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What is an RSS Feed Reader?

Written by Seth David

Well you’ve heard of Google right? And you (hopefully) know what a blog is?

NewspaperEvery blog and for that matter any online publication that you may like to read (eg has an RSS Feed. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. This is what allows you to pull these feeds and group them in one place. It’s almost like creating your own personal online newspaper aggregating just the things that you like to read on your own.

We’re all overwhelmed and bombarded with information every day. The information we receive is overwhelming and then when using social media to help promote awareness of our business / brand the question becomes one of “how can I quickly and efficiently find and share interesting content to my followers?” It’s another way of asking, “what tools can I use to improve business productivity?” The RSS Feed Reader is just one example of many tools that will help you do exactly that – improve productivity in your business so you can do everything you have to and still have some time left for your family at the end of the day!

Here are some of the benefits of using an RSS Feed Reader:

  • Keep your inbox a  little cleaner
  • Easily share content with your friends and colleagues
  • Read your stuff from anywhere
  • Customize and create your own online reading experience

Once you start doing this you can clean out your inbox! Instead of subscribing via e-mail and being inundated with emails you can set up your feed reader and just check that daily to see what’s new and where. Then you can read it right there. No more distraction and no more flooded inbox!

Do you use social media for your business? Here’s an important tip for how an RSS Feed Reader can help you.

Using an RSS feed reader will help you share the content you like with your friends and colleagues. Since you no longer have to visit 6 different websites to read the stuff you like, from one screen you can see and share everything. As you will see in the video Google reader allows you to share right from the posts within Google Reader. It is important to share content other than your own. Using an RSS feed reader will allow you to quickly go through the content you like and then add it to something like Buffer (stay tuned for an upcoming post on how this works) which allows you to pace the rate at which your shared content goes out to your audience as well as determine which networks it goes to. You may want to share certain content to Linked In for example, where it’s all business, and then other posts that may be of interest to your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter.

This just in!.. Google has just announced that it will be ending support for it’s reader product:

Fortunately, I gave you another option in the video which was recorded before this news broke!

You can also read this article on Lifehacker (another RSS Feed I subscribe to) on the subject. The LifeHacker article mentions Feedly as I do in my video and also suggests one that I think looks very interesting, but have not yet tried called Netvibes.

Whichever Feed reader you go with, one of the great things about them is that you can read your content from anywhere (assuming you go with a web based one which I would strongly suggest for this very reason. You can read on your mobile phone, iPad or even someone else’s computer. Keep your logins in Evernote so you can access them using your phone where ever you are.

Maybe the most attractive thing about this is that you get to customize your own reading experience. We all think differently and based on that we may have different ideas about how the information we seek should be presented to us. Using an RSS Feed reader means that you are no longer limited to reading and viewing content based on the way that the writers/publishers present it on their website. You are effectively stripping out all of the formatting and then organizing their content and that of all of the others you like in a manner that appeals to you.

Please post your comments below. If you are using an RSS Feed reader which one(s) do you like? If not what do you think? does this sound and look like something you would want to adopt in order to increase productivity?

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