QuickBooks 2013 R3 Released

Written by Charlie Russell

Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2013 R3 update for the U.S. version of QuickBooks. At the time I’m writing this the release is available as a manual update from the Intuit support web site. I would expect this to be released as an automatic update within a week, if all goes well.

I’ve been playing with this for a few weeks, but I can’t say that I’ve done a comprehensive analysis. There are a LOT of small fixes that Intuit hasn’t documented clearly (or at all).

It is hard to make a good recommendation about this release. But, that has never stopped me before! So:

  • If you are using QuickBooks 2012 or older: I’m still nervous about recommending the 2013 product until we see more people using it without problems. I wouldn’t jump into 2013 yet, at the very least wait a week until we see how the public release of this works out. This is the first big bug release, and there are a LOT of changes here. So far I haven’t heard of any widespread disasters with R1 (which doesn’t mean they don’t exist, just that I haven’t heard of them). If you DO decide to make the jump, wait a week to see if there are any reports of problems, and do NOT convert a file from 2012 or older to R1 first if you can avoid that – go directly to R3.
  • If you are already using QuickBooks 2013 R1: Then absolutely you want to jump up to R3 soon, because if fixes a lot of R1 problems.

The short answer is do not use, or stay with, 2013 R1. Either wait in your older version for awhile, or jump to R3.

Please note that I was testing a “beta test” release of 2013 R3, so some things may be different in the final version. Intuit often beta tests a product and then makes changes (which is good), but doesn’t give the beta testers a “final” release to look at (which is NOT good).

Note: This article was updated on 10/26/2012

Let’s take a look at the changes that I am aware of:

  • User interface changes (you tell me if it was enough).
    • There were some small changes in spacing and the appearance of icons.
    • Forms Changes (small change to spacing).
    • Client Data Review has been updated to use the new QB 2013 user interface.
    • Inventory Center has been brought up to the level of other “Centers”.
  • Contact and Alt Contact conversion fix (BIG IMPROVEMENT).
  • Send General Journal Entries has several improvements.
  • Some inventory reports now have the option to suppress zero-quantity items (very nice).
  • Updates to Batch Enter Transactions to allow you to use this feature with items when you implement multiple inventory sites.
  • Several fields have been added to the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries feature.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory:
    • When using multiple inventory sites with bin locations, some inventory reports have an improved filter function.
    • You now have the ability to select all specific item types you want to set up with barcodes in the barcode wizard.
    • You can now see and edit the default bin locations in the Inventory Center, as well as being able to see the quantities on hand by bin.
  • And a number of small, miscellaneous bug fixes.

Database Conversion

If you are updating from 2013 R1 to 2013 R3 you will get a notice about an update to your file – the database is being changed (for the better!).

If you find that you need to go back to the R1 release (I don’t know of any reason for wanting to do that at this time) there isn’t any problem – as shown here when I opened an R3 database with the R1 program:

R3 to R1 Conversion Message

User Interface Changes

There has been a HUGE amount of discussion about the changes in the user interface with QuickBooks 2013. Some people were hoping for significant changes in R3 to change things that bug SOME people. Did they do that? Let’s see…

General Changes

  • There are miscellaneous small UI changes on sizes of fonts and such in the Centers. You have to look close to see them for the most part.
  • They Increased the spacing between choices in the top menus (very minor changes).
  • The “edit” and “attach” icons in the Centers have been resized to a standard size.
  • Sometimes the balances section of the left icon bar would not show your balances. R3 fixes this.
  • There are changes in the icons that are used in both top and left icon bars. In this screen shot, the new R3 icon bar shows at the top, the older R1 icon bar shows at the bottom. The changes here are, for the most part, making the icons simpler and easier to identify.

QuickBooks 2013 icon bar changes

No big changes!

Changes in the Left Navigation (Icon) Bar

They added a “Add New To Do” Link in Do Today section of Left Icon Bar.

Left Icon Bar To Do


In the R1 release we had a Open Windows option in the Left Icon Bar as a “pane” like the others. This replace the Open Window List that you can see if you use the Top Icon Bar. You can now open this list in two ways OTHER than clicking on that icon:

  • Select View in the menu bar, then Open Window List. R1 didn’t let you do this if you had the Left Icon Bar. This will open a pane for Open Windows on the left. This goes away if you select a different pane.
  • Press the new keyboard shortcut ALT-V-W, which immediately opens the Open Window List pane. This is essentially the same as selecting the options from the menu.


Background change for Bills and Checks: This is subtle, the pattern in the background of the bill or check is toned back a bit, it is a lighter color. The difference is hard to show. I can’t even tell the difference when I take screen shots.

Footer changes for all the sales forms for Amount readability: From what I see, mostly spacing changes to move labels to the left(and adding the “Tax” label). Updated 10/26/2012: The “total amount” field can now support up to 15 digits.

Footer changes

Dynamic resizing of the elements on the black bar: This is the area where you have several dropdown lists for selections. As you drag the transaction window wider, these fields will now resize or get wider also, where in R1 they just stayed the same narrow width. This is a nice usability improvement.

Dynamic resizing of forms

Restore issues while returning from the super max mode: I’m not entirely sure if what I found was what they are referring to, but with R1, if you have a QuickBooks window that is not maximized to fill your screen, and you switch in and out of “super max” (the full screen mode feature for forms), you aren’t always restored to the smaller window properly. R3 does a better job of restoring back to the way you started.

There are a few other minor changes that deal with the right panel, “tooltips”, and so forth. Most are minor adjustments to either clean up loose ends or to make things consistent – you would have a hard time noticing the changes unless you compared R1 with R3 on the same monitor.

Client Data Review

The Client Data Review feature has been updated to the new user interface standard for QuickBooks 2013. No real functional changes here, just making it look like everything else (which is good).

Client Data Review in QuickBooks 2013 R3

Inventory Center

The New Tab layout for Transactions and Notes/Support for multiple Notes in Items: You now can enter multiple notes in the Inventory Center. Unfortunately, no “report” button at the bottom of the Transactions tab like we have in the Customer Center, but if you right click on the column headings you have a view as report option that covers that function.

If you edit an item, the Notes button is changed to New Notes.

QuickBooks 2013 Inventory Center

Contacts and Alt. Contacts

This is a HUGE bug fix, correcting one of the main reasons why I didn’t recommend that people with older versions of QuickBooks convert their files to 2013 R1.

The problem – when converting an older file to QuickBooks 2013, your contact and alt contact weren’t converted to “contacts” properly, and there would be some confusion in reports or forms that used those fields. Let me show you what was happening, and what is changed in 2013 R3

Here’s a customer in QuickBooks 2012. Note that I have names in the contact and alt contact fields.

QuickBooks 2012 Customer

When you convert this file to QuickBooks 2013 R1 these two fields are moved to the Contact list.

QuickBooks 2013 R1 Contacts

If you examine the contact record you see that the full name is shoved into the first name field, which isn’t good. In addition, if you edit this contact information, any sales forms that use the contact or alt contact field will NOT show THIS information, they will show the OLD information that is still found in the customer record.

QuickBooks 2013 R1 Contact

QuickBooks 2013 R3 corrects these problems by doing two things. First, the name is split properly into the appropriate fields. Second, there is now a designation of “primary contact”, “secondary contact” and “additional contact”, so forms (and reports) can put the proper contact in fields.


QuickBooks 2013 R3 Contact

When you edit the contact you see that the fields are updated correctly and that you can define the contact type.

QuickBooks 2013 R3 Contact

This should also work on any import functions that would read the contact/alt contact info (Excel imports, etc.), as well as with converting other name records into customer records. Intuit has done a good job with this fix.

Looking at the contact type field, what if I change a “secondary contact” to a “primary contact”? You get a warning, which is a BIT misleading.

Changing Contact Type

The contact isn’t overwritten, just the contact type. You still have the original primary contact, but that one is now an “additional contact”.

Changed Contact Type

If you have already converted your file to 2013 R1 you will still have some problems. The name was all shoved into the “First” name field during that conversion, and moving from R1 to R3 won’t fix that. BUT the “primary” and “Secondary” notation is added correctly.

QuickBooks 2013 file converted to R1 first

However, If you edited this contact record with R1, they will be most likely be marked as Additional contacts.

Send General Journal Entries

I’m glad to see some changes here that I was asking for after the R1 release.

Send General Journal Entries is now an option in the Accountant menu, rather than having you first open the Make General Journal Entries window first and then clicking on a button. A small change but it makes it easier to find this function.

In addition, when the client imports the GJE’s on the receiving side, there is an option to display the details of the import. A new button is added to the confirmation window:


Clicking that will display a list of the changes that were posted. The GJE’s first, and then a list of any list items that were added (accounts, items, customers, etc.).


This is VERY nice, but in my test version the save as PDF and print buttons were usually not visible unless I scrolled to the bottom of the form. I would have liked these to be always visible in the window. This is a VERY useful report to have, so that the client can show proof to the accountant that these GJE’s were actually applied.

Another small issue with this – the Send GJEs feature allows you to apply the GJE file more than once (it warns you, that is an issue we already knew about), but if you do then this import details report does not indicate that these are duplicates. That could be very important to know.

Inventory Reports

Hide Zero Quantity On Hand

A new check box is added to the top of the Inventory reports – Hide Zero QOH. This is something that has been requested often. VERY USEFUL. This should be found in all versions (Pro, Premier, Enterprise).

Here’s a report, with “Frame 5X7” showing a zero quantity:

QuickBooks Inventory Valuation with zero quantity

Here’s the same report, checking the Hide zero QOH button at the top. Note that “Frame 5×7” no longer shows, but all others do – even those with a negative quantity on hand.

QuickBooks Inventory Valuation without zero quantity

Batch Enter Transactions

If you are using the multiple inventory sites feature that is a part of the Enterprise Advanced Inventory option, with the R1 release you would have seen this message when selecting batch enter transactions:

Batch Enter Transactions not supporting Items

The R3 release now allows you to work with items when you are using multiple inventory sites – with the ability to customize columns to add the columns you would need.

Batch Enter Transactions customize columns

Add/Edit Multiple List Entries

Three additional fields have been added to the Customer portion of the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries feature.

Add/Edit Multiple List Entries - Customer customize columns

In addition, if you are using the unit of measure feature, then the unit of measure field is added to service, inventory and non-inventory  items.

Enterprise Advanced Inventory

QuickBooks Enterprise has an optional Advanced Inventory feature which was updated significantly in QuickBooks 2013. The R3 release has a few improvements.

Report Filters with Bin Locations

A new feature in the Advanced Inventory option for QuickBooks Enterprise is the addition of bin locations for sites. A very useful feature for some businesses. However, in inventory reports, if you wanted to filter a report so that you would only show certain bins at a site, the filter mechanism was a pain in the rear to work with.

Let’s start off by looking at the Items by Bin Location report in my sample file. I have several sites (warehouses), and there are a number of locations within those sites.

QuickBooks Items by Bin Location Report

If I want to filter this report in 2013 R1 so that I see just the bin location information for the “Main Warehouse”, for example, I have to customize the report and change the inventory site filter. This opens a selection window, and you have to click on each individual site that you don’t want to uncheck it. If you have hundreds of bin locations, that is VERY tedious.

QuickBooks 2013 R1 filter

When you look at this same filter in QuickBooks 2013 R3 you will see that the options have changed significantly, making things quite a bit easier. For example, the sites are now marked with an asterisk – if you check the click an inventory site to select or clear all its bin locations box you just have to click each site to turn off all of the bin locations. That can save QUITE a bit of time.

QuickBooks 2013 R3 inventory report filter

There are other variations that you can easily use here. Select just the Hide bin locations box, and all the location information is hidden. Very simple.

QuickBooks 2013 R3 inventory report filter

I haven’t played with all of the combinations here, or looked at how this works with all of the relevant inventory reports, but this is a big improvement from the R1 release.

Barcode Setup Wizard

Here’s another improvement that I was agitating for – the ability to specify which exact item types the barcode wizard would work with when creating barcode numbers. In QB 2013 R1 you could select “All” items, or specify inventory items, assembly items, non-inventory parts, services or other charges. I didn’t like the choice – I might want to set barcodes for group items but not for other charges, for example, and you couldn’t do that in R1.

With R3 you now have the ability to select each item type:

Barcode Wizard

Another improvement here is that if you turn barcodes OFF, there is a message that tells you that the existing barcode numbers are not deleted.

Other Barcode Bugs

There are a couple of miscellaneous small bugs in the barcode feature that have been corrected.

  • I pointed out before that if you manually enter the item code and then scan a serial number, the quantity would count negative instead of positive. That has been fixed.
  • Some of the erroneous or confusing error messages that you might see when editing the barcode number field have been cleaned up.
  • The keyboard shortcut for the item barcode has been corrected (updated 10/26/2012).
  • The barcode column now shows automatically in the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries window if you enable barcodes (before this you had to “customize” the display to show this).
  • Copying barcodes from custom fields has been improved to show the barcode and images.
  • Recorded barcodes that are no attached to items will no longer display an error during a verify operation.

Default Bin Locations

When I reviewed the Bin Location feature initially, I DID like having the ability to specify a default bin location for each item. I did NOT like the place you had to go to for setting this up – by having to customize the columns of the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries feature. This was a really odd place to do this!

QuickBooks 2013 R3 changes this so that you can edit this information in the inventory center, which is a MUCH better place. A new “tab” is added here, and all you have to do is to place a check mark by the bin location that you want to use as a default for that item. Note also that you can see the quantity on hand at each bin location in this same view.

Default Bin Location

QuickBooks Merchant Services

Updated 10/26/2012: A QuickBooks Payments account is now included with this release of QuickBooks. When you create a new company file for your business (and there is not an existing Payments account with Intuit), you’ll have the ability to accept payments from your customers in a variety of ways:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Checks
  • Online invoice payments
  • Mobile payments

To turn on your Payments feature, just open the Receive Payments form and simply click the Turn On Payments button located within the yellow bar. You’ll then be asked to enter a few items of information. You are now ready to receive payments and have funds deposited directly into your bank account.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Here’s a few things fixed in R3 that I haven’t always had time to test. Some of these notes may be cryptic, my apologies, unless you have run into that problem:

  • A Class is no longer filled in when using a balance sheet account.
  • When you modify a statement charge or inventory adjustment to have an item with a class associated, the class from the previously selected item is now removed automatically.
  • Supplier is no longer displayed when it should be the vendor in the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries screen, when working with vendors.
  • Accountant:
    • There was a problem when toggling between Bookkeeper edition and Accountant edition that has been fixed.
    • Batch Enter Transactions now shows as a link in the Accountant Center (but, you could have added that in R1 yourself).
    • You can now duplicate Batch Enter transactions with split information.
    • This feature no saves data for auto-filling fields when the “automatically recall” preference is enabled.
  • The vendor phone number no longer displays with the area code at the end of the number (this happened only in some screens).
  • Vendor names now show at the proper time in the advanced find results page.
  • Enterprise Advanced Inventory:
    • QuickBooks will now filter the Inventory Item QuickReport correctly when it is produced from the Items by Bin Location report.
    • Bin Locations will no longer be displayed in the Current Availability window.
    • When Track Locations within Inventory Sites is enable, the Default bin columns (sales and purchase) will automatically appear in the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries window (before this you had to “customize” the display to show these).
    • You will no longer get a “Runtime Check Failed” error when a line item is blanked while building assemblies.
    • The Items by Bin Location report now shows items that have sub-items correctly.
    • The Item Receipt transaction will no longer use the wrong default location if the site is filled down from the first line.
    • The “quantity more than estimated” warning will now be displayed when using a barcode scanner to complete a progress invoice transaction.
    • You can now save batch transactions with inventory items when Advanced Inventory is enabled.
    • Locations on inventory transfers will no longer refresh unless the site has been changed (updated 10/26/2012)
  • Editing an Online Banking renaming rule will no longer result in the rule being deleted.
  • QuickBooks will now correctly display the Payee drop down menu when entering a transaction directly in to the register.
  • A shortcut, “Shift-Ctrl-D” has been added to let you delete obsolete Online Banking alerts.
  • This release fixes a problem where pressing the “Next” button on a blank check would make the “Pay Online” box show twice in the ribbon.
  • You will now be prompted, after changing the class for a name or item on a transaction, to save the change to the name or item.
  • There is now a warning when you associate a list element with an inactive class.
  • QuickBooks will no longer remove the Opening Balance of a customer without warning when the home currency is changed (multi-currency).
  • Payroll:
    • New payroll liability payment checks now use the next check number for the account.
    • QuickBooks will now correctly update the vacation accrued on paychecks when hours are changed.
    • Sick and vacation hours earned during the pay period will no print on the paystub.
    • You can now print the paystub directly from a paycheck.
    • You can now filter the select pay stubs dialog for a single employee name.
    • Deleted paycheck information can now be sent using the Send Usage Data menu item, instead of waiting for a future payroll to send.
    • QuickBooks will no longer display the warning that “I.EMPSIT tag is missing” when sending payroll.
  • On a Windows Server 2008 64 bit computer, QuickBooks will no longer fail with an “unexpected error” when creating a PDF.
  • A QuickBooks Payments account feature is now included. This is a new optional feature.
  • You will no longer see an “Internet Explorer script error” when navigating in the Online Backup browser window.
  • The QuickBooks Billing Solution feature has been restored to the Create Invoice form(this was left out in R1). If you are using this service then you will see an “Allow Online Payment” checkbox. I’m not clear at this time if this will be in the ribbon (where it should be) or if it is in the lower left corner of the form.
  • Detail reports now display the correct target memo for each transaction.


Some bugs are hard to reproduce. Here are some things that I ran into with QuickBooks 2013 R3 that you may see, or you may not. These were seen in some beta test situations, I don’t know if they have been resolved before R3 was released.

Create New Company

In an Accountant or Enterprise Accountant version, select File then New Company. In the Setup window click the Create button. This should start the process to create a new company file based on an existing file. However, I get this error, and no new file is created.


PDF Setup Bug

You might not run into this, depending on your situation. You won’t, for instance, see this if you are upgrading a computer from QuickBooks 2012 to QuickBooks 2013.

When I installed QuickBooks 2013 R3 in a “clean” Windows 7 test system (no prior QuickBooks installation), the first time I ran the program I ran into this error message:

QuickBooks 2013 PDF Error

Looking at the Windows devices, I see that the ABS PDF Driver was installed, but the Microsoft XPS Document Writer is not showing.

Missing Microsoft driver

I can exit QuickBooks and then enter again, and that same error message appears.

There are several ways to correct this problem, but the simplest fix is to just save an invoice as a PDF file.

QuickBooks Invoice save as PDF

When you do that, QuickBooks installs the Microsoft driver, and the error message no longer shows.

Microsoft driver installed

Something I Missed in 2013 R1

OK, so this isn’t a change in the R3 release, I just missed it. Karl Irvin (author of the Data Transfer Utility) pointed this one out to me. It is a change in the R1 version that I overlooked.

In Bills QuickBooks Enterprise V13 adds a Class field in the bill header. This doesn’t appear to affect the balance sheet by class, but it does control the class shown on the Unpaid Bills Detail and detail transaction reports.

QuickBooks 2013 Bill

In addition, the write checks window has a similar addition.


Whew! That is a lot of changes! This just reinforces what I tell people every year, the R1 release has lots of bugs and should be avoided. So, now we have R3, and things should be settling down. I’m still waiting before I convert my OWN company file, at least until this goes out on “automatic update”, as I want to let OTHER people find out if there are big problems hidden here.

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About the author

Charlie Russell

Charlie Russell has been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70's, and remembers releasing his first commercial accounting software product when you had an 8-bit microcomputer with one 8 inch floppy disk drive. He has a special interest in inventory and manufacturing software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certifications for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise, as well as being a Xero Certified Partner. Charlie started blogging about QuickBooks in 2008 (Practical QuickBooks) and has been writing for the Accountex Report (formerly the Sleeter Report) since 2011. He retired from accounting and QuickBooks activities in early 2018.

Visit his CCRSoftware web site for information about his QuickBooks add-on products. He is also the author of the California Wildflower Hikes blog.


  • R3 came down as an automatic update to my ProAdvisor copy of Premier Accountant 2013 this morning.

    A grey background was added for Bills/Checks – supposedly resolving contrast issue and giving better readability on those forms.

    Really? Adding more grey is going to resolve contrast issues and give better readability? I don’t think so (at least not in my case).

    Still no way to change the color of company data files so that you can easily tell if you are working in an old file or a new one – or if you are in Client A or Client B’s file.

    After all these months of forcing myself to work in the 2013 version, I cannot work in it for more than 30-45 minutes at a time (and I’ve been using it every day since alpha/beta testing began) without getting a headache.

    The grey background/silver text & icons on the menu are blurry looking (even on a 25″ wide screen monitor with the recommended resolution of 1920 x 1080) and the silver text on white background in the forms makes me feel like I’m squinting all the time. And this new grey background on the Bill/Check forms isn’t making things any easier.

    If I can’t work in it – I can’t do my job
    If I can’t work in it – I can’t support my customers & clients
    If I can’t work in it – I can’t make a living

    There are several new features that I like – but if I can’t work in 2013 for the same 8-12 hours a day that I can in 2012 and older – then there is something definitely wrong.

    And frankly, I’m getting just a little bit sick of being told that I’ll get used to it, that the reason I don’t like it is because I don’t like change, or the program is working as designed! Was it designed to give me a headache and prevent me from ultimately earning a living?

    Someone PLEASE pass the Advil! A Costco-sized bottle if you will.

    • Nancy, thank you for the note about automatic update. I am actually at the Sleeter Accounting Solutions Conference right now, rather than at my office, so I couldn’t see some of the details. I wrote this article some days ago and have been waiting for the release (it came out later than I expected. I haven’t had a chance to get to my computer yet, and when I checked the release notes this morning they were having some problems listing the notes.

      R3 is usually the fix-up release, and big changes like what you ask about wouldn’t normally happen at this time. I don’t know if there will be any change coming up to address your concern, but IF they consider that, it wouldn’t be until a later release

    • My sentiments exactly. I wish more ProAdvisors would speak up and demand an option, say called the “Classic” version, for those of us who actually WORK in the file for hours at a time and need to function with ease at a nice clip. This is impossible in 2013/13.0.

        • I agree that everyone needs to keep asking about it. Remember the Online Banking of 2008? Enough ProAdvisors compained about not being able to support their clients effectively and they were able to add a preference letting you choose one or the other style.

    • Great response…..I really hate QB 13……I prefer the older versions with the blue backgrounds….really….stop messing with a good product….this new version has made my job tough….takes so much longer to process work….also I am one of the unlucky ones where the print and forms are so large on my screen that I cannot see the bottom portion of the forms….very difficult to work with invoices and checks when I cannot see the “send” or Next buttons on the bottom of the form….

  • Another great article, with detail about the release and errors it fixes as well as things still in the mix.


    PS – Hope you are having a great time at the conference.

  • Thanks for great detail Charlie – it’s a big help to those of use who don’t always use some of these features w/any frequency. I’ve been waiting for at least R3 before upgrading my own data file and the list of fixes seemed to take care of many of my concerns. While I like many of the new features, I’m not sure many of them are reasons to upgrade, unless you deal w/inventory. Aside from missing the ability to change colors, what really bothers me is the light grey field names. They’re so light, I’ve missed seeing them initially and I can’t be alone on that. I’ve submitted that comment to Intuit.
    Thanks again for keeping us up to date on the issues & fixes.

  • Thank you, Charlie for the great articles. The one problem I noticed immediately was that my Sales Order reports no longer showed my customized descriptions. Do you know if this has been fixed in R3?

      • When I create a sales order, I use items from my item list, and then I customize the descriptions according to what I need to do for each client. I sort my Sales Order list by date, and I use this report for my scheduling. It’s been so long since I memorized this report that I’m having trouble remembering how I created it, but I believe I started with a custom transaction detail report. Then I filtered it for my date range, transaction type – sales order, detail level – all except summary, posting status – non-posting, took out some columns, and set Total By to Day. This report tells me what I need to do for each client, by date. The Memo column shows my customized descriptions, at least in 2012. In 2013, the memo column is blank. I can display a column for item description, but it shows the default description in my item record, not my customized descriptions for each sales order. I sent in a feedback report, but I probably didn’t make myself very clear. You did mention in your article above “Detail reports now display the correct target memo for each transaction.”, and I wondered if this was the source of my problem.

        • Sales orders? I think the Custom Transaction Detail report won’t show sales orders, but I’m not sure. It will show invoices. With R3, the description you type in for an item will show properly in the “memo” column. I didn’t go back to test this in R1.

          • The update fixed my problem. I was in a panic; that is the one report I actually use every day. Thank you again for your updates and rants – they are very informative. FYI – The Custom Transaction Detail report will show sales orders, but only if you change the posting status to non-posting transactions.

  • Charlie,
    Thanks for your work and the explanations. It really helps to know when to do these jumps, and what to expect. Like you, I never go with release 1 of anything if I can avoid it. I will convert my own company after the automatic comes in and look for any other problems that have not been spotted before I update any of my customers.
    Thanks again,

  • I have QB Pro 2010 and can’t wait to upgrade to 2013, but I always by a (hard) CD from the store (Office Max) and install myself. Will that be R1 or R3? Will this cause me to have issues?

    • Jackie, it is VERY likely that the CD will be R1. That isn’t a problem if you are careful. Install from the CD, but do NOT open your Pro 2010 file with it right away. Then either download the R3 update from the support website, OR use the automatic update feature in QB, to upgrade to R3. Only after you are on R3 should you open your Pro 2010 file. The R1 update won’t handle the conversion of contacts smoothly.

      Also, two other notes:
      -When you install 2013, install it to its own program folder, don’t install on top of the 2010 folder. Then you have both the new and old program so you can got back to 2010 if you find that the file won’t convert (not likely, but can happen).
      -Make a backup copy of your 2010 file with the 2010 program before you convert the file, again just as a precaution.

    • Wish I had NOT upgrades to 2013…..very dissatisfied with the product. QB Pro 10 was an excellent product.

      Did you upgrade? Any issues?

  • Something that has never happened in my 13 years of QB usage is now happening, and it’s annoying. Quick Reports for income and expense accounts from the COA won’t apply date range and retained earnings balance show up on the first line of the report. Many other people have reported this issue in forums. R3 doesn’t fix it.

  • Upgraded to Quickbooks Pro 2013, then automatic update to R3. After this I was no longer able to use Assisted Payroll. After spending an unreasonable amount of time with support (a waste of my time), I found out from the Assisted Payroll people who were aware of this issue that I had to roll back to R1 in order for payroll to work. This task took quite a while as well. I would hope that Intuit fixes this problem immediately.

  • Thanks for the article Charlie. The new Add/Edit Multiple columns for customers means there will finally be something close to a “report” showing which customers have which Price Level assigned.

  • Thank you for a great article!

    I was/am having trouble with the changes to the Contacts. As you point out, the old Contacts can now be edited in the new contacts section of the customer data.

    What I have been unable to do is find a way that I can add the new Primary Contact to a customized Sales Receipt. The package appears to still pick up the original Conact, even if the Primary Contact has been revised, and the Layout Designer appears to not offer a way to access the new Primary Contact field?

    • Harvey, I work with the US version, and I’m going to assume that you are using the Canadian version. I know that in the US version we have the R3 update, and in this update the contact feature works correctly. If I edit a sales receipt to add the “customer contact” field, it pulls in the correct “primary contact” field, but only in R3 (R1 won’t). I don’t know if the Canadian version has an R3 update or not, and I don’t know if this fix is in that version (I would assume it is but I can’t say). I don’t have a current Canadian version to test.

  • Aloha Harvey,

    Just wanted to share that I upgraded from 2011 to 2013 R3 on my server and 4 workstations. Thought it was wonderful until I encountered a MASSIVE issue with R3. When exporting an inventory reorder by item report, R3 does not include essential data needed to make projections for future orders. I called intuit and they concurred with my findings and then had me UNinstall on all terminals and REinstall R1 to “fix” the bug in R3.

    What is simply amazing to me is that it cost me some 4 days of my life to scramble to update, than revert on my company files, and with millions of users dealing with this same issue, intuit has still not released R4…

    My greatest frustration with the software, “wholesale and manufacturing” is that they will not allow you to show your inventory in EITHER eaches OR full cases in reports. This causes me to have to make special formulas for ALL reports to see what I actually have on hand, and to project for future orders….. OH>>> and on that… NO capacity for the software to provide any kind of intelligent reorder reports based on sales with the inclusion of TIME FROM ORDER TO ARRIVAL as a factor. I operate in Hawaii and it takes 3 weeks for inventory I order to land here…. Hence the complexity of managing projections.

    I’ll stop here cuz I could go on and on….

    Any idea on R4 Release date???

  • I want to buy the Quickbooks pro 2013 software, my friends also use this. What is the prise? my friends told me when she entry bills, the form has not show the “tax” column, how can add the Tax column in the expenses tab? Thank you.


    • Nancy, the price varies. You can find it discounted in the “big box retailers” in January, probably (but that isn’t certain). You can go to the Sleeter webstore (http://bit.ly/WsvFHb) and get a discount on Pro as well.

      “bills” wouldn’t have a “tax” column – I’m not clear as to which kind of tax situation you are looking at.

  • Thanks for the great Article. I have been procrastinating installing this update and am very glad I have only installed it on one computer and am testing it ( using R4 in Canada as of this moment)

    However I now sit here wondering if I should go ahead as we have 3 workstations and not all are the latest hardware and 2012 is already slow as our company file is approaching 700mb.

    Plus..I have to say it is very hard on the eyes…sigh… been using this pig since 199 and it truly is a love hate relationship…

    • Old hardware – the biggest issue is going to be the Server where the database manager lives, most likely. Individual workstations are less sensitive, although if they have smaller screens you might have issues (but you can add a larger screen easily).

      • Thanks for the information, we are certainly due for a server upgrade as well.

        I am kicking tires on the enterprise edition as frankly I am scared that my 700mb QB is going to be too much to handle and it will die for good, especially as I have seen it locking up etc. etc.

        Its a big cost increase, but I do need a fourth work station so that helps justify it a little…However I have to wonder… is it worth it?

        • Brian, you are bringing in a bunch of new info. It is hard to give a specific recommendation with a small amount of info.

          Enterprise is more robust – it can handle more data, and handle more users more efficiently, but it still needs good hardware.

          With a large file, that you have had since the 90’s, you may be due for some tuneups of the database no matter what you do with Enterprise or servers. QuickBooks databases get dirty over time and need tuneups. Also, you can shrink the file if you don’t need all the historical info. There are several great services that will do this for you (it is harder to do that with good results on your own).

          • Yes it is an old bloated File to be sure.

            I prefer to have all my historical data but might consider having the file tuned/shrunk. I did call one provider ( sorry dont remember name) who informed me the cost would be $1400 to do it which made me lean towards just biting the bullet and going for enterprise.

            So it looks like I am going to do enterprise as we need an extra work station and I like some of the extra features. We will also upgrade our server as it’s long overdue.

            If you have any services you recommend for QB file massaging please let me know and thank-you VERY much for your responses.

          • Brian, there are a number of options, and a number of things that can be considered.

            Give the size and age of the file, you should at the very least have someone examine it to see if there are problems. There are a number of ways to do this. I would highly recommend that you have someone give the file a “tune up” review even if you are moving to Enterprise without shrinking the file. You can click the “find a consultant” link in the right column of this page to see if there is someone near to you. You can also email me and I can give you some referrals for that. Again, this should be considered even if you aren’t going to “shrink” the file.

            Shrinking the file may still be worthwhile even if you move to Enterprise. You can keep an older copy of the file for historical lookup purposes. The service that I recommend the most often is http://www.qbornotqb.com, although the folks at http://quickbooksusers.com/file-shrink.htm are very good also.

  • Running QB 2013.

    Trying to modify sales taxes and I open up the Sales Tax Setup Wizard and the window opens small and cannot be resized (no scroll bars or anything so you cannot access the window to make any changes or create any new tax rates, etc.).

    Have you encountered this problem? and if so, do you know how I can resize the window in order to be able to actually make changes and utilize the setup wizard?

    I’ve looked everywhere on Intuit forums, etc. and have found nothing.


  • We purchased Quickbooks Enterprise with Advanced Inventory. I set up the inventory location and all the bins that are located in that location. The problem I am facing now is when I assign a bin # to a part, the program does not keep the bin # if the quantity on hand is zero. Many of the parts in the warehouse have specific bins they are assigned. Sometimes the bin is empty if we are out of inventory. So the program erases the bin# for each part with a quantity on hand of 0. Do you know how to make the program keep the bin# that is assigned to each part even if the quantity is 0?

  • How to configured quick book data base server first time? i tried to do but server can’t find any quick book file on server how i do please give me some advise

    • Zohaib, I’m not sure what exactly you are asking. What version of QuickBooks (and, is it a US version or a different one), what operating system, and what exactly did you try to do when installing?

  • Was the bug fixed in the Online Banking where when you import the banks into Quickbooks it doesnt match to the amount anymore. It matches to the check #?

    • Audrey, there have been several releases after this R3 release, so I would check to see if your issue is resolved in the latest update. I’m not sure if something was done in this specific area or not.

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