QuickBooks and Internet Explorer 9

Written by Charlie Russell

Microsoft has just released the public (not beta) version of Internet Explorer 9, and as I feared there are some compatibility issues with the desktop versions of QuickBooks.

Here is a quick rundown of what I’ve come up with so far. This is not a comprehensive list.

First, let me point out that Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is only available on Windows 7 and Windows Vista (with the latest service pack). If you have Windows XP, you can’t install this. Update: There is a fix available for this problem, see http://qbblog.ccrsoftware.info/2011/10/quickbooks-loan-manager-and-internet-explorer-9-problem-fixed/

Also let me point out what most of you should know – QuickBooks is hard wired to use various Microsoft technologies, including Internet Explorer. Even if your default browser is Firefox or Chrome, you still need Internet Explorer installed on your system to use all of the features in QuickBooks.

In my very quick tests of IE9 and QuickBooks I’ve found that most of the features in QuickBooks work, with some exceptions. I can use menu options that open a browser window in IE9 without difficulty. Again, note that I’ve not tested EVERY window where this happens, just some common ones like the various windows in the Online Services menu, the Advanced Service Administration option in the Company menu, and others.


Where I run into problems is when I try to run some of the applications that QuickBooks includes to expand features – such as the Loan Manager and Cash Flow Projector. When I tried to run these using QuickBooks 2011 I ran into an error:


A vbd file is a Visual Basic Document file, an older method of programming. In this case, IE9 is not recognizing the VBD file or some component that relates to this – OR there is a security setting that prevents it from running. At this time I’ve not found a setting that gets this to run in IE9. I’m still looking – if anyone has any words of wisdom please leave a comment!

I haven’t tried every combination of QuickBooks and operating system that I have. I tried several variations, mixing Windows 7 and Windows Vista with QuickBooks 2011 (Enterprise and Premier) and QuickBooks 2010 (Enterprise and Premier), on both 64 bit and 32 bit systems. In all tests that I tried – QuickBooks can open IE9 windows, but Loan Manager (etc.) won’t run (as shown above).

Interestingly, in my one test of Premier 2009, I was able to run Loan Manager without trouble. This was on a system that also had Premier 2010 installed, and Premier 2010 couldn’t run Loan Manager.

Please note that all of my tests are with the US versions, I have not tried the Canadian, UK or Australian versions at this time.

For those of you that work with QuickBooks Online Edition, an article in the QuickBooks Online Blog states that  QuickBooks Online works with IE9.

So, at this time, my recommendation is that you hold off on installing Internet Explorer 9 if you are working with a desktop version of QuickBooks, as you may find that it limits the features that you can use.

If anyone has any other experiences with this, leave a comment!

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About the author

Charlie Russell

Charlie Russell has been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70's, and remembers releasing his first commercial accounting software product when you had an 8-bit microcomputer with one 8 inch floppy disk drive. He has a special interest in inventory and manufacturing software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certifications for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise, as well as being a Xero Certified Partner. Charlie started blogging about QuickBooks in 2008 (Practical QuickBooks) and has been the managing editor and primary writer for the Accountex Report (formerly the Sleeter Report) since 2011. Charlie can be reached at [email protected]

Visit his CCRSoftware web site for information about his QuickBooks add-on products. He is also the author of the California Wildflower Hikes blog.


  • Thanks for keeping up with these topics, it’s so useful. Beware, however – if you have Windows set for automatic updates, IE9 will be installed automatically. Microsoft has announced it is releasing IE9 via automatic updates over the next few months. You’ve cautioned users about using QB automatic updates, and the same caution should be used about the configuration of Windows updates. I have my computers set to notify me about available updates to Windows and let me choose which to download and install. I won’t be selecting IE 9 when it appears until I’m sure both QB and IE are working happily together.

    • Charlie
      Great article – something else to be on the look out for!

      Kathy, great advice about Windows Automatic Updates – otherwise one could be in for a big surprise!

  • Kathy: Very good point. I never allow Microsoft to install automatic updates without my reviewing them first. There are a couple of them over the past few years that have clobbered some programs that I depend on, so I have to be careful.

  • Loan Manager definately does not work with IE9. Intuit help was of no use when calling concerning this issue. their response was we are working on this but no deadline as to a fix. I am also concerned about users of 64 bit Office 2010 compatibility with QuickBooks desktop versions.

  • Wilson – support never really knows when a fix is going to come out. Some people there may SAY they know something, but in actuality they don’t really know if or when. They may know that something is being worked on (but you can’t really even rely on that). Heck, even the product managers don’t know exactly when something is going to come out, as those decisions are often made at the last moment. They’ll review the testing results and make a “go-no go” decision on the day that something is scheduled to be released – and things can get delayed.

    For QB 2011, at this point I have a very high level of confidence in the IE9 problem being resolved very, very soon. I don’t have a clue on QB 2010 compatibility.

    For Office 2010 – who knows? See our earlier article about that one.

  • An initial test – I’m still seeing this problem in the recently released Enterprise 11 R6 (just out today) – I haven’t tested it completely, but it still occurs in at least one of my test systems.

  • Great information Charlie. I will post this to my fb and linkedIn accounts so my clients are aware of the issues.

    Diane Offutt, EA, MAcc
    Accounting Connections, LLC
    Woodstock, GA 30189

  • Anyone heard anything recently? Still no fix for this issue… not really wanting to call support and pay them $35 to hear ‘its on the way’…

      • I don’t really expect there to be a short term fix for this other than uninstalling IE9 as you did, because of the programming tools they use for this. I think it will be a big update for Intuit. Not sure how important it will be to them. But, you never know what they are working on…

      • I have this issue, uninstalled IE9 update, now running IE 8 and loan manager still won’t run.

        I have QB pro 2010 and have used loan manager without issues until a couple weeks ago.

        any advice for when rolling back to IE 8 is not enough of a fix?

        • CChrissy: I don’t have an answer for you, as I’ve not seen that problem. I would suggest first trying to do a “repair” of your installation of QB Pro 2010. If that doesn’t work, you may have a permission error in your IE8 settings. But I’m just speculating.

  • I wish I had seen this before I allowed my computer to download IE9. Right after I downloaded it, I could not print from my online banking accessed inside Quickbooks. it appears that the links to allow printing do not work with anything online that is accessed from inside Quickbooks. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. Meanwhile I am accessing the websites from outside of Quickbooks when I need to print anything from it.

    • I have been experiencing that exact issue for 4-5 months now and I am running Win 7, QB Pro 2011 and Office 2007 I think…..it is frustrating. When I try to print within QB from online banking a Java Script error of some type flashes in the lower line of text. I am not savvy enough to know what it is but it is sure maddening to be trying to print a receipt for a transfer, etc. and have to go out and back in through the Internet proper…..

      Any insight would be appreciated.

      • Sandy, I’m not sure if that is the same thing. However, I’ve not run into that problem, so I can’t be sure. Intuit suggests that many of the problems go away if you enable “Compatibility Mode” in IE9, you might try that. I’ve found that this resolves problems with other products as well.

  • Also, I wished I knew before I upgraded ie.

    This sucks!!

    I am now back to IE8 but still have the problem. Tried to turn off firewall, spam filter, etc…but still does not work. Turned off all security and still problems. I am worried that there are other issues that I just don’t see. Intuit…please listen and act swiftly.

  • I am having the very same issue. Unfortunately, we use SharePoint 2010 and many current Microsoft products so uninstalling IE9 is not an option for our organization. I have tried to run this file in other instances however it is still unsuccessful.

  • Our company uses the Intuit Time Tracker program along with Quickbooks (desktop). We have discovered that the job lists in Time tracker are jumbled when accessed through MSIE 9, but work fine in earlier versions. Surfing the web, I see others having the same problem. Does anyone know the current status of their support for Time Tracker and with that in mind, is it likely that the MSIE 9 bug will get fixed?

    • Jim, I believe (but cannot say that this is totally accurate) that Time Tracker is going to be phased out, to be replaced by the Time and Billing IPP app, so I doubt that you will see any updates to Time Tracker. But I’m not 100% sure of that.

  • I can force IE into a compatability mode for the *.intuit.com site via a GPO on our server. It will allow you to open VBD files and run them.

    You can goto Compatibility View & Compatibility View Settings to manualy make the change to a system.

    Refrence the microsoft KB artical on this subject.

    Jamin Quimby

  • Jamin, I don’t see that as affecting the VBD file issue. If I set the Compatibility settings in IE9, I’m still seeing the error about the VBD file not being a recognized file type.

  • I have already downloaded IE9 and ever since then it keeps crashing on me and now I can not use the loan manager or various other items. I hate IE9 and can not find a way to uninstall it. Because I am on Windows 7, microsoft.com will not let me download a different version. I have had to use Google Chrome since all these problems started and I love it! Why can’t I use it in my QuickBooks?! Is there any suggestion you might have for someone that already downloaded IE9???

    Thanks for awesome article and for helping out in the Intuit Community!

    • Elizabeth – QuickBooks is hard-wired to use Internet Explorer. You can’t get around that easily.

      Thank you for the compliment, by the way.

      To uninstall IE9 on Vista and Windows 7:

      1. Click the Start button , type Programs and Features in the search box, and then click View installed updates in the left pane.

      2. Under Uninstall an update, scroll down to the Microsoft Windows section.

      3. Right-click Windows Internet Explorer 9, click Uninstall, and then, when prompted, click Yes.

      4. Click either the “restart now” or “restart later” option.

      After you uninstall Internet Explorer 9, the previously installed version of Internet Explorer will be available on your computer. It is not necessary to reinstall.

  • I foolishly installed IE9, then was unable to download any of my bank transactions to QB. I uninstalled IE9 but still cannot import transactions. Has anyone experienced this? Would reloading QB help now that I am back to IE8?

  • My quickbooks pro 2009 stopped working and when I try and start the program I get an error message stating I need to open controll pannel and switch on IE 8 and try again.

  • I just ran into this or a similar issue last night. Last week (01-11-2014) I was able to run a credit card payment through QB, not last night (01-21-2014) though. I run into this every three years and I think it’s just them ‘twisting my arm’ to upgrade to keep my online credit card processing running. Well, I had wanted to change merchant providers and here’s my chance. I am switching to a provider that does not download CC numbers to me so I won’t have to be involved with the Sarbanes-Oxley (sp) compliance issues. I’ll save half on the monthly fees too. Thanks QB! But you lose this time.

    BTW, QB support suggested I downgrade my IE to version 8 to stay compatible. I’m on Win7 and IE11. I guess I would have found other issues as I have Office 2013 now too. Good luck!

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