with your file directly, as it may take some work to resolve. Click on the “Find a Consultant” graphic in the upper right corner of this page to find someone who can help.

  • Thank you so much for your quick response. I appreciate it. I will do the rebuild first but most likely I need someone who knows how to fix this. I have been using a flash drive to backup QB Pro 2013 since last year and without problem. I also did a backup to an external hard drive as well periodically. With my old QB Pros 2004, I also used flash drive to backup. I do not want to save it to the cloud because it costs $ and also I worry about the security issue.

    • Wendy, I wasn’t talking about backing up to the cloud. I’m suggesting that you try a backup to your local hard drive, like the C: drive, just to be sure. QuickBooks often balks at saving to removable media, and just because you have in the past is not guarantee that it will in the future. Try a backup to “My Documents” for example, then copy that to the flash drive. Worth a try. But, odds are, something else is going on.

  • Hi Charlie – We are installing QB 2013 on my new computer. On my old computer the release says “R12P + U130628D” but the new one, after updates, only says “R12P”. We can’t figure out how to get the U130628D to download – or what it even was. It came in with R8 – is it possible that R9 took care of it and it’s just the notation that is missing and the update is part of R12 now?

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