QuickBooks 2013 Client Data Review Improvements

Written by Charlie Russell

There are a couple of changes to the Client Data Review feature of the Accountant editions of QuickBooks 2013 that are helpful.

PLEASE NOTE that much of this is based on information from an early release candidate of QuickBooks 2013 – it is possible that some features may vary from what is described here. Also, this applies strictly to the U.S. editions of QuickBooks in the Windows environment. The UK and Canadian versions may include some of these features.

Write Off Invoices

Write Off Invoices has two changes that I am aware of, and one is important. Let me start by running through this feature very quickly in QuickBooks 2012 so I can show you where things have changed.

Here’s my invoice – with sales tax.

Create Invoices in QB 2012

In the Write Off Invoices window in the Client Data Review (found in the Accountant versions) you can select the invoice, and you select an account for the write-off.

Write Off Invoices in QB 2012

Here is the register for the invoice after the write-off. You see that we have a reversal of the invoice by a discount.

Invoice register after write off in QuickBooks 2012

And the payment in the write-off account that I selected.

Account Register for write off in QuickBooks 2012

And, finally, here is what you see on the Sales Tax Liability report. Note that even though we wrote off the invoice, it still shows in the sales tax liability report. That is a PROBLEM.

Sales Tax Liability after write-off in QuickBooks 2012

Now let’s look at the changes in QuickBooks 2013. I started with an invoice that duplicates what I used in my QuickBooks 2012 example. Here is the Write Off Invoices window. Note that this is asking for a write off ITEM, not an account. That is a change – but I’m not sure it is a big improvement.

Write off invoices in QuickBooks 2013

Here’s the register for the invoice – note that this is a credit memo, not a discount.

Invoice register after write-off in QuickBooks 2013

Here’s the write-off account register – showing the credit memo instead of a payment.

Account register after write-off in QuickBooks 2013

And, here is the sales tax liability report – and you see that the invoice does NOT show up here after the write-off. WONDERFUL!

Sales Tax Liability report in QuickBooks 2013

I still have to look at this further, but at this point it is looking better than QuickBooks 2012.

Change Other Name Types

Change Other Name Types is a new entry in the Review List Changes section of the Client Data Review in QuickBooks 2013. This allows you to change any entry in the Other Names List to be a customer, vendor or employee.

Change Name Types in QuickBooks 2013

Note that this feature actually exists in prior releases, the change here is that it is added to the Client Data Review window. That makes it more likely that you will find it. It also is found (as it was in 2012 and earlier) in the Activities menu at the bottom of the Other Name List.

My Conclusion

A needed fix to a bug in QuickBooks, as well as a useful addition. Good!

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