Xero Revamps its Partner Program

Xero has just revamped its partner program to update some existing tools, benefits, and programs as well as add some new ones. With this series of releases, Xero is laying the groundwork for what it wants to offer you as an accounting...



Three Great Sage Live Integrations

The greatest thing about Sage Live is its fresh view on how we go about the everyday tasks in Accounting. Sage did not create “just another solution.” There are no “same theory, different package” signs here! With Sage Live, the starting point was a blank canvas. Instead of asking, “How...


How Sage Live Can Get You to Analytical Accounting

The ability to effectively track and report on revenue and costing is probably one of the pivotal requirements of any organization. But far too often, doing so proves difficult. The ability to report on and analyze your accounting data allows you to really understand the strengths and weaknesses...

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LedgerDocs Review

I’ve been doing a series of reviews on a range of document management solutions, from expense reporting, to receipt scanning, to document collection. Today I’ll be looking at LedgerDocs, which I can best describe as a tool to collect documents for accounting professionals. If I had to...

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