QuickBooks 2018 Enhanced Order Fulfillment

QuickBooks 2018 Enhanced Order Fulfillment is the most significant new feature of this year’s release. It is a major overhaul of the workflow for picking inventory items to fulfill open sales orders. One of the important aspects of this new workflow is the ability to work with a remote barcode...


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Xero Hits a Million!

On March 30, 2017, Xero released the news that they had hit 1 million subscribers. To be completely clear, this is one million paying subscribers, not one million free subscribers (*cough* Wave *cough*). The number is significant. It’s funny...


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Highlights of Accountex USA 2017

Accountex USA 2017 held its annual conference in Boston September 6-8, with attendance up 30 percent over last year’s event. Accountex USA’s Executive Director, Brian Cuthbert, announced to attendees that the annual event is scheduled to take place in Boston for the next three years — through...