QuickBooks Mobile Problem for iPad and iPhone

Written by Charlie Russell

Apple released the iOS 5.1 software update on March 7, but if you are using QuickBooks Mobile you do NOT want to install this update yet. Intuit just announced that if you perform this upgrade to the operating system on your iPhone or iPad, it prevents QuickBooks Mobile from starting.

QuickBooks MobileFrom what I understand this only affects operation of QuickBooks Mobile, not any other function in your iPhone or iPad.

Intuit stated that they are working to resolve this quickly, but you should hold off on the operating system upgrade until this time.

I always am cautious when performing operating system updates on these kinds of devices, because it is not unusual to have them break existing apps. When I upgraded my iPad to iOS 5.0 there were several of my apps that wouldn’t work correctly, and it took a few days to get updates for them all.

But Wait, Is This Notice Legit?

I hesitated to publish this because, after looking closely, several worrisome details were found:

Hey, these are all things that make me wonder if this is a spoof email, trying to trick me?

If you wonder about an email like this, you should send it to [email protected]. You shouldn’t use the links. So I send it to [email protected] and got an automated response that says, amongst other things, “Intuit is aware of this fraudulent email”

OOPS! Bad stuff!

However, after checking with my contacts at Intuit, this is a valid email and you can trust the information. Intuit staff, in their haste to get this notice out quickly, missed a few details. And, I’m getting to be hyper-sensitive to things like this (particularly if I’m going to spread the news). Hey, mistakes happen, I’m just happy that Intuit is getting this message out quickly!

So, don’t upgrade your iOS device yet if you rely heavily on QuickBooks Mobile…


Updated 3/9/2012 at 4:30 PM: Intuit has informed us that QuickBooks Mobile has been updated and that this fixes the reported problem. That was fast! Make sure that you upgrade your app to version 1.8.1 from the Apple App store before you upgrade to iOS 5.1. Thanks for addressing this so quickly, Intuit!

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